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  1. Wow... I was born 50 years earlier on that date. Congrats... People will always remember his birthday because of Pearl Harbor day.
  2. Cancelled I am looking at September 20th for my Warlord Tournament.][/color] Sorry Guys my new job is having me work 50 and 60 hr weeks. Plus the drive is an additional 1/2 each way.
  3. Its not going to happen... Work has kinda hosed me for a while, I have to support our sister company in Lima (2 hour drive one way) for a Few Months. Sorry Guys Would you care if DEwen or I picked up and ran with it? I would have to ask Shane First..
  4. Its not going to happen... Work has kinda hosed me for a while, I have to support our sister company in Lima (2 hour drive one way) for a Few Months. Sorry Guys
  5. Wow Dwarfs Seem to be popular.... out of the 7 people we game with 4 of them are dwarf players.
  6. And once the Beast Master is killed the Monster goes Berserk and attacks nearest troops including the group he is with. There Has to be some bad with the good
  7. Hey Guys it looks like April is going to be when I will do the Next Warlord Tournament at KrystalKeep Here are the Saturdays that are open 5,12,19,26 Let me know Which ones work best... Also to my friends from the now closed "World of Hobbies" check with the rest of your group and see when they can make it.
  8. I'm just waiting to see all the conversions of it with added Armor thanks to Golden Compass Thats funny... I just ordered the 'Chick on Bear" to do just that...
  9. Warlord and CAV lines then follow up with the rest. Town people can wait
  10. I think most Elf Players are already using the bard as the Elf Musician.
  11. IMHO two things that have really hurt Warlord in the last year or so is lost of the 3 packs, and then loss of the Army boxes. Warlord used to be one best price to play games out there. (I know you can buy the single packs but who really wants single poses in a skirmish game) All you used to do was grab the Armybox a few 3 packs and you had a 1000-1250 point army for under $80 bucks. The Rage Chronicles(FREE!) definably gave Warlord a good shot in the arm.
  12. I think most people learned that they tasted like Chicken!!! :^)
  13. The Results of the Warlord Tournament October 20 2007 Name Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Total Damon 993 361 647 2001 Adam Waters 1347 823 452 2622 Michael Bailey 884 387 1497 2768 Dave Ewen 967 1114 599 2680 Tim Peasiee 977 946 1027 2950 Shane Mcgill 1020 1421 812 3253 Jeff Nicholas 1320 1317 1498 4135 Dan Steffen 663 1489 334 2486 The Winners where: First Place was Jeff Nicholas Second Place was Shane Mcgill Third Place was Tim Peasiee Pictures Here! Thanks to everyone who attended!
  14. Thats what I am using too.. MY god it get hot.. I am looking to replace my 100 heat blasters with some of those new fluorescents bulbs and just do a white balance on the camera.
  15. Give Adam a Kick, I haven't hear or seen him in a while :^)
  16. Hey Guys sorry for no posting lately about the Tournament.... Roadrunners been down off and on the last few weeks. I am trying to get a head count of who is going to make it this Saturday.. How about posting if you are going to make it. Thanks Dan
  17. I was just wondering why an Nefsokar Undead Army doesn't gain fear of the undead? Are the Nefsokar undead less scary than Necropolis undead?
  18. I have been looking all over the Reaper sites looking for those Faction Draw Cards. Does anyone remember or know where I can find them?
  19. How about just using the Crusaders list and changing the Figs.
  20. Hmmm is quoting myself wrong.... Anyways we do not have to follow the Proxy Rules.... I have read the Post and its only Reapercon and other events that Reaper puts on. So bring what you want.
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