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  1. My Underpants have been conquested. With the exception of my rulebook and battlemat, I have my figs. Pretty much everything looks good on the first pass so far. Quick question for anyone else that has the Elder God statue: is the resin really thin on the left wing, near the top third, between the spine that runs along the corner of the piece and the body? I literally have gaps there on my piece, and I'm trying to figure out if it is a bad cast (maybe from a vent being broken off?), or if the mold is really that thin. EDIT: Also, if you do not own the DragonBlood stuff already, and didn't get any during this KS, you are a chump. The older Dark Mariner figures are especially brilliant, and *massive*. They may have been the best bargain in the whole KS, and my only regret is not getting every single figure. I'll cross my fingers that when Eric does the mini-kicker for ShadowSea that he's been talking about, that those figures will again be offered as add-ons. If not, I'll be glad to pony up the retail price for them from the webstore. ~v
  2. 1. I have, but I prefer to buy my product elsewhere most of the time. 2. They appear to be the same model, but listed under two different lines (Reich of the Dead, and Chronoscope). It appears that it was originally added to the Reich line, then added to the Chronoscope line (probably for better exposure) a year later. ~v
  3. My order was pretty big too, so I'm not expecting it immediately. I'll be happy when it gets here, I'm sure. ~v
  4. Too early to be excited yet; check back with me in 6-8 months. ~v
  5. We just need to do an orc war dance and summon 'Tre to the conversation. Who better to ask than the guy that sculpted them both? Oh, SIGIL, where are you? ~v
  6. Handy links to the aforementioned threads: Lead content (see Ed's post on the first page). Also this thread has some discussion on the topic. Follow some of the links within those threads to go further down the rabbit hole. ~v
  7. This is incorrect; P-65 were high-lead content figures. Reaper's pewter miniatures contain some lead, but everything else LK said it correct. Short of eating the minis or the filings, a painted and sealed miniature carries little to no risk. There is some good information about the backstory of lead and pewter minis elsewhere on the forum that touches on these topics. It is worth a read if you aren't familiar with what happened in the industry in the early 90's. ~v
  8. Posts 2 and 4 both mention the HA forums. Is there something wrong with offering additional suggestions for resources? ~v
  9. Step 1: Search the forums for threads about Hirst Arts. Like this one. Also, pretty much any thread about a fantasy dungeon/cavern terrain KS at some point side tracks to a discussion about HA. Step 2: Come back to this thread with specific questions. Step 3: Profit! EDIT: Also, you might want to visit Terragenesis. ~v
  10. Note that this is not especially close to the convention center (i.e. not walking distance), so take that into consideration if you are looking for a quick bite to eat. Also, Reaper will be there with Paint and Take, and I'll be there running my dungeon crawl on Saturday and Sunday. Look for us both on the 3rd floor of the GRB. ~v
  11. My one gripe here is how much the original bases stick out. I think you'd be well-served by working on completely removing the bases from figures, or playing with materials to build up your foundation to match the existing base(s). Otherwise, this is a very nice piece. EDIT: I just finished reviewing your other recent posts, and I'm a bit puzzled. I'm reasonably certain the storm giant, frost wrym, Logrim, and mocking beast models are all Bones figures (like the Giantess here), and in each of those, you used either of the techniques I mentioned above. So it's clear to me know that you know *how* to do these things, but you chose not to this time. Were you rushed? Uninspired? Feeling lazy? ~v
  12. Today is "some day". Just sayin'. ~v
  13. Did I say interesting? I meant, umm... sad. Yeah, that's it. Sad. ~v
  14. Maybe I can put together a little one-off for late-evening at RCon next year, maybe invite-only. Then Miss Melons could play it too. Of course, working player limits/boundaries is a lot harder to do in a single game slot with people you don't know as well vs. a campaign setting where I can really get under their skin, and even use the players' personal phobias against them. "Hmm, what's that? You had a roach fall on you in bed when you were a kid, and now they freak you out, just to talk about them?" *jots down some notes* "I'm sure that must have been horrible for you. How interesting." ~v
  15. And this is an excellent point; not everything has to be taken to task at the table. There are some players/GMs/groups, however, that will avoid adult themes and situations entirely, as though they do not exist within the framework of the fantasy world. If that's how you want to play, that's certainly your choice. However, I liken it to restricting yourself to the children's section of the library for story time; sure, there's entertainment value to be had, but there is so much more out there. EDIT: All of this talk has me pondering how soon I could bring my group back from hiatus. There's a lot of "unfinished business", and I feel the urge to write some dark and awful content for it... ~v
  16. It's a shame that so many people are hung up on sexual situations, but have much more lenient limits when it comes to violence and gore. Sorry. </soapbox> I push my group to the edge of uncomfortable when I can, not to harass them, but to have them connect on an emotional level to the game. After all, at the end of the day, it is just a game, and one that they can walk away from. However, if I can create a moment in the game that *really* engages them, and gives them pause to think about later, then I've done my job well. Of course, my campaigns have been strictly adults for the last 20 years or so (by chance, not by design), so I've never felt particularly motivated to tone my games down for a younger crowd either. YMMV. ~v
  17. And this is exactly why I told him "see you next year" when we were leaving. ~v
  18. I have one, assembled, and even with paint on it. However, it's in a box since the move... I'll have to locate it. If I find him, is there a particular Reaper dragon you'd like to see him next to for comparison? I've got a good portion of them painted and assembled. ~v
  19. Sounds intriguing, but I'm not quite sure what you mean. The first part was phrasing; those of us (like Cash and I) who were at ReaperCon were so wrapped up in it, that it was easy to miss threads like this one (that started on the Saturday in the middle of it). By the second part, I'm pretty sure he means the style and detail of not only this figure, but the base too. By drawing upon real-life, natural examples (as you commented on up-thread), you can achieve something that is so much more than just a painted model. ~v
  20. How did I miss this thread for a full week? A-ma-zing. ~v
  21. I keep clicking the button, but it only counts it as 1 like. ~v
  22. I bought mine for less than $100, and there was one that sold recently for just over $100. It seems to me that the market has been weak lately, and if you are patient, you can snap up some of these older models without breaking the bank. The WotC Black (also known as He Who Shall Not Be Named for its ill-fitting parts) is another OOP dragon worthy of tracking down. Once you get past the modeling part, it's a fantastic dragon when finished (and comparable in size to most of Reaper's mid-sized boxed dragons, like Stormwing, Ebonwrath, etc). I'm also personally a fan of the RAFM Dream Dragon, which IMO paints up as a fantastic Shadow Dragon, and the OOP Ral Partha Fearless Frost Dragon. The latter is a little on the smaller size, but the piece has really nice character. Don't be afraid of the quality of some of the older figures; most of the models from those couple of Dragon of the Month series that Grenadier did back in the 80's are really well-sculpted. Size-wise, they fall in close to Reaper's blistered dragons. ~v
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