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  1. after reading the messages on this forum, i have a few things to say. i've been here and there and have seen a lot. reaper by far is the best miniature company in the biz. and since this is the wish list portion, i have a few wishes.... bring back the old stuff! Items such as the Reapers of the Apocalypse on their undead steeds! these four miniatures give us, the players and consumers, the individualism and intimidation that is needed when creating an army, or horde. then again, these very same miniatures just scream "Hell Yeah!" Don't get me wrong the Warlords line is out frickin' standing, it would be nice to have some old miniatures from back in the day.
  2. i maybe new to this forum, but i'm familiar with miniatures, and by far, reaper is the best. however, call me old-fashioned, but i would like to see, and have, some of the miniatures that make reaper stand out. the ones i'm talking about are the old ones. namely the reapers of the apocalypse series. Famine, War, Plague and Death on their undead steeds... those four minis define what reaper miniatures are all about and they are what make reaper different. reaper miniatures are also unique. i give credit to the designers whoever they may be, because every miniature has his, her, or its own story and that story adds some pizazz to every campaign, and miniature. i guess my main request is "bring back the old stuff"
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