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  1. try filing the bottom of the broccoli base. I have found that they are often very rough, not flat. A few minutes with a piece of the sandpaper or file usually makes it much more stable.
  2. I have a complaint on the layout as well. The Faction Lists are in a separate section from the Faction Abilities which are in a separate section from the Fact Data Cards. This really drove me crazy about the 2007 document. I thought it was very inefficient to have to flip around to three different sections in the book for the details of each army. I really think that the Faction Lists, the Faction Abilities, and the Data Cards for each faction should be put together.
  3. I favor lots of grunts; usually at least two sergeants maxed out with basic grunts per 1000pts. This is great for take and hold scenarios and the "village raid". Then other points go into whatever other models I think are cool this week. I regularly play with a guy who takes all adepts and kitted out solos and characters, and that works well for him. (we usually run back and forth on total wins on the campaign board, so there is a good balance). The real secret here is to pick the one that best matches your play style (and pocket book). If you like lots of troops and ganging up on other models go with the grunts. If you like a handful of heroes beating on large numbers, go with the tool up. And of course, if you a giant horde go with goblins :>
  4. I finished painting on my figure today. I just need to finish the base, so it should go out tomorrow or saturday.
  5. My Figure arrived on Monday. Now I am working as fast as I can to get mine finished and out. Hopefully this weekend
  6. I am running a little late also. I was trying some new techniques and then threw out my back and couldn't paint anything (or sit at my desk) for most of September.
  7. I would go for the warriors. Basic Fighter types are the backbone of an army. I like to field several units of the most basic grunt of whatever army I am playing to make sure I have enough troops to hold objectives and to keep from getting my more expensive specialty units from getting overrun. Those archers aren't going to do much if they get charged by your opponents goons. And given the point cost of the archers, they will be outnumbered. A bunch of warriors running cover for them will make a big difference. From my experience also, the darkspawn warriors are some of the nastiest in the game, and the Raider SA makes them tactically a brilliant choice.
  8. I am hoping for a pack of the update. at 96 pages, its a little longish for printing. Even the 40 pages of rules, spells, SA's and equipment is a little much for most printers.
  9. It sounds like you have a 40K Tau player - they have pretty much the same rule exploit with thier tanks. An easy, chap solution (barring good sportsmanship on the part of the player of the flying models) is colored golf tees. Pick up the min and put a golf tee standing there to show where the figure was. Its small enough that it probably won't interfere with bases, or sit could just sit on them. [EDIT] Our group is making flat bases with pictures of our minis on them for stunned models. I would probably use these for indicating the location of flying/burrowing models so as not to confuse the other players. Poker chips or something similar could work for others.[/EDIT] I agree with Spiritual Exorcist though, if someone pulled that in a game with me, I would just leave, it is not going to be worth the hassle to play the game.
  10. Undead centaurs and lupines for Necropolis (and dwarven/elven skeletons ). Why do only humans get made into undead?
  11. I certainly wouldn't be opposed to the idea. Not sure how to make room for it though... There is an empty space in the new header, across from base size, which is were we got the idea. So maybe with some re-arranging there? I should have thought of this a couple of months ago when the new card style came out, and then there would have been time to figure it out.
  12. The Darkspawn just added a bunch of new data cards - like most of the Demonic Conclave sublist. There are some nasty fun new models in it. The Ice Demons and Devil Warriors are particular favorites of mine (I've been playing this all week). Anyway Welcome to warlord.
  13. I know that it is a alittle late for this but... Could subfaction be put on the card header? It would make building sublist armies so much easier.
  14. I am really liking the Pirate Captain. Time to dig out the half completed Junk and get it finished. And the Gnoll looks great. We need a gnoll faction for Warlord.
  15. Mongoose makes plastic gangers for Gangs of MegaCity one which are really cheap.
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