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  1. At the Whiz (the local store), the blisters actaulyl end up giving that more-badass look in a way all their own. A battered, bursting Hill Giant blister just looks like it really wants to leap out there and do-unto-others until others stop doing. But to actaully add to the conversation, I'm in favor of the clamshells. Really, they're no more or less secure than the usual blisters, and from my cluttered, mess-filled desk's point of veiw, they help manage clutter by holding small pieces together in a coherent way. In this package, we have So-and-So's sword arm, in this one we have a regiment's guns. I think that may matter more for a game like Warmachine, though, where a single 'jack can have upwards of 11 pieces. They also reduce the need for boxes, which I don't really like anyhow (I like being able to look at the pieces of a model, drool over craftsmanship, that kind of thing), by being a bit heavier-duty. Another mention to Privateer Press. Many of their big, angry models come in clamshells. Now, before someone screams "Behemoth!" or something like that, those are massive models and would make a blister into mangled plastic. And i don't liek those boxes either. Better, in my opinion, would be the clamshells used for the Munchkin expansions from Steve Jackson Games. They're big, they're sturdy (and could be made sturdier with a heat-seal or the like), and I can look at the model!
  2. Well in Forgewalk, the Elves seem to be the only people doing anything this month. And since I fought and won and then fought and lost agaisnt CaptC's Necropolis, and all reports were submitted, there's something wonky going on. I've got a bunch of angry Ragers sniffing out the problem right now, so someone else had better figure it out before they do...
  3. Given that logic -- could you imagine Star Fleet Battles as powered by RAGE? I think there are more rules for drones than Warlord. I could, but then They'd have to kill you. I think Razig works for Them.
  4. Ya, couldn't tell what was in it. How'd you find out? When I check the product info, it doesn't list the contents. Does this herald the release of a Lupine Faction Book? (obviosuly online faction book, like Razig)
  5. Someone give me some details or there's gonna be bloodshed. 'Course, there's gonna be bloodshed anyhow since it's lupines... Figures that this thing comes out just AFTER I buy a lord, shaman, and three ragers. Reaper is clearly being run by the Illuminati.
  6. You know what's really sad? I had looked at that FAQ and managed to not see that part. DOH!
  7. I bought the Merc and a Razig boxes and I'm wondering if there are any swag points for these. They don't seem to have any obvious tabs to clip or anything like that.
  8. I've been wondering much the same thing. Why does the included list put Bolt on her at all if she doesn't have the SA to use it? I'm just going to asume that she has def mag.
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