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  1. This one obviously hails from the Zombie Wars of the next century, after we lose seven states to the Virus and flooding.
  2. Hmmm. I'm using ordinary 110-lb stock in a Canon PIXMA Pro9000. Someone smart recommended that I try coated cardstock, but I haven't found any yet. What I really need is the time to get back to building.
  3. You can't fool me. This is Trogdor!
  4. I have almost never dropped a mini. Apparently, this is because I was saving it all up for a major catastrophe a few weeks ago. While moving nine minis (all the PCs from the current game, minus one) outside for a picture. I got hasty and pitched them all onto concrete. As of last night, I've reassembled all the bits, and saw no damage beyond bent weapons. I'll spend this week touching up all the dinged paint jobs, and with luck will have them spiffy for the game. This is the Krewe on a WorldWorks cardstock castle wall:
  5. Someday, I'm gonna build that danged cathedral. It sat around in its box for years after a Reaper Paint Day at the War Room, then we sold it on eBay last year for twice what I paid for it. Good to know that I could get another chance to procrastinate over it. Armorcast is cool.
  6. I think that this is the look that the next edition of D&D should have. Your art makes me wanna play something class-based! Very nicely done.
  7. Great paint job. No need to diss it as "only" tabletop.
  8. I'm not a fan of wild color schemes, but that's mainly a failure of my imagination. I dig the green on the torso and arms, and I can't argue with the quality of your work. This is so unlike anything I would produce that I'm eager to see the results. Got a feeling I'm going to like it in spite of the purple and orange.
  9. Back in the swing, folks. Here's one of the winches mentioned earlier--and she's standing next to some wooden thing! <rim shot> The winch will fit into one of the white spaces shown in post seven, for raising and lowering the drawbridge and the gate. You can see that this component contains the only non-paper, non-transparency Sekrit Ingredient. It's an ordinary paper clip, straightened out as an axle. The tab sticking up against the gear acts as a ratchet.
  10. Way to make her disappear into the backdrop! Very cool, and I'll bet she'd look even spookier against black. This is a ghost.
  11. I can see how such a limited-palette paint job might have been missed by many attendees--perhaps it doesn't reach out and grab the casual viewer from among more colorful entries--but I can also see how it won. This is terrific work! I'm especially enamored of the rippled lighting effect.
  12. VL minis were always great, and I'd have to say that since he's eased off on the darklining, they're pretty much perfection. I don't think I've ever seen better NMM than on the Queen's new sword. Beautiful, beautiful work.
  13. What a great mini! He cries out for a wooden horn, doesn't he?
  14. I'm missing the con for the first time since the twentieth century. Anyone who's going, please have fun!
  15. If it hasn't already been made clear, Aces & Eights is the name of the western game the KoDT characters play, and so is another Kenzer joke made flesh. I've been assuming, then, that this will be more or less compatible with Hackmaster.
  16. Yeah, I am working in fits and starts on the castle, but my wife also bought the Harbormaster set to mess with. As for the tower, there's one little piece I'm still looking for: a suitable clock face and hands (something more ornate/gothy than the one in the Harbormaster). That would rock.
  17. I saw the Braves down the Rockies 30-0 back in '95. Not all that entertaining after the first dozen unanswered.
  18. These are Warmachine, aren't they? I spotted this set recently, and was intrigued even though I don't play minis games. The snowy basing works well with these. Very nice!
  19. My wife and I started talking about marriage before we actually met (via match.com, twelve years ago). On our first date, we sort of agreed to marry, so there was no formal proposal. We picked out non-matching rings at the local RenFest, then each had the other's engraved. No diamonds--or any other stones, for that matter--as non-Canadian stones might have cruelty issues. We're not much into gems, anyway.
  20. Love those brilliant blues (Selendria and frost mage)!
  21. I needed an Arabic-looking woman and a big bruiser with a two-hander for PCs in our F2F campaign. My speed-painted minis are not much worse-looking than those for which I take more time! These took about an hour apiece, a few minutes at a time, including the [email protected]$$ed flocking. Not including my changing my mind about the color of her robe. They'll do fine for tabletop. The backdrop is a wall of the WorldWorks castle. I'm never going to try to use full sunlight for mini pitchers again!
  22. Getcher coils of rope right here.... And be sure to show it off in the WIP forum, if you're able!
  23. I regard it as a feature, not as a bug. Yes, it was sometimes annoying with a black Sharpie. I've switched to a gray for most purposes, and match colors when I can. It appears that WorldWorks deliberately designs models darkened near edges to be cut, but I'm not sure about that point--it's just an impression. I don't mind the bleed with the gray marker, as it tends to fade nicely into the underlying color. That natural transition is nicer than anything I could create on my own.
  24. Olivia and Kimberlee survey the latest piece. It's a simple tower, meaning no interior, that I put together in about 30 minutes (based a square on foamcore, then the octagonal tower is just two pieces). The crenelated top took an additional hour, it being four pieces attached to square flooring. This is a corner tower. In play, two walls would run up to those second-story doors ninety degrees apart.
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