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  1. Thanks. I figured I'd include that pic to answer the question before anyone asked. ;)
  2. Ok, he sounds REALLY cool now! And since you posted that last image, now I wish they'ed gone with that image to sculpt the figure. The great axe and the White Dragon skull helm are just too cool (was that a pun? I think that was a pun...)!
  3. Your self-control is enviable. I couldn't stand to know that all 3 were wrapped up and unpainted beneath the tree! Thanks Randy! I tried to make them pretty cool looking, since they make up a good portion of the figure. Thanks. The sculpt is CRAZY good! Big, imposing, more spikey bits than a squad of Chaos Space Marines. Yeah, it's cool. Thanks! I was wondering if the overall feel of the skin and scales was coming through. Thanks for confirming!
  4. Thanks! Sadly, I am unfamiliar with Storm Kings Thunder. To me, he was just a cool giant! But, I hear that Harshnag is pretty cool! (was that a pun? I think it was a pun...) Yes it is. The sculpt is sooooo good! Thank you! Mission accomplished! There's some drybrushing, for sure. Glad you like it! Thanks. That's one of my favorite aspects of the sculpt as well. Thank you! The leather was several different shades of brown before I settled on that one. Thanks! Thanks! Yeah, I went a little overboard with the snow effect. Ah well. Not much to be done about it now. That stuff dries to a crazy hardness.
  5. And: done. This beast was full of challenges. All the spikes, claws, scales, and a great big base that created a lot of negative space due to the sheer amount of real estate a 4" base provides. But, I was inspired by the classic image of a Great Red Wyrm on its treasure hoard that was frequently pictured in earlier editions of D&D. Fortunately, both Wizkids amd Reaper have treasure piles aplenty for mini terrain, and soon enough I was able to make the base much more interesting than a bunch of dirt, rocks, and grass tufts. Anyway, here he is! A great big dragon, pictured witha party after treasure that should have brought more friends, because things are about to get toasty for them. ;-)
  6. Seems appropriate given the slow freeze currently overtaking my state...
  7. I hope you find one, it's a cool figure and fun to paint! I'm pretty sure they'll be easier to track down than say, a Beholder. LOL, I checked out a good deal of your Lost World thread (which I love). Yes, you do have lots of Rex's! Still, always room for one more, eh?
  8. Thanks! I will check it out when I get home from work! Pretty big. See attached photo. That is very high praise indeed. Thank you!
  9. Thanks! It really is a fantastic sculpt and has so much detail. Thanks! Right there with you. When I saw the previews for it, I was all "ehhhh...maybe not". Then I saw it in person and was sold immediately and had to get some paint on it right away. Thank you!
  10. Ever since I was a kid, I've been crazy about Dinosaurs. I'm probably underselling that a bit. Regardless, my love for the creatures has carried over into adulthood. So, when Wizkids previewed this I was...apprehensive. Their preview image was taken at a less than flattering angle that really didn't show much of thw mini. Then they showed up in stores and sure enough, the "mini" pretty much rules. T-Rex has always been my favorite. Especially in a fantasy context. I was always amused when reading those old Marvel Conan comics when Conan and his sidekicks were harrowed by a dragon and the reveal of said "dragon" was actually a Tyrannosaurus. Anyway, I've never had the opportunity to paint many Dinos since I took up this hobby. And I usually didn't like what options were out there. I'm really grateful that Wizkids released something cool AND affordable.
  11. If anyone was wondering about the T-Rex as well, here it is with the Giant, a halfling on a small base, a dwarf on a medium base, and elf on a medium base, and my favorite Dragonborn also on a medium base but is pretty big for a medium character, and a quite impressive Owlbear on a large base. As you can see, they are all dwarfed by the Giant and the T-Rex. Seriously worth every penny in my opinion.
  12. And now I want to go watch a certain John Carpenter movie. Good job!
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