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  1. Michael-TLH wrote: Ah, here she is: http://www.reapermini.com/fantasy/gallery/2300s/2354_G Whatever that is wrapped around her waist would certainly complicate any conversion, but at the same time it might serve to hide a joint.
  2. DragonCon last year switched from midsummer to Labor Day weekends, so you've just missed one. You're probably already aware that Ft. Benning is a two-hour drive from Atlanta.
  3. Well, they don't call it FetishCon for nothing. I'm not into all the costumed posturing, but I did take some pictures of some of the better get-ups. I spent most of the time at the game table Saturday and Sunday nights, in a couple of friendly pick-up sessions run by one of our out-of-state buddies. Got some 3E experience in a D20 module called Nemoren's Vault, with a promise that he'll run us through the sequel next year. This kept us busy until two and three in the morning. Other than that, we tried out 7th Sea in a neat little home-brew scenario run by an Alderac demo-er. I played in another homebrew, a sequel to a Buffy CoC adventure I was part of last year (didn't get to play Spike again, alas). Had to skip the GURPS this morning, so I *still* have never played in that system. Though we also blew off a Nobilis game, we did come home with that big, beautiful and fascinating book. Tony DiGerolamo sold me another year's worth of autographed issues of his Travelers comic (I had given away signed #1s as prizes in a game at DC '01). Fine dining each night at--let me think--Morton's Steakhouse, Dailey's, Benihana, Pappasito's, and our good-bye dinner tonight was at OK Cafe. Detoured afterward to The War Room in Norcross, since they did not, after all, have a booth this year; I ran into the proprietor Saturday night, who said he was at the con to play, finally. Interestingly, the War Room is suddenly carrying Confrontation minis, which this evening kept my attention off the usual Reaper rack. The 30mm+ scale is a little awkward for my collection, so I contented myself with buying several doors. Reaper is in little or no danger on that front. :laugh: Strangely, I didn't bring home many minis from this year's con, and I had planned for another ton of 'em. Biggest surprise in the exhibit hall was the (major) presence of the Hirst Arts booth. Bruce himself and his wife sold us a complete set of their Master Maze killer kits and some other molds. I have in mind running a Reaper/Hirst dungeon smackdown someday. My wife and I are trying to decide among Winter Fantasy, Origins and GenCon for our next gathering. We are hoping for more of a pure gaming experience, relatively poser-free in a less densely-packed setting, and for getting a room to avoid the mad commutes home to care for our zoo. My wife began her costume collection with a chemise/vest/skirt/cloak combo, so I will have to amass compatible accoutrements--perhaps starting with some boots from Museum Replicas across town. RenFest season is a-comin'.
  4. My wife and I are near Etlanna, so we'll be at DraconCon all four days. †Who else is going, and what will you do there? We have out-of-town friends coming in (IRC game-mates), and we will probably all try to get in at least one RPG session together. †I am going to play some GURPS (after two years of GMing it, I still have never *played*) and Call of Cthulhu. I had hoped that our beloved Shakespeare Tavern would have a play we could all go see, but this year it's a repeat of The Taming of the Shrew, a production we saw earlier (my wife and I are supporting members; this place is where we had our first date seven years ago). †It's a fine, zany show, well acted, but my wife and I are about sick of the play's fundamentally sexist message. †Anyone who could stomach that, however, will find much to enjoy. †It's walking distance from the con. Did you know that Museum Replicas is near Atlanta? †Their showroom is no great shakes (improved over a few years ago), but if you've seen their catalog and know what you want, you can get it there. †Any determined SCAers/reenactors/LARPers may want to make the pilgrimage, but it's quite a drive (20+ miles from the con). †This place doubles as Atlanta Cutlery, the famed sellers of knives and other blades. Count on major presences by Holistic Design and White Wolf, as these companies are also local. As for fine dining, Morton's Steakhouse, Dailey's and Benihana are just a few minutes' walk from the Hyatt. †I also hope to hit Dante's, a restaurant built around half of an authentic sailing ship, with live jazz and alligators. †Try the fondue, and you will not be disappointed. I'm gonna buy stuff. †Lots of stuff. †The War Room will almost certainly be there, with huge discounts on boatloads of minis. †That's where I met Steve Jackson two years ago, up to his elbows in the bargain bins.
  5. Get as much light as you can, and stop down as much as possible to increase depth-of-field. †This keeps more of the mini in focus, and is a vital factor at macro ranges.
  6. Anyone know whether there exist what we might call "brush cosies," similar to the rubber-gel comfort grips available for writing pens? †Or might those very pen grips be modified somehow to hold something as narrow as a brush? I've never seen the L&C brushes mentioned above, but it sounds like a great idea. :cool:
  7. Five bucks will nab you a nice set (#2037) of Loew & Cornell brushes, with these sizes: 10/0, 5/0, 3/0, 0 and 1. I usually get 'em at Michaels, a national craft-store chain, which also carries the more expensive L&Cs that my wife favors. :cool:
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