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  1. All done, check him out: Vote at CMON: http://HAR'KATHOR or, on the Reaper Show off page: HAR'KATHOR
  2. HAR'KATHOR, TREEMAN OF RAGE Manufacturer: Ultraforge Miniatures Sculptor: Jeremy Glen Sleep. Rest. It had seemed an eternity since Har'kathor had walked the world. His memory was still as sharp as ever, and he recalled the hosts of Nagaroth who had invaded the sacred glade. When Har'Kathor walked the world, death and destruction came with him, and that is what he brought to those dark forces who attempted to corrupt all that he cared for. But, why now. Why was his mind beginning to stir, why did he once again sense the world. When he slept, it was like becoming one with the land around him. Pain. He felt it, all around. The glade was drowning in it. The biting of metal into wood flesh. The flesh of his own saplings, and of others around him. He slowly opened the dark caverns that housed his awareness in the form of glowing red eyes, began to stretch his great branches. Instantly he knew, a horde of the men folk were attacking him and his kin, bearing large axes. They had already cut down many. Har'kathor exploded in a great rage as he realized that the man things were busy even now cutting at his very own massive branches. His trunk was so wide that they would never have been able to cut through it, so they had apparently settled with just the lower hanging branches. Soon, the branches left were covered with red blood, with human corpses hanging from many branches and men fleeing from the glade. As his senses came completely back to him Har'Kathor realized that this horde of men was a logging party. Never had the kingdom of man ventured this far into the glades of Athel Loren. Where were the glade guard, the sworn tree kin. It was the pact that the tree folk had with the nature spirits of the woods, those elven kin who long ago had melded their existence with that of the forest. With each step forward, the movements became easier. Har'Kathor would find vengeance for this act. Vote on CMON: HAR'KATHOR
  3. I think these are done. More to come.
  4. DWARVEN HEAVY CAVALRY Manufacturer: West Wind Productions, Dwarf Wars II Sculptor: Unknown
  5. Started on this bad boy... what do you think so far?
  6. Not a huge update, but I got around to priming this thing, about 3/4 of a can of spray primer! I have a two week work trip coming up, figure I will lug it with me and see what I can get done on it...
  7. Need to get them all gathered together! But, I do love some unite fillers... so here is the start to a plan...
  8. A little bit more work done. As I mentioned in the Orc thread, in my mind the difference between orcs and black orcs is a level of sophistication and appreciation for weapons, so his weapons will not be caked in rust.
  9. A little bit of work on this beast... probably just need to get the spear arm attached and really concentrate on all the little details. Recommendations?
  10. Although I have been concentrating on the orcs for the most part, I have been getting a little done here and there with the dwarfs as well. Really just need to get the last row completely finished and go back over everyone for final highlights, shields, and bases.
  11. So, I got sick of batch painting and just concentrated on the unit champion. The idea is that these orcs don't take great care of their equipment (unlike the more sophisticated Black Orc cousins, as you will see with Borgut). It is almost a bit "too" rusty at the moment. Also, fancied up his face a bit. I will start his base up as I wait for comments or ideas.
  12. Did the black leather parts. Now, time to start the metal parts. BLACK LEATHER: Base of Abaddon Black, drybrush Skavenblight Dinge, layer Stormvermin Fur, highlight Administratum Grey, wash with Black Templar, one more highlight of Administratum Grey. BROWN LEATHER: Base of Rhinox Hide, drybrush Skag Brown, layer Deathclaw Brown, highlight Balor Brown, was with a 50/50 mix of Black Templar and Gore-Grunta Fur YELLOW LEATHER: Basecoat of Steel Legion Drab, liberal dry brush of Balor Brown, wash with Snakebite leather, layer with Balor Brown, layer with 50/50 mix Balor Brown and Ushabti Bone, final highlight of Ushabti Bone, splotches of yellow glaze. RED LEATHER: Basecoat of Khorne Red, Wash with Agrax Earthshade, layer a mix of Khorne Red and Balor Brown, wash with Contrast Blood Angels Red, layer with another mix of Khorne Red and Balor Brown, highlight with Balor Brown, and a bit of Contrast Snakebite Leather just in the recesses. TEETH: Basecoat of Steel Legion Drab, Layer Karak Stone, Layer Ushabti Bone, Layer Screaming Skull. You have to be very careful not to over layer with teeth, as it is possible to cover up the many layers you are applying. SKIN: Basecoat of Waaagh Flesh, wash of Agrax Earthshade, dry brush of Waaagh Flesh, drybrush of Warboss Green, followed by a more controlled layering of Warboss Green, a layering of Skarsnik Green, and a final highlight layer of Nurgling Green.
  13. DWARF STEEL BEHEMOTH Manufacturer: Mantic Games Sculptor: Unknown
  14. There is a lot to do with this army....
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