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  1. Sorry, my fault. They must have moved over to yours when I chased them off mine... ~v
  2. How did I miss that you'd posted this? Nice job on my troll. ~v
  3. I'm a little surprised there hasn't been more chatter in this thread. Anyone have any ideas why? Is it under the radar? Operating in an over-saturated market? I really have no idea. ~v
  4. Anyone else wanna take cheap shots at my age? I may be old, but my search-fu is still strong. The alluded-to information can be found here: All the Warlord models that exist (or will exist, once Bones 2 hits shelves) Kickstarter proxy armies ~v
  5. You don't think there will be a pledge manager option? Not in the way you are used to from Reaper, no. If it is done like it has been with AMG's previous KS projects, what will follow will be a Chip-In, where you will have the ability to buy-in at a pledge level (much like the KS pledges) to get additional items. The end result is pretty much the same, with the added bonuses that Eric will use the funding from the Chip-In to unlock additional goals not funded during the campaign, but the process is quite different. Nor will you be able to decided, "well, now that I see it all, I really want the $225 pledge level, rather than the $125 plus addons. I'll just up my pledge the $XX dollars I need in the PM, and choose the Gamemaster level instead." ~v
  6. Thanks. It was done by the person that does a lot of my army and dungeon crawl stuff. This is actually the 4th figures that she's done with a variation of this general color scheme. The first two it was her choice to do them that way (the ghostly hand and one of the weapons from the now-defunct Mag Egos Miniatures). The third is the goroloth in my dungeon crawl. Considering the nature of the goroloth and the giant angler, the scheme seemed to resonate with me as a good choice. I am very please, of course, with how it turned out. Color me surprised with how strongly the campaign finished; it was great to see so many late unlocks. Unfortunately, even after upping my pledge some, I didn't add enough to cover everything I want. Oh well, there's always next time. ~v
  7. Wow, after languishing around the 10K range for what seemed forever, this campaign has really seen a great shot in the arm here over the last few days. And if you haven't backed yet, come on! You know you want one of these... ~v
  8. Talae, I've looked at the numbers, but only insofar as it pertains to the stuff I want instead of what might be the optimal bang for the buck. The older Dark Mariners stuff, if they are your cuppa, are a serious steal. The vanguard warriors are $20 retail, for a single point in the KS. The heavier figs (Leviathan and Immolator) are $28 and $25 retail, for only 2 points. ~v
  9. After watching and waiting, I'm in too. I got tired of someone's pissing and moaning (and that the campaign had fallen under 10K again), so I dropped in a $125 pledge as well. I might nudge it up closer to the close (especially if it starts to get close to Lithiana), but we'll see how all that plays out. ~v
  10. Happy Birthday, Adam! I hope life is treating you and Tonya well. :) ~v
  11. Good luck. This is the first one of AMG's that I haven't backed. Sadly, the timing was just all wrong, and even if it weren't, there has been a noticeable drop-off in the bang-for-buck vs. some of the previous ones. I think that may be (unfortunately) one of the reasons holding this one back from making a bigger splash. ~v
  12. Thanks everyone. Today has not been the best day, and the kind words and birthday wishes are even more appreciated in light of that fact this year. My heartfelt thanks to all of you, and especially to Pingo, for making sure that these threads get started for folks, year-round. ~v
  13. So Eric has commented about the book thing; it looks like there was a mix-up, and some books were not shipped by mistake. It sounds like this should be rectified in short order. ~v
  14. Got my map yesterday, so that completes my pledge. The printing quality of the map is nice, but I do have several spots where the image is damaged on the creases from how it was folded and boxed for shipping. I'm not sure if the problem is just from folding, or if it was that + the brutal Texas heat. The map is vinyl, and had that soft, slightly tacky feel (if you've ever dealt with hot plastic and paint, you'll know what I'm talking about) when I unboxed it. I'm not sure how to go about repairing it, as I'm afraid of how paint/sealer would react to the material, but the damage is fairly minor (3-4 small spots on the map), so I will probably just leave it alone. If the map had been the originally planned material (the fabric mat with the rubber mousepad-style backing), or rolled and shipped in a tube, this probably wouldn't have been an issue. On the whole, however, it still looks cool, and I'm pondering getting just the sand version of the map, maybe in the small size (2'x2'). ~v
  15. Talae and I ran similar numbers for the ShadowSea KS. You can find them here for comparison. Note that those numbers were also accounting for stretch goal bonus points that had been thrown in, so it skews the math a little vs. the starting numbers of this KS. ~v
  16. You need only look as far as AMG's Shadowsea and DeepWars lines to see how Relic Knights could have pulled this off so much better. Fortunately, I won't have to worry about handling them for game play. Once they are together, they are no longer my problem... ~v
  17. A friend that backed the KS dropped off some of her rewards with me over the weekend to do the assembly work on them (she can't stand assembly). The piece count on some of these is ridiculous; now I know why she wanted me to do it. The casting quality looks pretty good, but what appears to be a general lack of good foot attachment points is a little odd, considering these are intended for game-play. ~v
  18. Yeah, we're still waiting for pieces, but Eric has at least the majority of the stuff out to backers. ~v
  19. Got my book today! Color me a little disappointed that the title was changed... The only thing outstanding from my order (that I'm concerned about) is the map. The book is very nice, again (as with Deepwars). ~v
  20. Heh. Sorry about that. The opportunity was too good to pass up. I've not really done much with mine since they've arrived (other than open up some pieces to take a look at them more closely). I can try to take a few for-reals pics this evening, if there is anything that people want to see in particular. I bought in heavily on the Dark Mariners and Axibalán factions, so if it is from one of those two, there's a really good chance I have it (I only skipped like 4 from each of those factions from the old DragonBlood stuff). ~v
  21. I got your back, SJ. I didn't have time to take a lot of pics, or do anything special with them, but I tried to sum up my feelings about the overall product with these few sample shots: First, I think the quality of the sculpting is top-notch, as always. You can really see it in the detailed work of the Azcalta figure: The printing is very similar in style to the DeepWars project, as typified here by the warband roster card: And finally, the quality of the resin casts is again very high, as you can definitely see here: I hope you found these helpful. ~v
  22. I'm pretty sure there were no shipment notifications, other than the KS post Eric made to say that stuff was starting to ship. ~v
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