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  1. Dang. Getting warmer, but nothing here is really grabbing me. Redoubt seems to have to Revolutionary War stuff that sounds promising, but they are woefully short on imagery. Thank y'all for trying to help. I'm afraid that no one stands ready to supply Pride & Prejudice: the Roleplaying Game.
  2. I've exhausted Foundry's online catalog, thanks, and found nothing of theirs gathering dust in the local shops that would do. The Tradition of London site seems to be down now, but I will definitely check it out.
  3. My Googling may be weak, or my known sources for minis simply insufficient, but I can't find what I really want. We're playing a sorta-kinda historical game, with Regency/Napoleonic tech. Where might I locate well-dressed ladies and gentlemen of those periods, in 28mm scale? There's no shortage of clunky Army/Navy/Marine figs suitable for the battlefield, but I'm looking for civilians. There are a couple of Reapers that will do, in a pinch, for ladies (and I'm already using them), but where are the fashionable/foppish dudes? Where my Fitzwilliam Darcy at? I might even settle for a Thomas Jefferson--my most immediate need is for this guy (yes, that's Gary Oldman superimposed on Malkovich's Valmont): Am I out of luck? I'd be grateful for any specific assistance.
  4. I had to have a better look, too. With the brightness and contrast cranked up, I see a nice, clean paint job, and am once again astounded by the beautiful work people do with basing. I couldn't prove that it hasn't been airbrushed, this is that purty. Good job!
  5. I haven't been painting for nearly a year, and my fingers were getting itchy. When a player in my online game needed a mini for a F2F campaign, I jumped at the chance. My paint job is nothing to brag about, but it was good to find that I can still stay in the lines, and the photos I took afterward were fun to set up. The ranger is suntanned, with black hair, wearing woodland colors and bright feathers. That's what I was told, and Maria Roseblade is the fig I got in the mail. Here's the result:
  6. >look under doormat A shiny key lies beneath. >put key in pocket You don't have a key! >put the key into locked door You don't have a key!
  7. Yeah, that's it. This guy should be making a crop circle, or at least blazing a trail through the grass. Tossing up some dirt and rocks, just to show his power? Very nicely done so far!
  8. Undead...survival...horror...second level...slow pace. Check. Color me intrigued. Looks as though you may already have 2-4 players in line, but I await an official annoucement eagerly.
  9. Marvelous paint job, but the angles are all wrong.
  10. Astonishing! Very nice undersea color scheme.
  11. Took me quite a few clicks to find it, but here's the official game description. I am all over this thing. It does indeed seem Talisman-y Muchkin-y.
  12. I don't know which thought is more frightening: 50-meter bugs invading our world, or a scale-model Earth hidden somewhere in the bowels of NASA--with tiny people on it.
  13. Can't see it too well, but what I can see looks magnificent! I would really like a better look at the basing.
  14. Hey, good to see the cottage getting some use! Hope the curse on the ancient idol hasn't caused your flesh to rot, or anything. I really like your light-fu. Was it tough to get Sophie to fit the punkin?
  15. Good gravy, that's nice! Awesome work for a first mini. My first thought echoes the previous post. Some blacklining would make this mini pop, as would just a little highlighting for more muscular definition. This is essentially Conan you're bringing to life. No girly-man painting allowed! If you add anything to this job, please post the results.
  16. I don't much care for the sculpt, but I love the paint job.
  17. Kzin! Kewl! I like the striping. How large a figure is this? Is it scaled as a weretiger, more or less human-sized, or is it along the lines of an eight-footer?
  18. It's a fantastic idea. Well done!
  19. Incredible! Here's another for my short list of Best Paint Jobs Ever. I love the way the skin to is zapped up by the patina. It also helps that this is a great sculpture.
  20. Yeah, perhaps a lighter wash or undercoat would be more realistic. However, a "celestial" lion might have gold metallic highlights, or something. Jazz it up that way, and you'd have a truly out-of-this-world critter.
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