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  1. Also: http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/orc%20druid/sku-down/02980 ~v
  2. Of course I like it! And trust me when I say, you weren't that "late". I've got paid commission work that is more overdue. ~v
  3. Well, it was completely unexpected, and such a personal gesture. How could I not love it? Thank you again for painting her for me. She's already residing on the shelf with my other favorites; it was one of the reasons I had to retake the picture. This, the knight Michelle painted, and the crymorian Barry did all got moved into the display cases pretty much as soon as we got home. Because they were all already put away, I forgot them the first time I took the shot. Then I realized I forgot our badges. Then I realized I forgot our spiffy new badge reels from Shannon. Even after taking this shot, I realized that I hadn't grabbed the figure from Barry, since it was grouped with the rest of the crymorians. Too much good stuff! Also, our offer still stands about coming to see us in Houston; if you and Adam get in town to visit family again, you *must* come see us too. We'd love to have you over, even just for dinner one evening. ~v
  4. I've reshot this three times now, and I still forgot to add a couple of things to this photo. I give up; it will just have to do. This is only the stuff from Terri and me; we brought back several extra swag bags, paints, miniatures, etc for others, but what's in this picture stays with us. It includes some stuff that couldn't be purchased at the con, like the ruined fieldstone blocks Castlebuilder brought for me, the base press-texture molds Loim gave me in exchange for bringing him some Hirst Arts casts, and two lovely painted miniatures that were entered in the contest. The "cheesecake" figure from Nissiana was especially touching, and I get a little misty-eyed reflecting on it. Good stuff. ~v
  5. To those commenting about class burn-out, I'm going to take this one and only time to say "we told you so." ~v
  6. Yes, but all of my Kallys are likewise unassembled. It was no small feat to get a pic of resin Nethy before It nearly collapsed after taking that shot. Without glue, I'm not sure I could keep it and Kally together long enough to get a shot. I have no intent of performing the work necessary on either to go the route of glue just quite yet, so I'll be unlikely to post that size comparison any time soon. ~v
  7. And assembled! Sort of... Some quick measurements: The base on Bones Nethy is about 3 3/4" to the tallest point; resin Nethy is just a shade over 5". The right wing on Bones Nethy is 9" long at its longest point; resin Nethy is just over 12". Seems like about 25% larger based on that (which would make the larger version about twice the mass of the smaller, if they were in the same material). ~v
  8. If tonight isn't too crazy, I'll try to perform a dry-fit assembly of the resin Nethyrmaul and photo it next to the painted Bones version. ~v
  9. Jeff, I'll post that info when I've had a chance to unpack everything from the con. Maybe tomorrow. ~v
  10. Thought you guys might want a size comparison... Side-by-side, my painted Bones Nethyrmaul and the unpainted resin base: Painted Bones Nethy wearing resin Nethy head as a hat: ~v
  11. I'll try to stage a pic of my stuff when I get home this evening. I need to inventory it all anyway. ~v
  12. You need to PM me your address; I have something to send you. EDIT: This is true for anyone that contributed to our group, but was not present at the end of the auction. I know there are a handful of you out there, and I'll be reaching out to you one by one, but you are welcome to contact me first if you see this post. ~v
  13. Reaperbucks do not carry over. Most items are available for viewing prior to the auction. There was some inflation this year, in part due to the number of items offered, and in part to how/how many Reaperbucks were handed out. And yes, being aware of what you want and how much you have at your disposal is important. I'm not picking on anyone; I went through the same thing my first year or two of the auction. It's perfectly understandable for people to be disappointed that they didn't get something, but that in and of itself doesn't mean that the auction is broken. In fact, if anything, I think the manner in which Reaperbucks were handed out this year was probably the most equitable we've ever seen. The people that ended up with large pools of bucks this year did so because of effort, compromise and sacrifice; this can be achieved by any group of people (old or new), as long as they are willing to do it. ~v
  14. I don't believe that this is true. A small handful of people expressing their disappointment is not a representative sample for the population of the con; attempting to draw conclusions about the success or failure of the auction event from a couple negative comments is poor analysis practice. Add to that the simple fact that there are far less items in the auction than attendees, and you'll have most people not getting something, which will leave them disappointed on some level. That being said, here are the things that were winnable with 3K in Reaperbucks this year: iPhone cases blistered rock HA Chessboard Any of the t-shirts Any of the sweatshirts Resin Nethyrmaul Pint glasses (per pair) Mousepads (6 of 'em) a Nightspectre painted by Corporea the Artisan Dice pen/dice set the Alea tools set basing sets Red Shirt card game Eons game the two sided framed map any of the blankets the Skull Ridge banner the Darkraven music disc the dead cowboy painting the Arcadian Rifle squads In fact, there were only 3 items that you were completely out of the running on with $3K; the full MSP set ($15K), the resin master of DDS2 ($8K, IIRC), and the large box of dice from Artisan Dice ($6K). If you failed to get something with $3K in hand, I'm not sure what to tell you. ~v
  15. Thanks to everyone that came out for sushi Saturday night! Even with the competition with one of the banquets being at the same time, and some last-minute cancellations, we still had over 20 people show up. As usual, I didn't get to spend half the time I would have liked visiting with the whole table, but seeing everyone chatting, eating, and having a good time together was great. I hope to see all of you (and more!) again next year. ~v
  16. Yeah, those escalation deals can get pretty crazy. I was impressed when you guys called it quits, instead of prolonging the battle. ~v
  17. I'd like to address these two specifically. Regarding the auction, there were at least 21 items in the auction that went for less than 1000 Reaperbucks. I know that I personally had nearly 500 just from pre-registration, and I didn't attend a single class, rpg, etc. I think it is fair to say that 1000 Reaperbucks wasn't particularly difficult to earn, and while that wasn't going to get you Nethyrmaul, DDS2, or the paint set, there were a significant number of "low dollar" items available for bidding. It is understandable that it can be a little frustrating to see the bigger items go for so much, but that also requires a lot of people to sacrifice their Reaperbucks entirely for someone else to get the payoff. There are plenty of years when I've taken home nothing from the auction so that someone else could get the cool toy instead, but I got my turn too. Hopefully, you'll get something your next visit. Regarding teaching/demoing Warlord, I am in complete agreement. This is actually something that is on my list to discuss with Reaper post-con, with an eye towards next year. Hopefully, the ideas I have will be welcomed and be a step in providing a better environment for aspiring and inexperienced players to learn Warlord better and become more involved in the game. ~v
  18. Ha! I am totally giving you the stink-eye in the pic of me. By the V-8 on the table, I'm guessing that is probably first thing Saturday morning. I was definitely not fully awake for that. ~v
  19. He was sneaky, but I saw him a couple times. ~v
  20. $3K is correct (I tracked the winning bids for nearly everything in the auction). I also bought one; failed Will save and all that. ~v
  21. Ok, I think we have the terrain-side of it covered well enough. Kevin, if you guys are available to help watch over the tables from time to time, that would be super helpful. Thanks everyone! ~v
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