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  1. Here's the ground floor plan on foamcore, with a couple of 28mm figures for reference.
  2. Texas-shaped burgers are for poseurs. Real citizens of the Republic eat Texas-sized burgers, which are hand-made, one at a time, on a grill the size of Alaska, using Wyoming for a spatula and Kansas and Nebraska for buns.
  3. It's been nearly two years since I last wrestled the cardstock demon. My last binge was interrupted by a house hunt and eventual move, and somehow I haven't gotten around to any mini-painting or related hobbying. That ends today, as I undertake a rather ambitious project: Cathedrae Noctis, a gothy/angsty temple of elemental awfulness downloadable from the friendly humanoids at Worldworks. My implements of dee-struction were right where I left them after the move, so I'm blowing the dust off the X-acto with snap-off blades, magnifier headset, self-healing cutting mat and metal straightedge. That's a brand-new 18W Ott lamp, capable of warp four-point-seven... Anyone interested in this project should check out the free sample, which contains all the instructions. I'm electing to build on a one-inch square scheme (rather than 1.5), omitting grid lines, and am going to follow the example floor plan, a 12" x 21" layout that looks like this, with buttressing where indicated... It stars with the six 7 x 7 squares you see here (with four more, presumably, for the upper floor). These will be glued onto foamcore , and terrain tiles will surround them. Then the real fun gets under way. Somewhere up there, Ken Follett is watching ("Will he help?" "No." "Then tell him to stay out of the way."). Why am I doing this? I'm not sure; I have only the vaguest notions of using this thing in a game. I guess it just inspires me, and I know that cardstock modeling is a relaxing activity.
  4. This is lovely work. A little too lovely, maybe? I'd like to see a little graveyard dirt on this figure, and duller colors throughout. I'd darken all the bone, too, except maybe for the teeth. That glow in the eye comes through great!
  5. My wife found me on match.com fourteen years ago this month. Therefore, dating sites work. On the other hand, that way waaaaay back when the Internets were young, and as I haven't been on dating sites in fourteen years, I can't say that they still work. I'm guessing that with today's enormous pools of "talent," it still comes down to the matchees: are they honest in beginning a relationship?
  6. These minis are very nice. If there were ever a game that would employ them all, I would sign up in a heartbeat.
  7. Yeah. For the full Monty, so to speak, the total 300 man-pr0n look, it should be made obvious that he's wearing short-shorts. Otherwise, I'm loving the paint job; the bronze is particularly pleasing.
  8. Well, heck. I would only have to click on the profile in the first post to this thread to get a 3, then. It would take work to determine whether I'm actually a 2. Unless it turns out that I actually am Dargrin. That would be weird. And the movie would star Keanu Reeves, and would suck.
  9. Pull out your 2nd PHB and take another look. There were five types of elves, plus half-elves, no half-orcs, and no barbarians...4th is starting with differences, but only cut back or unfinished compared to all the options that came later in the earlier editions. That's precisely my point. 4E being so far from finished, there's no reason for me to switch now and wait who-knows-how-long for the options that I need. New editions don't have to include big steps backward. That's just the way game companies tend to build them: from scratch, a bit at a time. Even GURPS' fourth edition character book couldn't really be complete in one volume...but I could have used it to build my skald on the day of its release. That's a system. D&D 4E is a promise as yet unfulfilled. But that's only my opinion, based on the sort of gaming I think I'm likely to do.
  10. I'm unlikely to play 4th edition for the foreseeable future. I never fiddled with 3rd, either, beyond buying/reading the books and playing in a few con games. I did purchase the 4E PHB, but found it surprisingly incomplete (though what's there is plenty cool). Right about the time I'm thinking of reviving an old Viking skald character that I'd whipped up with the Player's Option rules, along comes a new engine from WotC--and the doggone Bard class is missing. Besides, I prefer non-combat prowess, and the new system offers very little there, so far. C'mon, WotC. Dragonborn? Two different kinds of elves, plus half-elves, for cryin' out loud, but no half-orcs? No barbarians? Wake me when you finish the PHB. My wife and I want to fire up a new game in the coming months, and it looks like it'll be Player's Option or vanilla 2E. 3E seems overly complicated for what you actually get, and 4E ain't done yet. We'll delve instead into the massive amounts of old material we have hanging around the house, and be "left behind" once again. The 4E Warlord seems to rock, however.
  11. This is great stuff. I would only quibble over the lack of color in the Lord of the Nazgul, and because the severed head of his fell beast is similarly monochromatic. As a suggestion, you might make the severed head bloodier and more obviously made of flesh; it looks a bit mechanical now. Should its armor be shinier? You could also make the Nazgul's sword and mace shinier and more colorful, or otherwise distinguish him from the things he holds. A few bright white highlights could zap up the Nazgul's trimmings and crown, while retaining the spooky otherworldness you've got going.
  12. Oh, man. My wife and I have been wanting to start a game, and now I know that it has to feature a sea of ice floes. Or a lake, or river, or something. Thanks! I think I recognize that rippled blue sheet as something I already have, too. Veeeeeery nice.
  13. Okay, playing a five-year-old psionic firestarter brat of an orphan girl in a Forgotten Realms Alternity campaign... Introduced to the (all-female) party as a street urchin carrying a filthy doll. Talked about the doll as a person, of course: "Sammy says we shouldn't do that." "Sammy doesn't like that." I slipped in an illusion of the doll winking at the wizard character, who immediately started casting Detect Magic and other spells, sure that I was introducing an adventure hook. The ladies tried to wheedle my doll away from me, and I grew louder and more frantic in my refusals. One of them got the bright idea to simply wrest it away from my pitiful 5 strength. The air around us grew warm. I shrieked, in that piercing five-year-old way. The candle at the table flared brightly, and the party grabbed me and evacuated the tavern, now more certain than ever that the doll was some evil artifact. Later, as the players got into the idea of sweet-talking me instead, they were finally able to take the doll after promising to give it the same nice, hot bath they'd bought for me. Heh. The wizard character questioned me later, having calmed down the "evil" little girl, encouraging me to talk about my past by sharing that she, too, was an orphan. "What's that?" I asked. "My parents are both dead," the wizard said, gently. "I didn't do it," I retorted, bringing down the house. =============================================================================== Same group, but a different all-female cast of PCs in Forgotten Realms. I was introduced as a jester/singer working his passage aboard the ship they were traveling on. I was dispatched with them to an island populated by grimlocks, who had already secured the meteorite we had been sent to recover. They tried negotiating a trade with the grimlock chieftain, who demanded me for the tribal cook-pot: "He look tasty." The good-aligned party demurred. "We can't give you him!" One of the band said, "He would give you indigestion." "Indeed, madam, I excel at that," I interjected, again to general LOLs.
  14. Pirate ninja trees with guns! These are wonderful.
  15. If she's carrying a paintball gun, her name is "Target." Keep those whimsical fairies comin'!
  16. You know she's a teen 'cause she's rollin' her eyes. "Whatever!" Wonderful!
  17. These minis work well together. I think I can see a touch of Yosemite Sam in the cook, who is in no mood for back-talk from the hasenpfeffer.
  18. Real men dig Jane Austen. Period costumes and effete accents do not scare us away from all that cleavage. Shame on anyone missing Pride And Prejudice playing for free on PBS. It's Da Bomb.
  19. And to think they called you mad at the Institute. The fools! Nice work.
  20. These are all wonderful, but there's a safety issue. I can see that the transducing coils on the power Frobulator* are reversed in polarity! I hope this message reaches you before the next storm, and that you can correct the issue before a phase overload completely frotzes the main relays. Unless you're counting on this to happen when the heroes approach. Ah! Is that a remote-control contraflangulator release? In that case, well done. Diabolical, even. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!! *Named for the Hungarian paraphysicist Nicholas Frobula, who discovered the effect approximately 45 milliseconds before his disappearance.
  21. Light dustings of spray-on laquer seem to help, too.
  22. Neat-o! The speckled base ought to look nice on a starfield-patterned battlemat. What's the game?
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