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  1. KURGAN'S BRED These warhounds have been raised by Kurgan to be the fiercest, toughest, and most controllable animals in all the northland. Fed only human flesh since birth (mostly from the undesirable children and women of Kurgans Harem), these monstrosities are larger by far than any normal hound and often grow giant mutations gifted from the chaos gods themselves. Manufacturer: Games Workshop and Privateer Press Sculptors: Unknown. KURGANS BRED
  2. MACDEATH, CHOSEN OF KHORNE Born of a harlot of Kurgan's Harem, MacDeath was an unnatural birth from the beginning. After days of labor, the infant tore through the stomach of his mother and feasted upon her flesh as his first meal. Kurgan immediately bowed in reverence when he saw his own child gifted with the mark of Khorne emblazoned on his forehead. Knowing full well that this was a sign from Khorne that this child was destined for great things, and that Khorne would let no harm come to the boy, he brought three of his fiercest war hounds to a pit and dropped the baby boy inside. MacDeath,
  3. @AussieAusbornThanks mate! Hoping the purple adds a nice contrast. On to hour three, which really comprises of the red bits. It took an entire hour because I re-did it a few times. I am thinking that I need to make the gems a different color? Green maybe? Also, the glowing runes on the sword... was going to originally make them red, but now I am thinking green as well? Thoughts?
  4. Coming along very nicely!!! I think something loud for the beard.
  5. Great start! I just painted this one for a local competition, he has tons of little details. I like the direction you are taking him! One thing I ran into was the staff... this plastic they are using is not rigid at all! It is just long enough that with a small dab of super glue you should be able to make it look straight by attaching the skull piece to the base! I will try to get pictures of the one I did soon, just got him back from the game store.
  6. Something very creepy about these miniatures! Reminds me of a mix of slenderman and a skeleton!
  7. Beautiful selection of models! Also, still love the way you stain the primer!
  8. What you had done was coming out really nicely! But I can imagine making sure the right color highlight in the right place was daunting! I really like it though!
  9. @Glitterwolf Only since I recently started painting again. Just too much stuff to paint, so I figure let the fates decide! Still get side tracked by "other" projects far too often! Another hour done on Kael. Mostly on his face....
  10. HAR'KATHOR, TREEMAN OF RAGE Manufacturer: Ultraforge Miniatures Sculptor: Jeremy Glen AT CMON: HAR'KATHOR, TREEMAN OF RAGE Sleep. Rest. It had seemed an eternity since Har'kathor had walked the world. His memory was still as sharp as ever, and he recalled the hosts of Nagaroth who had invaded the sacred glade. When Har'Kathor walked the world, death and destruction came with him, and that is what he brought to those dark forces who attempted to corrupt all that he cared for. But, why now. Why was his mind beginning to stir, why did he once again s
  11. THE WOOD ELVES LINKS TO THE ARMY: HAR'KATHOR, TREEMAN OF RAGE - 325 points Lords: 100% Heroes: 0% Core: 0% Special: 0% Rare: 100% TOTAL = 325 points The Current Army: The Wood Elves, the Asrai, or the Fay Folk of Athel Loren, depending on where you have heard the stories, are a reclusive, secretive and highly isolationist race of Elves that have long ago voluntarily split off from the rest of their kin, preferring instead to live out their lives in Nature's embrace beneath the enchanted forested canopy of Athe
  12. 1 HOUR complete! Not bad so far, a lot of base coating. Also, trying to tint my armour a slight shade of purple using contrast paints. We will see....
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