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  1. You're nonmetals are extremely convincing, I had to stare at my screen to discern if they were or not. -NTM
  2. Wait a sec, were you not just criticizing Justin's breakfast habits today? I believe you owe the kettle an apology. -NTM
  3. Foolish humans! My superior Mac is immune to your wooden horses! -NTM
  4. I'd buy it in a heartbeat. I always wanted a suitable Mammoth to use as a Chaos War Mammoth for WF campaign play, but the LotR one is too small and the Forge World one is over 300 bucks! Hats off to you for such a good find. -NTM
  5. That will be fun to sprue, and cast. Really awesome in all seriousness. -NTM
  6. Wouldn't suprise me, they're just following the GW buisness model. Whenever all of the Armies get codexes/army books that are current, they release a new edition six months later and invalidate them all. Lather, rinse, repeat. It works really well. -NTM
  7. I like them how they are. They have a very "ethereal" look to them that would look fantastic as an entire army. -NTM
  8. Hehe, now you need to make Russian love intrest. I won't repeat her name because I will probably get into trouble again. -NTM
  9. Skeletal. I can simply load my airbrush with buckskin pale and go to town, dip and be done. This is distant future plans though, I still have to wade through sixty reptus and thirty clutchlings. Plus, I still can't figure out how to purchase this stuff; from his retail list, I don't think he's gone international with his product yet. I wonder how it would work on CAVs, I have a desert camo scheme in mind... -NTM
  10. I found Homeworld 2 for ten bucks the other day. I was a fan of the first one, so I gave it a shot. It has good mods too, dowloaded the Battlefleet Gothic, Star Trek: TNG, and the complete Star Wars. Apparently, (I've never read any of the aftermath books) the new Imperial ships after Episode Six get like, retardedly huge. So that's the biggest painting distraction now. -NTM
  11. He'd be a fun DM. And by fun I mean the entire party is dead by the second room. -NTM
  12. I think the painter wanted to use supplementary colors instead of the more common complimentary. I. E. Using colors ajacent to each other on the wheel rather than opposite of each other. -NTM
  13. The Minwax dip, remixed. The site's in Danish, but from what I gather, this guy took the basic wood stain formula and altered it to suit miniatures better. Not as thick and gloppy and less likely to clump up. I'm not a fan of the dip, but I would give this stuff a shot if I ever decided to play Undead. -NTM
  14. I saw someone do that with the Doom board game, pretty kewl. -NTM
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