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  1. Due to circumstances beyond our control, some of the terrain for the Warlord tournament appears that it will not be ready in time. I'm working to keep the existing scenarios (as opposed to writing new ones at the last minute), but I have limited space to bring items to the con with me, and even then, I don't have everything I need. So, this is where you can help. If you have access to wargaming terrain, and can get any of this to me by the time the con starts Thursday afternoon, please let me know. The wish list is as follows: Dirt road sections (far less important, but it'd be nice) Large hill sections If you can help, please PM me. ~v
  2. The pre-con week has been a little weird for me this year. With having both vejlin and cutebutpsycho in town, we've been really involved with other stuff, and it has almost kept the con completely out of mind for the last 5 days. It's also largely kept me off the forums during that span as well, as we've been so busy doing other stuff together. The only reason I'm catching up on things right now is because I'm at work for the day. This has also had the result of making the fact that tomorrow is the day we head up to Reaper almost a "hey! surprise! it's con time!" kind of moment. Hopefully, I'll remember to pack everything tonight. @Adam: You're welcome. I've found some cool treasures hiding in their old stock from time to time. Glad you got out of there with spending money for RCon intact. ~v
  3. I will make every effort to do so, yes. ~v
  4. Unfortunately, over the last couple of years, unless you are into Warmahordes, CCG's, or want P3 paint, that is about all Asgard is good for, at least from the perspective of a walk-in customer. Sure, they've got some nice table space to play, and Will will order pretty much anything you want, but beyond the things mentioned above, their selection is pretty woeful. Nan's and Third Planet have much better selections when it comes to a broader range of items, and Nan's is probably the best of the three for Reaper stock. Neither Nan's nor Third Planet have anything in the way of playing space, however. There are also a number of GW stores around the city, FWIW. ~v
  5. There will definitely be CAH in the evening, probably multiple nights. ~v
  6. Except that I too got mine in white... ~v Mine is white too. No trim color thou..... Oh no, we're trending... ~v
  7. After placating the Deity of Chips and Salsa (aka vejlin) with TexMex for dinner, Kim is resting comfortably at our house. I think we are about to burst with excitement, as we are only 2 sleeps away from cutebutpsycho & her husband from joining us as well. ~v
  8. Plain white, cuz that's how I roll. ~v
  9. Sleeping is cross-class for me, but at least you can use it untrained. ~v
  10. Best reply of the thread. Sorry to hear that things fell apart for you this year, cap. Fortunately, in about a week, we'll know the dates for next year, and you can start planning that trip. ~v
  11. Except that I too got mine in white... ~v
  12. There's (probably) a pen in your swag bag. ~v
  13. I see what you did there. ~v
  14. Well, we understand if you can't come hang out with us. We will see you a couple days later, after all. :) As for game shops, it really depends on what you are looking for. Sadly, I don't think there is really a good one-stop shop anymore. 8th Dimension is probably your best bet in the NW area, though I've not been there personally. Everything else is gonna be a pretty good trip from that area, with no guarantee of better selection. ~v
  15. No, but they might be pithed off about it... ~v
  16. Well, I'd consider that part of the neck issue, but that's splitting hairs. The chest needed to be larger for the neck logistics to work out. It also follows that this would require an increase in the lower body size, and a thickening of the legs to support the mass. When you discount the things that absolutely *had* to be changed for the model to work, everything else in on-point. I've seen models like this from other companies (not dragons, specifically) that, because of their size and shape, were just difficult to get good perspective on in a photograph. Then you finally see it in person, and *bang*, everything makes sense. Obviously, we can't know for certain if that's going to be the case with this figure, but it looks like it won't be too terribly much longer until we have the opportunity to find out. ~v
  17. Inorite? It's almost like someone planned it that way. ~v
  18. We call him that, too. Until he gets a little TX sun, anyway. ~v
  19. And we have a winner! ~v
  20. Whaaaaaa? You are going to be in Houston? Want to spend a little pre-ReaperCon time here with us? Maybe Monday or Tuesday evening? ~v
  21. Color me surprised that this came through, as promised. Good for Matt (and Jason). It is anyone's guess as to how much longer it will take to see it finish, cast, and shipped though. Looks like it is will be 20+ pieces. That's a lot of molds, and a lot of expense. Nothing like the concept art? Really? Set aside the fact that there is absolutely no way that the necks in the 2D pic could work in a 3D sculpt, and you are left with the only significant change being the wings. I'm actually surprised that this is as close to the artwork as it is. I think it is still really hard to tell everything that is going on with this piece, and it's going to take seeing it in-hand to see if it lives up to the hopes/expectations for it. ~v
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