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  1. On 4/20/2017 at 6:04 PM, Dark Horse said:

    Ok, I'm entering datacards from the 2ed rulebook into a new database and ran across this model with the RAV stats showing as:

    I am pretty sure this is backwards - but could  someone please clarify?


    First, Ra'am does not have a RAV (Ranged Attack Value); he is a pit fighter, and has no ranged weapons. The stat line you are looking at is his MAV (Melee Attack Value), and yes, it is correct, for the reasons reference by other above.



  2. Have you checked out the pinned faction-specific thread for Nefsokar? If not, you may find the lists and discussion there as a helpful starting point. With as inactive as the Warlord community is these days, I can't say that you are any more or less likely to get a response posted there (vs. starting another thread here), but it's worth a shot.


    There are a few of the factions that take a bit more finesse to play well; I don't believe Nefsokar is one of them. So, I don't think it is any better or worse of a choice for a new player than most factions.



  3. About the community project: We proposed something similar before the con and were told that space is very limited at the con and even more so at HQ afterwards. We might be able to wrangle some space for a community project but it would almost certainly have to be something where people knew that they'd need to pick up their contribution before the end of the con or it would be thrown in the garbage afterwards - or possibly claimed by random passersby - and not stored at Reaper. Also worth considering is that a community project would certainly see a significant amount of traffic as people came and added to it, or checked out the items already present. We'd see congestion and noise anywhere near the community project, which means it would be unwelcome near the classrooms and could cause headaches at the paint-and-take tables and gaming tables.


    Not to say that we shouldn't try to make it work! Just sharing some possible problems that would need to be taken into account. ::):


    Put the whole thing in the auction on Sunday, and let people bid to take it home.



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  4. We ended up getting in a game Saturday afternoon. The White Lion completely eviscerated one of our survivors during the First Story, so we named our settlement in his honor, and opted to bury him (rather than use his corpse for resources). If I'd been less busy playing Frostgrave and other boardgames, we might have actually played a few more sessions of it, but all the activities of the con kept us plenty busy.



  5. Thanks to Buckyball and Dilvish for organizing this and making it happen. The table looked great, and it was fun to try Frostgrave out. I don't know that it's something that I'll play long-term, but as a fun little pick-up game, it was enjoyable. I played 4 games of it scattered across three days of the con; one against Dilvish (Jeff), two against vejlin (Kim), and one against psyberwolfe1 (Mike). Mike and I got some pics of our game, so I'll have to see about uploading them.



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  6. Tower is now nearly completely assembled - all that remains is to attach the walls of levels 2 and 3 to their flooring. The ground floor is complete, and the crenelations are attached to the roof layer.


    The base coat on the mausoleum pieces is dry and they are ready for some quick dry brushing. I'm not sure if we'll get that done before leaving or not; there's still a lot of little things to do before then, and we've only got about 3 hours before we need to be on the road to make our lunch and dinner dates.


    We'll pop by the meet and greet once we're done with dinner, then head to the hotel to finish as much as we can tonight.



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  7. vejlin and I have been hard at work, and the 8" diameter Hirst Arts tower is nearly completed. We had to scale back our initial plans from 4 stories to 3 (as the open-air 3rd story was causing some design issues that there was insufficient time to correct), but even without it, it still hits the 10" tall the scenario with a tower calls for. There's still assembly and painting to do on it, which we'll try to finish tomorrow. Otherwise, it might be a white tower.


    We also got base paint on the mausoleum pieces, so that should be finished tomorrow as well. We'll also be bringing the ruined village I mentioned earlier, and a bunch of objective pieces (loot piles that I built for previous RCon Warlord tournament use), so there should be plenty of that stuff too.


    See you all soon!



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  8. It might be worth noting there is very little rain in the forecast for next week at this point (Wednesday is the only day that looks dicey right now), and daily temps look like they'll be running from lows in the high 40's (overnight) to highs in the upper 60's and lower 70's during the con. However, the days leading up to it are still forecast to be in the high 80's.


    All in all, it should be gorgeous weather, especially for hanging out around the outdoor fireplace back at the HGI at the end of the day.



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  9. My plan, then, will probably be to search around the booth for minis I want and marking down the SKU for easy look-up when I get to the factory.


    While you can certainly do this, I recommend adding items to your online cart in the Reaper store, then either bring a mobile device that can access said list, or print it to bring with you. Then you not only have model numbers, but also pics to remind you what you are looking for (and maybe why you wanted that item in the first place).


    If you are an exceptional over-achiever, you export the list and rearrange everything by model numbers, as things in the Boneyard are largely in sequential order and divided by product line. I have done my Boneyard shopping this way for years, and it has made it much more efficient. It also makes it easy to hand over your list of missing parts that need to be cast.



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  10. ::D:  I promise an in-depth WIP.  The plan is do do the dragon like a lionfish.




    It has this great sail-like tail piece that I think will work very well, except I'll do the patterns in blue/green and I'll make corals and possibly an underwater castle on the base to make it look like a water dragon.  It's going to be fun!!


    Not able to view the image (that might be work filters kicking in, depending on where it is being hosted), but based on the file name and description, I'm 99.9% certain I know exactly which dragon it is (the old Mag Egos/now Valiant Viszeralyn the Oracle Dragon that Sandy Garrity sculpted). A lionfish paintjob sounds cool for it.



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    How much did we spend getting corporea that dragon?

    Somewhere between 6.5 to 8k if I remember correctly.



    8K is correct.


    EDIT: I assume we're actually talking about the 2014 auction, not 2015. Unless Corporea also got a dragon last year while I was absent.



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  12. @TGP: Thanks for the list of generic descriptions. I'll pull together a group of painted figs to use as a warband.


    @Dilvish: Ok, I have a full village of 4"x6" single story houses (6), 4"x4" 2-story houses (2), a 6"x6" L-shaped tavern, and a 6"x11" cross-shaped church - all ruins, all already painted. If I were extremely motivated, the buildings are designed so that the ruins can be completed, and turned into complete structures. I also have a large (wide) bridge that is complete and painted. I'll see if I can get a few pics up so you know what the pieces look like.


    I can work on a larger tower; I think I have all (or nearly all) of the parts cast already that I'd need to build something on the order of a 6" or 8" round one. I also have some super cool parts for making a mausoleum.


    I'll see what vejlin and I can get done before the con, and how much is practical to pack.



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  13. And terrain would be welcome. I can't bring much as I'll be flying. The game plays better (imnsho) with lots of terrain. Like Mordheim.

    Be specific in needs/wants, and I'll try to accommodate as much as possible.


    Also, since I've never even seen the rules, some feedback on what to bring for a warband would be helpful. Are base sizes and shapes relevant? As I understand it, most of the common sense rules applies for proxies (they should look like what they are proxy for, and be different enough from other models so as not to cause confusion). Anything else I should know up front?



  14. I'd have to have a ride to and fro I live on the border of tarrant county near burleson. Thus my dilemma, I don't want my meal to go to waste.


    Fair enough; the to part would be easy enough for me to accommodate; it's not terribly out of my way, especially if I decide to come up the scenic route. The fro afterwards would be a little more difficult.


    Tho, perhaps if you don't have anything pressing Thursday, you could crash with someone for the night? Not everyone arrives that early, so sometimes there are beds to be had with someone who has a roomie that doesn't arrive until Thursday or Friday.


    If not, well, you can't say I didn't try. ::):



  15. First one to PM me gets the meet and greet pass. I can't make it due to lack of ride.


    Perhaps a better question is, how far are you from the con site, and what's it going to take to get you there for dinner.


    For example, some of us have vehicles, and might be passing through around that time. They'd probably be willing to slow down long enough for you to jump in.


    Some might even come to a complete stop. :blink:



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