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  1. When my group used them prior to our top down projector setup, I made some loose tiles and painted them red. We then used these red tiles as "voids" where movement wasn't allowed for these circumstances you mentioned. That's at least how my group worked with preprinted plans. Before we cam up with the "void" idea, we were just adding that extra space in the tiles into the mix (until one of our rules lawyers threw a hissy fit).
  2. Per Rastl's request (she always tells me I never post anything I've painted/made here) here are the Gelatinous Cube I've been making. While these pictures aren't the best, the bubbles you see in some of the pictures are on the bottom of the cube (which Iv'e corrected with an additional pour of resin to fill in the small voids). My first cube ever attempted: After learning how the resin reacts with various factors (heat/air pressure/vacuum/etc) I've managed to reduce the bubbles in every cube thus far (this is only a small sampling of the cubes I've done up to this point). Comparison of the clear resin and Envirotex Lite An attempt at using Envriotex Lite in a RTV mold (the mold gives the material a very light yellow tint) And a nice Reaper mini for scale (ye sI know it's not painted yet, it's one of the minis on my wall of shame): There ya go Rastl, now you can't say I never posted anything
  3. Strange, I have the funny urge to eat brussel sprouts - and I don't like them! Good work on the mini.
  4. The only problem I had with Excalibur was that if you don't wait long enough to scrape, your blocks can become uneven resulting in "short blocks" -- that's why I like Merlins. You can scrape it early or later (I don't suggest later as it can be like 3 day old toothpaste in consistancy) and your blocks are pretty much the same height. I tend to cast 4 or 5 molds at once, and put everything into bins for organization like you see below (which is an old picture as I now have each column 6 bins high):
  5. Does it wear out your mold faster? Also where do you get it? Easy of use? Is it toxic? LOL I have kiddoes around all of them old enough.... You'd think... Set up time etc.... it doesn't wear out the mold faster, the only thing that will cause the mold to degrade is using resin in them without taking proper precautions. You can get it from Clintsales from Cindy, and it holds up WAY better than PoP (I personally use Merlins as well). Cindy offers samples, but depending on where you live it could be costly for you to get it due to shipping. Non-toxic but you don't wan tto be snorting the stuff, much less pour this stuff down your drain (the water you use to clean your molds off between castings). I have a 3 year old and 13 month toddler, and I dont' have any problems with them around it - in fact my 3 year old helps out when I cast. Set up time depends on how you mix it up. I use a digital scale and I put in 30-35mL of water per 100g of plaster. It takes about 20 to 30 minutes for you to be able to pull them out of the mold. Sooner if the temperature is warm where you are casting. i usually wait until my dark grey plaster is light white on the top (you'll know what I mean when you try a sample).
  6. That's why every bathroom in my house has a network jack in there (my house doesn't support wireless because we used metal studs instead of wood). We have a special"red flagged laptop" which has the sole purpose of being used in the reading room and no where else. Maybe you need to have Mr. Rastl wire yours up and get a special laptop.
  7. I have a question for the powers that be. I received my order on friday and I got a nifty suprise inside, a MSP bottle that looks dark red (this is not a sample strip of paints, it's 1 normal size MSP bottle). It's great and I love it, but the label says "SAMPLE" without any indication as to what color it is; Can anyone shed some light as to which color this is? I don't have that color in my current lineup of 90+ pots of paint and it'd be nice to know exactly what color it is. Thanks in advance
  8. Ok, where can I go to find the cleric mini (unpainted) to puchase? Inquiring minds want to know....
  9. Voladilk, Bruce ships to Australia all the time -- you should make a post on his board asking what the shipping is.
  10. Thanks Dane, I did a search for "sample" and I didn't get anything...I knew someone would know where to look :)
  11. I placed an order from Reaper and I inside of my pacakge I received a pot pack of MSP sample paints. I've tried to search on the board to see what colors they are, but does anyone have a definitive list of what the colors are (since they are not labelled)? I can try to match them to my existing paint collection but I'd rather have the definitive word from the powers above.
  12. Heisler, I have the same camera you do and while I'm not the best photographer, I am very talented at using Photoshop. I have really yet to see any drastic difference between RAW and the higher resolution JPG's that the D50 takes of my miniatures and scenery. When you add a lightbox into the eqaution it's even harder to see the differences unless you really know what you are looking for. I find that it's personal preference which format to use, but I agree with Joe, Photoshop is a good pacakge to use for editing pictures (if you can afford it or get a student version of the app).
  13. Try using a light box/tent. I found that after I used one my pictures from my Nikon D50 turned out WAY better then anythign I've tried before. Here's a link to build your own light box if you don't want to pay for one: http://www.pbase.com/wlhuber/light_box_light_tent I think I spent like 8 bucks total on my light box so you don't need to shell out a ton of money for the effect a homemade one can give.
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