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  1. Imagine waking in the middle of the night and this thing is sitting over top of you! Great job so far, I really like how it is coming out!
  2. Congratulations on starting your 5000th model! Not a bad idea to keep track! Also, thanks for the steps you took to get that beast of a ship put together!
  3. @Glitterwolf Thank you for noticing that! Was going for subtle to see if anyone picked that up, you are the man!!! @cmon: Champion of Khorne
  4. oh my, lovely. Nothing like a little virgin blood to satiate the 'ol werewolf blood! I mean... bad dog, bad dog!
  5. @GlitterwolfI am well over my allotted time on these miniatures, but I figure, what the heck. Lets give him something good 🙂
  6. I want to see a picture of your workstation! You must have about 30 pieces sitting on the desk waiting to be painted (sounds very familiar!!!)
  7. Some really interesting models Aku, lots of character to each and everyone! Great start on this newest one! Like one of those old school punishment/torture devices, called a pillory. But this one is only around the head, like an ox yoke as you mention.
  8. @GlitterwolfAnd the collection of skulls, don't forget the skulls!
  9. @Glitterwolf Hyenas and Cockatrice and not sure yet... oh my.
  10. Great idea for the base, can't wait to see it complete!
  11. @Glitterwolf I know, right! @Level1 Thank you for those words, it makes the effort worth it!
  12. Because an adventurer needs an adventure! Lets go to this super scary city!
  13. Setting the stage for the new encounter! Well done! From the details of the dock and village to the stupefying encounter between the four men and the "unknown". MKM
  14. Ok, finally got over my painters block, I think. The idea is plumage (like a bird). Still a lot of work to go. Thoughts?
  15. Great work Aku! Not sure how I missed all these, but really love them both!
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