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  1. Getting close to finishing the second pig rider...
  2. Made some progress on Bugman's Dwarfs, Borgut Facebeater, Orc Warriors, Pig Riders, Flagellants, and the Lord of Plague.
  3. Everything has paint on it now. The first and second rows are about 95%, the third row is about 70%, and the final row is sitting at about 25%.
  4. Three more flagellants in the works... 15 total.
  5. Waaaaaaaghhhh indeed! Can't wait to get enough painted! He is coming along. What do you think so far?
  6. A bit more work done, I think he is actually just about done completely. Not sure what to do with the base... I want it to look decayed and nasty, but also to have a cold feeling.
  7. Decided to tidy this group up at a formation of 12, at least initially, but I do have about 40 of them. So, got the command group made (minus the musician, who I still have to convert). Anyway, just trying to get back into the swing of things. The next four have color, but only one that is close to being done.
  8. This is a beautiful conversion. I like both bits of foliage, to be honest!
  9. This is really coming together! Love all the little details, not too busy at all.
  10. Well, I think I am just about ready to call him done, so last chance at critiques! If you see anything that you would definitely touch up, please don't hesitate to say so! Once I do the base, and more likely a few more highlights as I study the photos, I will call it quits. Final pics will come once I get the photo studio set up again!
  11. ARMIES OF CHAOS In the hot mountains they dwell, the remnants of a once proud race of mountain dwellers. Now, they worship the fire gods, and give way to the corruptions and mutations of the chaos gods, accepting that it is the new legacy of the mountain... When they first left the great holds of the east they gave in to the basest of instincts and survival... and only the strongest did survive with the weakest giving body to sustain. And now, in the dark holds of the volcano mountains the Chaos Dwarves survive, remembering a legacy born in cannibalism. This week brings us back to the Armies of Chaos! I will apologize in advance, with my wife home now my painting time has dwindled to almost nothing... but I am committed to keeping the weekly updates going! MORTALS OF CHOAS: Marauders of Chaos - 15/20 complete Ogres of Chaos Scythed Chariot Enoch the Elementalist Lord of Plagues DAEMONS OF CHAOS: Bloodletters BEASTS OF CHAOS: Beastmen 5/15 complete Minotaurs CHAOS DWARFS: Abysal Dwarf Halfbreeds
  12. LORD OF PLAGUES After a very long hiatus, I started this guy this week from scratch. Still have a lot of work to do on the axe head and in the pictures I can see some harsh brush strokes. Manufacturer: Games Workshop Nurgle Rotbringers Lord of Plagues Sculptor: Unknow, if anyone does know please let me know so I can update!
  13. Glad to see you are still plugging away not only on the miniatures, but on the storyline! Well done!
  14. I love the idea! My vote is for the great white, but with some of the stripe detail on the other versions. Glad to see you still haunting the forums!
  15. Looks like most of the army links are dead, but the links to the completed and WIPs are still active. I am back! I will update the army links as soon as I have time!
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