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  1. In the past, Reaper has been willing to ship stuff back home to you, post con. You'll probably need to speak to someone like Bryan about that to see if it is available this year. ~v
  2. I'm with Kris; more often than not, I am not wearing my badge (I know, I'm a bad con-goer). I made an extra effort to try to do so last year, when someone pointed out that, while many people know who I am, we've had a lot of new attendees the last couple years. A nametag is awfully helpful to those folks. I prefer people call me by my name (Vincent, or Vince for short), and I'll make an effort to learn (and even remember) yours, should we meet. However, I also respond to my forum handle as well, as well as the abbreviated form of just "Shak". For the record, Shakandara is pronounced Shock-an-dar-a, but if you are going to use Shak, then most say it like Shack instead. It's all good. ~v
  3. First come, first served (on a daily basis) at the con. Thus, if you want to get in to a Friday game, you can't get tickets for it on Thursday; you must wait until Friday morning. ~v
  4. Yes, all the terrain, models, and markers that are needed for the scenarios are ready. It was part of what delayed the completion of the scenarios. I've been hammering away on casting, building, painting, etc. All you need to bring is your army, the printed copies of your list, and dice. Teaser: @TGP: After writing 8 scenarios, you find something clever to say. @Bonwin: Thanks for catching that; I'll correct it on the original. Also, these scenarios are subject to minor tweaking between now and the con; there will be printed copies available onsite that will be the official versions. Save yourself the paper and toner, and don't bother printing these. It's just to give you an idea of the types of games you'll be playing, and the terrain involved. ~v
  5. A pdf document containing a sample of the tournament scenarios is now available. My apologies for this taking as long as it has, but as many of you are aware, over the last several years we've been making an effort to tie the scenarios to the theme of the con (last year was the wacky tarot cards, the year before the pirate islands with the "plot arc" of scenarios). This year, we've geared the scenarios to fit in with the western theme, while trying not to break way from the Taltos fantasy setting too badly. This presented some challenges, and resulted in some delays in creating the scenarios. A remind: the "scenario" portion of the game awards Victory Points, which are only used as tie breakers for players that have identical scores. You can ignore the scenario objectives completely, and still get a good game score. However, should someone else score equally well, and earn VP while doing so, they will win the tie breaker for purposes of seeding. In addition to the link to the scenarios being added to the OP, you can also find them at the bottom of this post. Please "save as" for the pdf and download it to your computer, rather than repeatedly pulling it from the server. My webhosting will thank you later. Without further ado: RCON2014WL2TOURNSAMPLES.pdf ~v
  6. That is correct. Also, even if you are buying everything off of a sprue, you can stand there, clips the parts from the sprue, and toss it (the sprue part) in the melt bucket, only paying for the parts you actually want. (But please don't snip something off the sprue and put the remaining sprue back in the boneyard containers. That is bad form, and annoying to the person that finds it.) ~v
  7. PM me and let me know what you need. As long as it isn't too much, and I have the molds, I can bring it to RCon. ~v
  8. From the spell description: "# Affected: All models in the Spellcaster's Troop" She is a Solitaire, which is a type of Solo, which is a type of Troop. It would mean that she, being the only member of the Troop, would be the only model affected. So, yes, she can. ~v
  9. Actually, I don't believe this is correct (or I'd have at least one, maybe two of them). I'm reasonably certain they were given out in class 2 years ago, which would completely explain why I don't have one. Whether or not there will be any around this year is pretty much anyone's guess. ~v
  10. Yeah, but you just bought a carp-ton of figures. You've pretty much guaranteed your immortality. Who needs health care when you are immortal? ~v
  11. It is worth noting that a number of the instructors have handouts that they distribute in class; this should help ease the note-taking a bit. I recall John Bonnot's being particularly helpful (tho if you tell him I said that, I'll deny it up and down ). ~v
  12. @Apes: I had almost one of everything in my KS pledge, including all the larger resin pieces. I got in early enough that I had the metal base pledge, though. With the exception of a mispack (two right wings for Not-Orcus), a couple damaged pieces, and the KoED, I have my full pledge. AFAIK, however, two other people that are local to me that backed have not received their all-resin packages yet. ~v
  13. After hearing/seeing what happened to Meg's stuff recently, assume that the TSA will treat your case poorly and without respect. Otherwise, I recommend following Erin's instructions above. ~v
  14. No, never (and doubly-so for ReaperCon). That idea is like one of those stupid "like and share" things that gets blindly passed around on FriendFace like a virus. Don't be one of those people that perpetuates such lies. ~v
  15. Note: you need to use the Full Editor (not just the quick version that pops up when you click on "Edit" on your post) to make this change. ~v
  16. From Matt, responding to several folks asking for updates on whether or not they should be worried about not receiving their stuff yet: "Center Stage Miniatures 4 days ago Guys, I'm happy to answer questions but PM is a better place to do it. At this point venting publicly in the hopes of getting an immediate answer will simply continue to frustrate a man who is working his tail off to fulfill what seems like the Kickstarter that won't end. Accusations of not getting merchandise are really silly at this point, especially since over 85% of you have received your parcels. The product is here, we're working the best we can to get it out to you and that's the best I can do. I will continue to answer PMs and provide updates but will no longer respond to general comments here. While I certainly value all CSM customers, there's a razor's edge on the comments of a small percentage of individuals on this project in particular, so believe me when I say I want fulfillment to be completed just as badly as the bulk of you! Once again, please PM with any questions and I will answer as quickly as I am able." Take it for what it is worth; I'm still waiting to see what happens come Tuesday (the 15th). ~v
  17. Yeah, absolutely nothing wrong with that. I often add a white stripe to one of the base sides of my models, and then use a black marker to number the models. As long as I know which numbers belong with which troop, it's easy to figure them on the table. ~v
  18. So, you are saying that their paints dry up easily, forcing you to buy new paints, just so you can continue to paint models with the same colors? That doesn't sound like GW behavior at all... ~v
  19. The Vampire SA is pretty clear on this: "Performing this Action on a model with the Fearsome SA heals 2 points of damage instead of 1." Emphasis is mine; Judas would the model by whom the action is performed, not the model the action is being performed on. ~v
  20. Perhaps, if the game defined the terrain type as "tree". However, it doesn't. Maybe that's a change that can be made next time the game is rewritten. ~v
  21. Monster is a subtype of Solo; the rule you are referring to does not apply to just the Monster subtype, but rather specifically to all Solos (see pages 24 and 25 of the Warlord 2 core book). This is an important distinction. The moment you take advantage of Band, the model ceases to become a Solo, and thus the Leader-to-Solo ratio is inapplicable as far as the models in that troop are concerned. If, however, you were also to field some Owlbears as Solos (which you can do), those would be bound by the Leader-to-Solo ratio. Further, while your Band of Owlbears is a Troop, it is not a Leader-led-Troop, and therefore would not count as part of the ratio. Here's an example of a legit list: Tembrithil - 1000 points Troop 1 Chiral, Centaur Centaur Warrior x 6 Centaur Archer x 2 Troop 2 Ilmarin Woodstride Oakhearth Sentinel x 3 Oakhearth Warden x 2 Troop 3 Owlbear x 3 Troop 4 Owlbear Troop 5 Owlbear This, however, would not be: Tembrithil - 998 points Troop 1 Chiral, Centaur Thistlewing, Sylph Centaur Warrior x 6 Troop 2 Saproling Warrior x 6 Troop 3 Owlbear x 6 Troop 4 Owlbear Troop 5 Owlbear There are 3 Troops and 2 Solos in both lists, but the second list has only 1 Leader-led troop; the other two are both Bands. This makes the second Owlbear fielded as a Solo illegal in the list. I hope this helps clear things up. ~v
  22. Apparently not. But it's not actually the same pic 6 times. If you look very carefully, you'll notice their key selling points are done slightly differently on each. I spotted it too, but I'm the God of All Things Cheesecake, so I have an excuse. ~v
  23. While I, on the other hand, am guilty of all, save malice. ~v
  24. It's been a while since I assembled my shiverspikes, but I want to say the crossbow is complete, with it being a two-point attachment, at the wrists (ie. both hands are also part of the crossbow). Like aromaticpose, I'm at work, so I can't easily check at the moment. I will likewise be willing to check when I get in, if someone else does get to it first. ~v
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