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  1. TUMERIC BILESTONE, LORD OF PLAGUES Manufacturer: Games Workshop Nurgle Rotbringers Lord of PlaguesSculptor: Unknown Tumeric Bilestone grudgingly shifted his decaying mass away from the pile of corpses that lay in front of his small army. The stench of decay and buzzing of flies was like a feast to him, and brought on such a feeling of ecstasy. It was for these moments that he now existed, purging the life force of those mortals who refused the indulgence of his master, the Great Lord Nurgle. He and his band now found themselves in the extreme north, every day growing closer to their masters lair. How many years had passed? How many years since he was known as the second son of the renowned Preceptor Franz Feurbach of the Knights Panther? The years no longer mattered. All that mattered now was helping to spread the Lord Nurgles pestilence to the world, to bring the glory of his god to the unbelievers. Some of his men moved forward to grab bodies from the pile. They would lay a few of them in Tumerics tent this evening, so that he may spend more time in their decayed embrace. His men knew him well.As he slept that evening, it was not the sleep of man. His dreams were plagued by images and strange voices. Finally, through the haze of foggy dreams, one voice was heard clearly, the voice of his lord. "Tumeric," it boomed. "You must gather your forces, the time has come!" He awoke in a great sweat, the sweet smell of the maggot covered bodies permeating the room. It was finally time. He would prove to his lord that he could rise to greater heights, perhaps even to become the Everchosen himself! VOTE AT CMON: TUMERIC BILESTONE
  2. Massive, and beautiful. Great work on this beast. Also, really like that Epic line of lizards, they look like quality work.
  3. You themes are always inspiring mate, glad to see you are still heavy at it!
  4. I really like your approach to painting. What do you do undercoating? Looks like white primer with a stain?
  5. ODUM RUMBLEBEARD Manufacturer: Reaper Dark Heaven 02707 Odum Rumblebeard, Dwarf WizardSculptor: Jason WiebeOdum Rumblebeard knelt beside the night fire, absorbing its heat against the frigid mountainous air of the Grey Mountains. He had traveled for nearly two weeks from the hold of Karak Norn to reach this remote peak, ever one for the isolation and peace of nature and the elements. As he sat, savoring the smells of roasted goat and turnips, he was suddenly assaulted by what could only be described as an explosion in his head. The pain was tremendous, causing his body to enter into a seizure. As his body struggled against convulsions, his mind was assaulted with blinding pain.After what seemed to be hours, the pain finally subsided. Brief flashes of images replaced the blinding light. Images of a shadowy figure, one who was the purest of evil floated before his eyes, as if in the world with him. Images of a bound chest, and a small band of Dwarfs who were charged with its safeguard. They had not a clue what they had in their possession, or the danger that surrounded them.Blinking his eyes to regain his connection with the world, Odum quickly gathered what few possessions he had, much of which was scattered due to his flailing. He had to find these warriors. VOTE AT CMON: ODUM RUMBLEBEARD
  6. I know... it has been what seems like forever. Busy life. :( 5 completely done, and based.
  7. All done, check him out: Vote at CMON: http://HAR'KATHOR or, on the Reaper Show off page: HAR'KATHOR
  8. HAR'KATHOR, TREEMAN OF RAGE Manufacturer: Ultraforge Miniatures Sculptor: Jeremy Glen Sleep. Rest. It had seemed an eternity since Har'kathor had walked the world. His memory was still as sharp as ever, and he recalled the hosts of Nagaroth who had invaded the sacred glade. When Har'Kathor walked the world, death and destruction came with him, and that is what he brought to those dark forces who attempted to corrupt all that he cared for. But, why now. Why was his mind beginning to stir, why did he once again sense the world. When he slept, it was like becoming one with the land around him. Pain. He felt it, all around. The glade was drowning in it. The biting of metal into wood flesh. The flesh of his own saplings, and of others around him. He slowly opened the dark caverns that housed his awareness in the form of glowing red eyes, began to stretch his great branches. Instantly he knew, a horde of the men folk were attacking him and his kin, bearing large axes. They had already cut down many. Har'kathor exploded in a great rage as he realized that the man things were busy even now cutting at his very own massive branches. His trunk was so wide that they would never have been able to cut through it, so they had apparently settled with just the lower hanging branches. Soon, the branches left were covered with red blood, with human corpses hanging from many branches and men fleeing from the glade. As his senses came completely back to him Har'Kathor realized that this horde of men was a logging party. Never had the kingdom of man ventured this far into the glades of Athel Loren. Where were the glade guard, the sworn tree kin. It was the pact that the tree folk had with the nature spirits of the woods, those elven kin who long ago had melded their existence with that of the forest. With each step forward, the movements became easier. Har'Kathor would find vengeance for this act. Vote on CMON: HAR'KATHOR
  9. DWARVEN HEAVY CAVALRY Manufacturer: West Wind Productions, Dwarf Wars II Sculptor: Unknown
  10. Started on this bad boy... what do you think so far?
  11. Not a huge update, but I got around to priming this thing, about 3/4 of a can of spray primer! I have a two week work trip coming up, figure I will lug it with me and see what I can get done on it...
  12. Need to get them all gathered together! But, I do love some unite fillers... so here is the start to a plan...
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