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  1. THE LEGION OF RUST The Legion of Rust, or the Rust Legion, are a renowned band of Nurgle Warriors led by the petulant Ranslug. Known primarily for protecting the Genesis Gate during the wars of the Sylvaneth, the warband has since been blessed thrice fold by Nugle himself. The band enters into battle accompanied by Plaguesnails, whose sole purpose in the realm is to breed egg satchels that spawn hundreds of maggot like mini snails that then swarm the enemy, eating into armor, skin, and bone alike. AT CMON: LEGION OF RUST
  2. CARRION CRAWLER A creature of Nurgle, the Carrion Crawler follows the armies of chaos into battle, knowing that a feast of the dead will await. Tearing through bone and muscle with its razorsharp talons and teeth, it also comes slathered in a poisonous mucous that will cause even the strongest warrior to tumble. At CMON: CARRION CRAWLER
  3. Apologies all, as I have not been extremely active here lately. Please come join me at #mousekillerminiatures on instagram and youtube if you would like. But, no excuses, I will try to get my activity here back up to snuff! Lots to catch you up on! For now, I am working on Crom the Conqueror, and my first ever magma sword. Comments and critiques are very welcome!
  4. Sorry I have not been as active on the forum lately my friend, but as always, some beautiful model selections!
  5. THE KHORGORATH The Khorgorath began its life as a giant predator, roaming and killing at random as it was drawn into Khorne’s domain. Captured by a band of Bloodletters, it was drug to the Brass Citadel. There, the Blood God worked terrible changes upon it, twisting their minds and bodies into shapes more pleasing to his eye, even going so far as to meld the beast with a human, bones, and metals. Throughout the process Khorne took delight in feeding a part of himself into it, drenching its soul with the need to kill and harvest fresh skulls. This desire to kill eclipses all else and is so fierce that it causes the Khorgorath physical pain. The only way for a Khorgorath to hold its agony at bay is to gorge endlessly upon the macabre trophies its god desires. To this end, the Khorgorath will throw itself into every fight without thought or restraint, turning the monstrous gifts of Khorne against its victims to deadly effect. Bone talons tear through flesh and bone. Osseous, fanged tentacles lash back and forth, impaling prey like harpoons and dragging them into the Khorgorath’s hungry embrace. Finally, when skulls are physically pushing out through the beast’s straining flesh, the Khorgorath’s appetite is momentarily sated. At such times the beast is compelled to wend its way back to Khorne’s realm, there to vomit forth its harvested bounty of bone. So does the beast’s hunger rise like fire once more, driving it forth again to do Khorne’s bloody work. Such is the praise heaped upon MacDeath, that Khorne has sent the Khorgorath to serve him. Please throw me a vote: KHORGORATH
  6. THE SONS OF KRAKNAROK - DRAGON OGRES The Sons of Kraknarok are said to be the direct offspring of Kraknarok the Black, claimed by many to be the father of Dragon Ogres. Though this is pure myth, Kraknarok was a great and powerful Shaggoth who has not been seen in hundreds of years. The Sons of Kraknarok have turned to the devotion of the Chaos God Khorne, and only rise from their own slumber in times of the greatest slaughter. It was during such a day that the Sons emerged from there great cavern beneath the mountain where they slumbered. How long had it been since they stirred? Ten years, maybe more. But the draw of slaughter this day was so great that the Dragon Ogres jolted awake, and swiftly made their way to The Bile, where they found Abrax the Bloody slaughtering a large tribe of Nurgle worshippers. The Bile had recently begun to awaken as well, expanding the pox and plague at a rate not seen in years. This did not hinder Abrax in the least as he hewed the many Nurgle Warriors to poxy pulp. Seeing this great warrior reaping so much carnage in the name of the skull god, they immediately charged into battle and pledged themselves to Abrax. The truth though, is that the Sons knew that this was not the slaughter battle that they sensed, but one far larger that would change the world forever. AT CMON: SONS OF KRAKNAROK
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