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  1. Ewww. cat people. I've been to one too many Anime North's to think more anthropomorphic cats is a good idea/ :-p though I'm sure they'd be a commercial success. I would like to see some more seige weaponry. a balista or trebuchet with dwarves is a good staple to compliment the (out of print?) dwarven cannon setup.
  2. For those who asked: Format will be 1000pts. 3 rounds, @ 50 min. a piece, top 4 will play off for places. Points will be awarded as follows: Your build total left on the board + the total points of their army removed from the board each round this format should encourage aggressive play. There will also be a fellowship prize for the person who's the best sport/most fun to play etc. voted for by the players. Also, anyone is welcome to bring their favorite terrain bits. We will set the tables up a little while before the start time, and maybe shift them around a little each game to ensure so
  3. General announcement for all ya'll: Burpanomicon II is now host to a 1000pt. Warlord Tournament that will run Saturday @ 1pm, and go until we are done. Bring your favorite faction and come to play, and consider staying for the rest of the convention! Any questions feel free to ask. For more information or directions check out Burpanomicon II Sidh, Frogy
  4. hey, neat story. One silly question though. whypost a WOW story on Reaper boards? you definately have more talent than most of the stuff posted on WOW boards. Please post some Warlord or CAV stuff if you write any. I'll look forward to reading it.
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