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  1. wow, these rules for infantry are what I have been looking for in both table top games, and Real Time Strategy games for a very long time. I love them. The platoon organization is perfect as well! Infantry Scout platoons look like they took their organization streight from the US Army field Manuel (4 vehicles, humvee or apc, with a fire team of 4 in each). I can't figure out the point costs of the hunter missiles, or their AA equivalent. Asside from the Machine gun rules (see my post in the Stat Cards thread) thats the only confusion I've run into. If you can't guess, I'm going to be fielding almost entirely infantry. A combination of Gunship transports, Airborn units (thats what I call paratroops, even though thats not what airborn units in CAV are), Artillery assets, a platoon of tanks and a platoon of cavs and I should be set.
  2. I didn't see away to give any infantry squads Machine Gun. After reviewing the rules a little more I'm not exactly sure what Machine Gun is supposed to reprisent though. In real life a sqaud automatic weapon can be fired on the run as easily as any assault rifle, but to make a sustained fire you need to drop down and use the bipod on the machine gun. In either case, the machine gun is MORE accurate than an assault rifle. The Machine gun in CAV has a shorter range, and can be fired (assumably making a sustained fire?) on the move. Its really more like a submachine gun in CAV. It could be that they have allready accounted for the infantry stands SAW by simply giving them a ranged attack, and reprisent platoon level Machine Guns with Shredder Infantry. If thats the case, the vocabulary is a little bit confusing.
  3. I'm new to cav, but the biggest surprise to me is that none of the infantry have the Machine Gun SA. Modern Combat is built around the fire team of 4. In fact, modern armies are JUDGED by the quality of their fire teams. A fire team consists of about 4 members. The primary weapon of the fire team is the Squad Automatic Weapon (usually a light machine gun), which is held by senior members of the squad (some times even the squads leadership). There is also a Grenadeir, who carries the grenade launcher (often the fire team leader as well), but that is easily factored in because almost all of the infantry stat cards give them grenades. The other two members are usually riflemen (carry extra ammunition, covers the rear, handles the communications equipment etc.). Clearly, you already have the fire team going since there are 4 infantry to a base. Seems that they should get the Machine Gun special ability. In addition, in real life there are medium and heavy machine guns deployed at the platoon level. Perhaps there could atleast be an infantry model that is limited 1/platoon that has the machine gun ability. If you follow my advice and give the machine gun ability to most infantry, then I advise giving Machine Gun/1 to heavy and light infantry fire teams (models) and then perhaps Machine Gun/2 to a Heavy Machine gun model.
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