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  1. No they aren't cheap, however I do believe you get what you pay for. I believe the quality is fantastic.
  2. Eclipse Miniatures is raising funds for a 75mm and 35mm Musketeer figure based on the artwork of Sandra Chang and digitally sculpted by Andre de Souza. There is also a Cavewoman sculpt to be unlocked if funding goes well We have shipping hubs set up in Australia the UK and the USA minimising any potential issues with Custom fees in Europe and America making it friendly to most territories worldwide. We look forward to having your support so we can make this project happen. Cheers Liam Rutty Eclipse Miniatures www.eclipseminiatures.com www.facebook.com/eclipseminiatures
  3. I have been considering getting these for a while now and now that they come with RMS the purchase is inevitable. I read somewhere (might of been here) that the earlier guides will be updated. If this is the case how long do you think I'll need to wait for the updated versions? Also does no. 4 assume you already have no 1? Cheers
  4. The only good thing about GW paints that I can think of is the ability to buy them from nearly anywhere. Besides there availability there isn't really much else going for them
  5. The only reason I knew there were other mini companies besides GW is because of their oh so friendly staff I had to find myself another store as I couldn't bring myself to even enter a GW store anymore.I then found Mindgames and realised that only half their store was GW stuff and there was all this other cool stuff available. Whether there is a mini market in Aus i'm not sure, but there definitely isn't any advertising. You have to go out and look for the stuff rather than it finding you. Cheers
  6. Are these similar to glazes? How do they work? Cheers Liam
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