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  1. CYANHUR, THE RAT GODS ASSASSIN The two grizzled veterans stood from the cold ground to generate some warmth in their legs. Their long beards dangled nearly to the ground, and the sound of chain mail and pieces of mithril could be heard as they resettled to the dwarfs new standing position. It was eighth hour, and soon the entire camp would be roused to begin preparations for the days march. Throughout the camp, the sounds of deep snoring and sleepy muttering could be heard clearly as the remainder of the small dwarven army slept. In the distance a wolf could be heard calling to
  2. He is really turning out quite nice! I love the little details you are tossing in, from the writing on the cloak to the green stripe. They are all perfectly placed!
  3. @kazmania7 Here is the underside... will work the top of the wing next! @Darcstaar Thank you! @Glitterwolf Thank you! Update time! Got the underside of the wing done, though I may go back and hit it with a bit of lining next to the wing membrane. Sealed the underside of the wing and the finished side of the body with some dull coat, want to be sure I don't jack up the paint job once I start working on the other side. What do you think?
  4. This is great to follow along! I continue to struggle in NMM technique, so thank you so much for taking the time to post these step by step pics! And, he looks top notch!
  5. I think I have gotten a little better with pictures. Updated.
  6. Since your colors thus far are yellow, the natural complimentary color is purple. But, you could also use a triad, and go with subtle blues and reds. Maybe a nice light blue faded to white on the sword, with red on the runes to make them pop? Something similar on the shield? Not a big computer expert... but something like this?
  7. Wings can definitely be tough, especially when you have nothing to base them on! Painting a young fire dragon right now and had the same issue! If you want to keep the whole thing in this red color, then I would say highlight the bonier structures the same as the front skin and go dark on the membranes similar to what you already have. Bring the bony bits at the top out a bit with cream color, or white. Again, I recommend finding somewhere to add some color contrast, maybe the groin cover? The gold works well, but I think you need another color to help bring out the rest of the
  8. This one is really well done! You could always bring your highlights up a little more, and your shadows a little deeper, but I think this works well. For the face, I have been trying my hand at color variation for a few months now, really trying to get that realistic look into faces, so by no means am I an expert! First, I would recommend hitting the eyes with a dab of white (or off white) to make them stand out. Looks like you were able to get the pupils in ok, but hard to see where the eyes are. Wood grains are not too hard, just think of highlighting the same as you do eve
  9. Looks great as is, and exactly what you intended! I think the only thing different you could do would be to make the shield and sword a different color. Right now everything just kind of blends together because the primary color is all the same (what I meant by intended, I think you intended to have all the colors the same as a snake would likely want to blend in!). But, on a miniature you have to be able to draw the eye into certain aspects of the miniature, and to do that I think a contrast color would help on this guy!
  10. I am by no means an expert with things like OSL and NMM, but I think your shadows have to be deeper. Was reading up on the technique the other day, and you have to have just as much contrast on the shadow side (the side not being emblazoned by the light) as you have highlights on the light side. I think it looks great as is!
  11. Getting so close to done :). Still, a bit left to do, but much more motivated to finish him now! What do you think? Maybe some graffiti to add a little more color? Like a goblin moon? Any last minute ideas?
  12. @kazmania7 Still working them mate! Will get some good pictures on the next update!
  13. These are super fun! Great job on them!
  14. @GlitterwolfThanks mate! Ok, some more work done. Added some color to the base, as well as some vines. Sculpted some mushrooms (put an example in the picture, still letting them harden before I place them). Also, sculpted the mushrooms on the side of the stalagmite. The blob of green sculpting in the middle of the stalagmite is going to be a centipede. Trying to add some coloration to the base. On the assassin himself, I redid the checkered blade, part of me just really wants it. The other one will be a basic blade with some rust on it. I need to add a little color (either
  15. @RogaDanar I agree, at least on scales in general. This is only the second dragon I have painted, and I never did finish the first one. It is quite relaxing though! I just wish my daughter had more then a 5 min attention span! Good luck with yours mate, would love to see the combo work! Finished this side, for the most part. Now, the belly, details in the face, and finish up the wings.... it is coming along nicely for only getting about 10-15 minutes of attention each paint session.
  16. As I am nearing completion of the Goblin Assassin, I used my newly made random geneator to figure out what I would paint next in the Hero category... and what do you think it was? Exactly, the cleanest, most unforgiving, and in my opinion, hardest miniature types to paint: The noblest Bretonnians (if you don't know what a Bretonnian is, just think King Arthurs Court). Not only a Bretonnian, but one mounted on a monstrous beast. Dug through the miniature cabinet, and came up with this beauty (even added a small little Reaper Miniatures raccoon for good luck!). Manufacturer: Game
  17. I love this idea! Coming out very nicely!
  18. Some work on the base... and a little on the figure. Goal this week will be to finish him... he is close enough... just need to make some decisions. What do you think of the placement? Will add some color to the base... mushrooms, a few vines, some browns. Need to finish the weapons and bring out some details. Probably a bit of purple to the tips of the ears as well. I think I will leave the black bits black, just bring the highlights out correctly. Thoughts?
  19. THE BASHERS The Bashers make up the brunt of the Tradebasher tribe, always the front of any fight. Made up of the young, unproven, and most brash of the tribe, these Ogres are effective in their simple smash style. Tactics are beyond them except one, the boss points and the Bashers smash. Led by an old Ogre, affectionately known as Smasher, who has learned that the first to smash is the first to loot, the Bashers are an unstoppable mass of muscle and fat. Manufacturer: Games Workshop Sculptor: Unknown AT CMON: THE BASHERS
  20. Haven't had a lot of time this week for painting, so with the little bits of 20 min sessions I have had this is what I have gotten done. Look at the lower portion of the wing, that is the direction I think I want to go? Need to clean it up a little bit where the black wash encountered the lighter yellow. Other than that, more scale highlighting and hit the mane. Thoughts on the mane? I might go back in and do some more subtle red mixed in to the mane?
  21. @Glitterwolf not a greater blessing in the world mate! This is the direction I am thinking to go... took about 10 minutes this morning to do the neck and face in red.
  22. So, I brought my 5 year old daughter with me to the miniature store. She has been interested in my miniatures for about two years now, but I have yet to let her touch anything. She insisted that she wanted to try her hand at painting... so, at $14.99 and pre-primed how could I go wrong. She chose the Young Fire Dragon from the D&D line. We took it home and she helped to do all the base coating. Now time to actually get to work... I guess I am going to be a dragon painter now. Manufacturer: Dungeons and Dragons Nolzur's Marvelous Miniatures
  23. So as not to perceived as overly lazy... I have gotten a little done. I am enjoying painting these guys, but the eyes are a pain to get to!
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