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  1. Darkreach faction: Mornenion, Drake Captain (proposed sku 14642) Kragmarr faction: Olaf Helsfury, Bear Rider (proposed sku 14641) Forge Titan (proposed sku 14629) I feel like I'm forgetting one or two more, but I haven't touched the game in a hot minute. These were the two factions from Savage North that I knew models never got made for in the WL line. ~v
  2. Most factions never got dedicated "musician" or "standard bearer" sculpts in the Warlord line. There were decent proxies available, in some cases, depending on faction there. And musical instruments have long been available; players were encouraged to create a model conversion for musicians and standard bearers for the troop type they desired. ~v
  3. Rats have datacards in Razig; you can probably find analogs for most "common" things in the soldier datacards for the various factions. If you are willing to dig through my old posts, there should be some discussions about how base shape and size impact potential base contacts, and what that can mean for certain abilities (Swingthrough is a good example). Again, though, since tournament play really isn't a thing anymore, I'd not be terribly concerned about it. If you find in friendly games that a model seems to over- or under-perform consistently, just change the point value slightly to adjust
  4. Probably? I haven't played any Warlord in at least 2-3 years, and it's been much longer since I had regular involvement. I haven't forgotten everything yet, though, I'm sure.
  5. It is not; I only know about it because I was part of the design and playtesting team for WL2. Your best bet for homebrew is to find another model with a datacard that is close to what you want.
  6. So this is one of the issues you can come across with switch from squares to rounds; many WL models that will fit just fine diagonally on a square base, won't fit on a round of the "same size". Without going in to all the boring details about how base contacts work in Warlord due to square bases, nor the points formulas involved in balancing models of various base sizes, let's just leave it as this: changing base types and sizes can cause some funky imbalances to happen. Mostly, they are pretty minor. If there were a WL tournament, you'd have issues. If you are playing a friendly game, I suspe
  7. I don't think this is far off; looking at the model, I don't think those two big bow chasers are meant to be cannons. I think they are flamethrowers, and that tubing underneath connects them to their flame source. Would make a lot of sense, based on the design of the ship...
  8. Froggy did an unseelie court army at some point (Moonscar Court was the name, IIRC). That was long ago, and I have no idea if any of the images survive on the forum of it. There have been other custom proxy armies too; Wowaboy used to field some really creative and nicely painted proxy armies. I recall facing a Razig list in tournament once from him that was filled with colonial british soldiers from the Chonoscope line; I'm not finding any pictures for that anymore either, however. I had plans to proxy a dwarven list with penguins at one point; I have the penguins for it, but they
  9. The interiors are looking really nice on these pieces. They seem to easily be on-par with Printable Scenery's work, which I've been really pleased with now that I'm starting to print their Winterdale stuff. I think all of this 3D printable terrain is really going to push me forward on playing Frostgrave more often. ~v
  10. I'm backing this too, and hoping that it gets a bit more traction. The buy-in was pretty reasonable; I figure I pay about $15/building for any nice quality structure of a decent size, and the Abbey includes 5 of them (two of which look ridiculously massive - the Scriptorium and the Church), plus walls. However, it's the stretch goals a little further down the path that I'm hoping they can achieve. The artwork for the rookery tower looks cool, and the ancient shrine has the potential to be absolutely epic. I don't think this project has the ground support to reach the critical mass
  11. We're in the final days (~61 hours left, as of this post), and we've broken every previous Printable Scenery Kickstarter mark: funding, backers, etc. We've unlocked every single available stretch goal (24 of them), plus have over-funded to the point where we are waiting for PS to post more that are already unlocked. Matt @ PS has said that he has at least 6 more stretches for us, including an airship, an awesome kraken, and some more ruined versions of buildings. He's also tossed in add-ons, so if you missed one of their previous KS projects, the add-ons are a great way to get caug
  12. Finally bought a 3D printer, and this KS was part of my motivation. I have a print of Printable Scenery's frigate ship model, and it is really nice, especially considering what some places get for their resin kit ships. This KS has added 4 more historical vessels (a brig, a sloop, a fluyt, and a galleon), plus several more fantastical ones (a nice wreck, a bone version of the sloop, a bone version of the fluyt, and a dark elf-inspired carrack-style vessel). And that's just the ships... It's coming down to the close this week (5-ish days left), and the all-in pledge looks like it wi
  13. Unfortunately, that's not how that works. Whether they are alive or dead, if they are part of your roster for the battle, then you aren't all-barbarian. ~v
  14. Just keep in mind that, while you can target any point on the ground that you can see, if you target a model, any measurement is from the center of that model's base. Clever players will still find ways to maximize the AoE of Burst of Speed to include everyone in a troop. ~v
  15. To your first point, Po is inferior to neither Reptus Warlord; in fact, since the change to 2nd Edition, I've not played a Reptus army without going Outcast and taking Po. I will own an opponent up and down the table with him. If there is any reason to think Po is inferior to Khong or the Broodmaster, it is only because a) the other two are melee monsters by comparison, and b) because Po is 29-81 points cheaper. To your second point, trot out any example, and I can present a foil for it too. First Strike as an ability is *expensive*, and Pike is less common than you probably think
  16. There are no terrible models, only terrible builds, and terrible tactics. Nagendra Rangers are glass cannons; when used with the Outcast Doctrine, they can move 23" and attack once with Poison before your enemy can blink (while only suffering a single defensive strike against DV11). If placed in Po's troop, any Poison tokens are resolved immediately; this is likely to kill most 2-track soldier models instantly. Then anything the opponent sends against it is looking at 3 defensive strikes, and another Poison token resolving instantly. They are also very effective when they can base
  17. SAIV's answer is correct, on both counts. A Band of Solo models is no longer a Solo, and thus you do not need Leader models equal to the number of Solos in the Band. The example of a Leader-led Troop, a Band, and a Solo of the same type as the Band is also a legal build. So, for Reptus, your example might look something like: Troop 1 Gam-Nan Gaan-Hor Warriors x4 Troop 2 Crymorian Warriors x3 Troop 3 Crymorian Warrior Totally legit build. ~v
  18. This would include the current Shoot action, and all RAV attacks all the way until it's next Shoot action (kind of like saying this weekend vs. next weekend). So not only does it apply to the offensive strike in the current game turn, but also any defensive shots until its activation the next game turn. ~v
  19. Thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone! It was a great day, and the best birthday in a very long time. ~v
  20. He is a really nice sculpt; he's my personal favorite of the small boxed dragons (outside of Blightfang). ~v
  21. Right; I did not intend to imply any dragon *has* to be painted a specific color. I have a HWSNBN (WotC black) that is painted as a blue, a RAFM dream dragon that is painted as a shadow dragon, my Gauth is brown, and my Blightfang looks like a rattlesnake. ~v
  22. T'Raukzul and Stormwing are radically different in size. Stormwing is the same size as many of the other Reaper dragons from the late 2000's (Ebonwrath, Deathsleet, Diabolus, etc), while T'Rauzul exceeds the size of even the old large boxed dragons they did (Marthrangul, Viridius, and the like). Stormwing also has the physical characteristics (in D&D terms) of a blue dragon, while T'Raukzul takes after a red. The good news is you'll be able to get Stormwing later anyway, if you want him, and at a far better price than what T'Raukzul will cost you in retail... ~v
  23. Since the army builder is no longer online, and someone asked for these elsewhere, here are the Warlord 2 datacards for the Razig faction. EDIT: Some people were having issues with the file attached to the message. I've removed it, and instead uploaded the pdf to my domain. ~v
  24. Ask, and you shall receive. Since these were only ever publicly available via the army builder, I don't see any harm in posting this pdf of the datacards. You can find the faction doctrines, Warlord abilities, etc over at reapergames.com. EDIT2: I've removed the attachment from this message, and uploaded it to my domain instead. Rather than having the link in multiple threads, I've added it to the Razig Faction thread instead. Just follow that link to the post. ~v
  25. I always bring enough to play (usually a couple of factions worth); as long as there is available table space, I'll be glad to play a game with or just demo for anyone that is interested. Us old BL's are like that. Actually, it hasn't existed for the last two ReaperCons now; the last tournament was 2014. ~v
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