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  1. Not a bad build and Callindra can literally mop up especially with Olivia right there to heal any damage. I also think Kassandra and her Shadowsisters are worth their weight in gold. They may be expensive but you can wipe out a troop in a hurry with them. I have yet to lose when using my Sisters army (watch, I'll get completely annihilated the next time I play just because I said that). Here's something else to think about as well, swap out Callindra for Nicole [94] and Bowsister x2 [62], then lose one bless [-5] and add one more Bladesister [26] to Marda's group for a total of 747pts. That'd give you 3 additional troops [18], an extra initiative card [4], and a little melee protection for your archers (not much, but a little). Also, remember models with the Healer SA make great pin-cushions so that's one more reason to have Olivia hang back with the bowsisters. You can then use the bandages on the shadowsisters and bladesisters at range (or on Olivia herself since she can't heal herself with the Healer SA) and use the Healer SA on the bowsisters.
  2. Remember that musician doesn't stack with movement upgrades. The higher upgrade supercedes the lower upgrade. I played a 3000pt game yesterday and used a troup consisting of Kassandra and 8 shadowsisters. I'll have to play a few more games with them to see if they're worth the points but so far my accessment is they're a fun group. With a musician and a ranger move they just shot across the board in a heartbeat.
  3. It's time again for our Reaper Game Night at the Gamewyze in Plano on Tuesday, Oct 3rd, at 7pm. Bring your Warlord Armies and let's get it on!
  4. Here are the thoughts from an actual Merc player... I have gone back and forth on this idea about other factions being able to use some of my best Merc units to suppliment their own, without losing their own faction abilities. My conclusion is I don't have a problem with it. They are Mercs after all. As for a cost penalty for supplimenting your army with some of mine... why? The point system for individual models is the same now regardless of faction and any Mercs used to suppliment other factions don't get any faction SAs, either theirs or their employers. That in my opinion is a decent penalty already so why should those units be punished further? I mean Dwarves want to add a few more crossbowmen to their army? Great! But they don't get bane. Crypt Legion wants to hire a lupine shaman? Sure thing! But he doesn't get that nifty dark energy bonus. Crusaders want to add a few lupine ragers to their infantry or to suppliment their cavalry? Not a problem... only the lupines can't mercy or use judgement. Darkspawn wants to add Leisynn and some merc grunts? Super! But they can't make use of paincage. One final thought. Dan Patrick of ESPN radio last Friday, when speaking about opening weekend in the NFL, said that the media will overreact regardless whether their teams win or lose. This is so true but it's not just the media, it's our society in general. So as others have mentioned, chill and wait for the faction book to come out. It won't be as bad as some are saying, nor will it be as good. And remember, if you play well and to your faction strengths, you'll win, and if not, you'll lose, and only the luck of the dice can change that.
  5. Pat, this is set for Tuesday night so was your comment above a typo (did you mean Tues?), or are you reaffirming that you would be there on Tuesday because you had a meeting on Thursday...
  6. better be.... And Abbot, will you and Tom be showing up? I have that big tree he wanted.
  7. Sorry for the late post on this Outkast. This is what I know. I spoke with EE about a couple months ago. Basically he said the rule in the main book still applies until the Merc faction book comes out (i.e. you must still field Orba to receive the Merc Faction SAs). He did say not to worry as each subfaction of the Mercs will get their own SAs when the book comes out (the Lupine SAs are gonna be too cool). But until then we Mercs are stuck with the current rule.... And EE, if you're reading this... I still want that Bladesister Cavalry or Solo unit riding some exotic animal like a tiger.
  8. The Next Reaper Game Night at the Plano Gamewyze will be on Sept 12th. Bring your Warlord minis and builds for 750, 1000, and 1500pt armies. See you then! (*note* we will not be meeting on Sept 5th)
  9. I find if I use a large or huge base model by itself it gets annihilated pretty quick regardless of point cost. I've also found that when using the heavy hitters that cost a fortune I either gotta bring more than one and work them in tandem and/or use some grunts from another troop to protect their flanks so they don't get surrounded. It's the only way for me to get my points worth out of them usually. If I'm doing freelance I like fielding the Guardian Beast alongside the Dark Maiden, then follow them up with a hospitalier or two and maybe a handful of grunts to protect their flanks if possible. As long as I can keep my beast and maiden fairly close together I haven't had to worry about them getting moshed. Regardless what I do, I never use a 200+ model by itself unless I'm intentionally using it as a sacrifical lamb. just M.T.C.
  10. Short and Sweet. Reaper game night at the Gamewyze store in Plano, TX. Starts at 7pm. We'll be playing Warlord and possibly CAV2. So bring your armies and be there!
  11. It time again for our Reaper Game Night at the Gamewyze in Plano next Tuesday night, august 8th, at 7pm. Bring 750, 1000, and 1500pt builds for your Warlord and 1500, 2500pt builds for CAV2. see you there!
  12. Stubby, remember also if you ever use Orba and his faction you have the "change of heart" faction SA that allows you to convert a single data card to his faction and alignment without losing your scoundrel's luck ability. So, you could change the lupine rager over and use them with Orba. In looking at the datacards at this moment the mercs are very limited but that's changing pretty quick so we all gotta practice a little patience and give them time to release the new mercs. And remember too that until the book comes out there's nothing to prevent you from playing your current merc army as is. Also, as a side note, some of us were talking to EE last weekend during the Asylum tourney and asked about possibly allowing mercs to hire other mercs and stuff so there is hope there. Or there's always the freelance option where you can use them together anyway, no biggie. We Mercs are flexible not nothing else. *smile* I can also feel your frustration Stubby only it's much worse for me. I've been playing mercs for a couple years now and have quite a collection of models and all the combos I currently use will become pretty much useless once our faction book comes out. It'll just mean I'll have to be more creative and expand my way of thinking and my army a bit more. It's all good though. It just means I have more than a one trick pony and will keep people guessing what I'll bring to the table night in and night out.
  13. That's sweet. Sigurd and Nicole are both no longer unique though and the Lupine Lord is 4-11/2, not 4-12/2. Thanks.
  14. Just so you know I wasn't harping on anyone about the decision to have random teams but I think I was the only one who voted against it.
  15. EE and I came in 4th fielding Darkspawn/Mercenary. However, we played both the 3rd and 1st place teams and beat them both pretty good so how that figures into us coming into 4th place I'm not sure. I guess when dealing with victory points odd things can happen sometimes. EE and I started out slow in the first round and I couldn't hit the broad side of a barn literally. I don't think I hit anything with my shooters until the 3rd round after something like 45 shot attempts which is by far my absolute worst batting average ever in Warlord. I think I would have been better off charging my ranged fighters into melee. I'm know Jason would have loved to see that I'm sure. Sarec: "I'm charging my crossbowmen and archers across the board into melee." EE: "Why would you do that?!?!" Sarec: "Because they can't shoot a dead cow. You expect them to hit a live one???" Jason: "Sweeeet..." I too would prefer to place anywhere along the board for deployment as well. As for teamwork it's you guys' own fault for wanting to do random teams. How much teamwork is there going to be when two people are thrown together with prebuilt armies? But at the same time I don't think you're giving some of us enough credit for the teamwork that did go on. EE and I worked together on a lot of stuff and in our game vs Darren/Kyle I saw them working together as well.
  16. No way. That just wouldn't make sense. Plus, there could be all sorts of potential loopholes with models giving themselves support bonuses or never being out of cohesion. Actually, you're right Gus, it doesn't make sense, but sometimes games don't always make sense and hence my quest for clarification. Plus, since the Healer SA had never been on a multi-dmg track model before I wanted to make doubly sure and ask all the questions from every angle now and up front to avoid any question or confusion in the middle of some tourney or later on when other models start coming out with the Healer SA. And yes, I am aware of the potential loopholes this could create if you could be in b2b with yourself. If EE had answered in the affirmative to that last question then I would be asking a whole lot of other questions and then asking for a rules change to get the answer he gave above. Thanks EE for the further clarifications on this and other questions.
  17. So then the question becomes, is a model considered to be in b2b with itself?
  18. EE, at our Reaper Night in Plano last night we came across a couple questions with the new changes. First, does the default merc list receive the faction bonuses when they field either warlord or just when they field Orba? When the initial rule was made there was only Orba so we didn't know if this was still in effect or if the default merc faction abilities were in effect for any merc warlord (aka Lupine Lord). Second, the Lupine Shaman has the Healer SA and has multiple damage tracks so we're just wondering if it can invoke the Healer SA to heal himself or if the SA can only be used on others. And if the shaman can heal himself with it does there need to be a wording change on the Healer SA or does this interpret to mean that all models are considered to be in b2b with itself? Thanks EE for the help and clarifications!
  19. hehe.. Gus, I did pretty much what you're saying not too long ago though the standard was only added because I had 10pts available in my build and I wasn't willing to trade anything else out. Now I didn't put my merc spearman with musician/standard in a corner but I did hang him back behind the rest of his troop with my leader model to avoid being torn apart so the concept is pretty much the same. The rules do mention you can add multiple pieces of equipment to a model and since both a standard and musician can be given to a grunt I don't see why you couldn't do that.
  20. I'll have the Lupine Scenario available for those who wish to participate.
  21. Tsetsen, here's what I did. I copied these into MS Word, then I set the cursor the the upper left corner of the card that's split, used the arrow up key once which for some reason put a temp space between the cards, then I hit enter until the data card is on the next page. I bet you could probably hit a page break too at that point instead of hitting enter. Then I scrolled down the list to the bottom of the next page and repeated. not sure if this will help or not but it's what I did. You can also copy these into Excel, highlight the entire spreadsheet, autofit the column width, shift to lanscape, then put in any page breaks you need. You can do extensive formating of the spreadsheet but this is a quick and dirty. Be sure to format your spreadsheet to text prior to pasting this data though or you'll need to go through and correct all the troop data for the leader models because Excel will see these as dates if you don't and you'll be forced to manually edit them.
  22. Yeah, who knew having the SA: "n/a" would cost points.
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