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  1. First, a qualifier: I came to the conclusion several years ago that I will never be the painter I want to be (or would even be satisfied being), and so have given up that enterprise entirely. So, I've passed all my painting work off to people more talented than I. I still hold out hope that I will become good enough at sculpting to be able to manage decent base-work and conversions. ;)


    Having said that, I have a large number of Reptus. My first group were painted very traditional Reptus green (with accent colors on the scales across the top of their heads to demonstrate a bit of heirachy or caste status), but I use those as lizard-man type creatures for my table-top RPG, so the green is warranted there. I am currently having my tournament army painted up blue with orange accents (see my avatar for an example of one of my clutchlings), and I frankly don't care if anyone doesn't like them on the battlefield. They are, after all, *MY* army, which I have to stare at battle after battle. I want them to be something that I'll enjoy. If my opponent has that big of an issue that my figs are green like those on the Reptus cards, then they need a serious reality check... and I'll be glad to put one in the mail to them. ;)


    For whomever commented about purrple leezards (yes, you must *purr* when you say that color), I love the idea and wish I'd thought of it (or at least heard it in time to have mine done that way). In the right shade of purrple, they would not look Barney-like in the least and would be quite striking (aesthetically and in game terms ::D: ). Yellow or gold accents from the other side of the color wheel would create a high-contrast scheme that would certainly get notice. I like it!



  2. Quick question. With you playing a faction force and your opponent playing a freelance force, did you play using your faction SA (related to improving your DV agaisnt defensive strikes)? If so, did they have any effect?


    We were both entirely faction (his bull orc archers were his "change of heart" faction ability). Due to the nature of the battle, I had very little opportunity to use the Aure of Jade Thorns; I was frequently in situations where I was forced to use movement to close with the opposition (or risk more devestation by his archers and spellcasters), or was dealing with Tough soldiers and was looting to make sure I got the kill. His dice were vicious when it came to making tough rolls (tho mine came through on more than one occasion as well). And his Merc SA of rerolls hurt; two of the three times the rerolls paid off for him, eliminating the lucky breaks I appeared to have on those occasions.


    In the prior battle, I had vastly superior numbers, was able to control the flow of battle, and used the Aura of Jade Thorns more. Again, however, I would say that his Merc SA paid off better, with his rerolls having more impact on the game than the bonus I was getting against defensive strikes.



  3. Ok, time for a report on the rematch. After getting some dinner, and discussing some flaws in my opponent's strategy, we came back and he assembled a new, more balanced force. Deployment ended up favoring him, with almost all of my cards coming up first. In the first round of combat, I believe I made the tactical error of granting his ranged forces too much credit and took defensive positions, rather than being aggressive and chewing up as much ground as possible.


    After our adjustments during the first round, I got more aggressive during the second round, only to walk into a fireball from Leeynn on my primary assault troop. Over the next several rounds, the initiative cards came up in my opponent's favor, and another fireball for Leiynn hit my secondary assault troop, wiping out close to half of it. I was finally able to bring my archers to bear at this point, but a series of lousy rolls rendered them largely ineffective for their first two rounds of shots.


    From this point in the battle, the iniative began to settle back out. I rallied the two fractured units into one under my second Chai-Uut, finally got my trolls into base-to-base contact with his bull orc archers on the hilltop, and started to change my fortunes a bit. The trolls became the MVPs of the battle from this point on, wiping out the five orc archers, as well as the reinforcements that were sent to bolster them. The remaining assault unit engaged his assault troop, and my pair of Chai-Uuts made life difficult for his wolfen rager and his warriors. I eliminated his shaman, but Orba did serious damage, the warmaster ability wiping up the rest of my assault force while only taking a single point of damage.


    Some lucky rolls on my part kept my remaining troops from routing, and I was able to engage my final troll with Orba, knocking him down two more points before his warmaster strikes killed the troll and my last clutchling. This left only my final archer, alone on a hilltop, as the last Reptus on the field to fend off a wounded Orba.


    It was, to say the least, an ugly victory. But a great learning experience. ;)



  4. Ron (who is getting jealous of those who are going to ReaperCon)


    I see you are local, Ron, and have finally activated your profile. We are running some Warlord matches from time to time out at All The Fun Stuff (ATFS for short) on Mason Rd in Katy. If you want to come out some time and join us, we'd be glad to have you. Then I can tease you all about ReaperCon in person too... ;)



  5. [

    That's them. ::P:


    <<<< No, that's them! (look at my avatar) ;)




    P.S. Finished one 1000 point battle against a Merc opponent this evening and wiped the floor with his troops (he only managed to take 155 points of my models off the field, plus I burned another 30 points worth of spells through T-Kay). We're about to fire up a rematch, and then maybe a "rubber" match, if necessary. Report to follow later...

  6. For shame, Ziegenbock is Budweisers attempt to crush the much smaller Shiner company. Even if it was better ,and it's not ::):, we should still avoid it on principal...


    For some reason this is a very deja vu experience (I think we probably had the same conversation last yer)... feh !!! Anyway, just messing with ya - to each their own beer pref...


    Well, we may not have had the conversation last year (I wasn't at the last one), but it wouldn't surprise me that someone else brought it up. And you certainly have a point about it being a product of one of the majors and not a stand-alone brewery. But since it is only made and sold here in Texas, that's good enough for me. Besides, I have fond memories of pizza parties at Double Dave's after work with $4 pitchers of Ziegen on tap. ::D:


    Shiner is an acceptable substitute in my book, ;)



  7. I'm playing Warlord athe con but looking for pickup games, drinking buddies and BS sessions. I'll be easy to spot as I'll be whuppin up on people on the tabletop. ;)


    I've left my schedule particularly "open" for the exact same reason, Ranz. Hit me up at the con if you wanna try and smash my little blue-and-orange leezards. ;)



  8. Of course, if you are playing against an opponent that is doing the same thing (buffing a boxed set with equipment to raise it to 1000 points), then you should be on fairly even footing. Why not add Greater Magic Weapon to Khong at that point? Or proxy Khong for Chai and do the same thing? You've got tons of options here; just use your imagination.


    As it was said though, the best option would be to pick up some other models and diversify. But the boxed set sure does make a nice starting point.



  9. Newbie questions...

    2. How the bleep do you get the 2-hands-plus-weapon piece to fit onto that warrior body? I think we've tried each of the nine possible combinations of body+hands, and none of them fit. <_<


    I use a pair of snips to remove the extra material between the two hands, then take an exacto and some fine files to the snipped area to clean it up. Then I bend the snot out of the two arms to bring the two hands closer together and line the joints up. I add a drop of super glue between the two hands to help support the joint. Finally, if I'm feeling particularly ambitious, I drill and pin each side before I glue the hand-and-weapon piece to the body to give it extra support. Hope that helps!



  10. So I'm going to Reapercon and trying to consider which categories of the painting contest to enter. I understand Warlord small and large, but I don't play, cause I can't find anyone to teach me (although it looks like I missed a big game by a week :grr: ) so I'm wondering how you draw up units to help me decide if I should enter that category. Specifically, I understand troop size on the data cards, but I don't know if you can put any grunt with any leader type model (within the same army) or if there are restrictions, like all have to be armed the same or anything else like that. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    Yes, you can put any grunt with any leader (within the same faction), even mixing the types of grunts. For example, I often field one of my Reptus troops as the following:


    Khong-to (leader)

    T'Kay (elite)

    Ra'am (elite)

    Archers x3 (grunts)

    Warriors x4 (grunts)

    Clutchlings x2 (grunts)


    The only thing you can't put in there are solo models, or multiple unique models (seems to happen most often with sergeants and heros). Good luck, and see you at the con!



  11. For those that haven't heard, Dennis Mize passed away this past week. Although the bulk of Dennis' work for Reaper was not part of the Warlord line, the miniatures community has suffered a great loss with his passing, and we'll miss him and his work dearly. The next time you get together to play with your gaming buddies, lift up your cups and toast one of the best sculptors ever. Our hobby is a poorer place for his loss...



  12. Alrighty, I think I understand the initiative card business now, at least from the standpoint of how many cards are generated when prepping a game. Much thanks to everyone that chimed in to help.


    This also seems to make more sense on why a moderate number of initiative cards is better than a larger or smaller number. If you have too few cards, there is a very strong chance that your opponent's entire force could act before you get to do a single thing. Too many cards, and your soldiers are likely spread too thin across too many troops, giving your opponent the opportunity to overwhelm the smaller troops with superior numbers. Therefore, in battles with higher point values, it seems to be in your own best interest to field the maximum soldiers per leader model possible, maximizing the force you can bring to bear in a single combat phase. In theory, at least...


    I still want that damn d20... and give me AoOs over this any day. ::P:



  13. You get one per troop/solo, you get another if you have a tactician in you list. But while more is usually a good thing is you have too many you want have enough models in a single troop to do damage in one turn forcing you to attack the big models in waves allowing more defensive strikes and more chances for you opponent to bandage. Long story short you need a good balance of cards and buck in a troop. The easiest way to do this is to through in a troll or two, which are also great for scaring the enemy costing a MASSIVE (cough, cough :blink: ) 52pt.


    Ok, this didn't help clarify anything for me much. I think I'm having a hard time getting a clear understanding because the troop word is used two different ways in the book. First, there is the physical group of models of all the same kind that are considered a troop... for example, archers are one type of troop, warriors are another. Then there is the physical composition of your force, arranged into solos or groups of grunts and elites lead by a warlord, captain, or sergeant that are also called Troops.


    If I get your post correctly, then if I have my various grunts broken up into four groups led by my warlord, captain, and sergeants, that would count as 4 initiative cards. A tactician would grant an additional card (hypothetically, two models that have tactician would grant two cards, yes? or would this be a case of an ability that only applies once? of course, I'm guessing it is possible that there may be only one Reptus model that has tactician, and if it is unique, then by default you could only get one extra initiative card). Would each solo count as an additional card? Or would only each solo of a different type grant a card?


    Give me a damn d20 and let me hit something! ::P:




    P.S. And yes, I agree about the trolls. A handful of these are quite ugly for their point cost...

  14. I'd say don't think of it as losing 5-6 grunts think of it as (in this sized game) loosing one in every 7-8 it sound a lot more reasonable that way and don't forget it also affects beasts so the krungbeast and the trolls also get an other wise unattainable bonus to there MAV.


    You are absolutely correct with regards to the trolls; the MAV numbers with the totem make 3 or 4 of them on the battlefield look awfully appealing when surround by a number of grunts to keep them from getting too swarmed. And everytime I consider it, I hear the sickening smack of the impact of that big 'ol club with a +5 MAV... ::D:


    I think I can do it with the totem and still manage enough archers to volley (if needed for the extra range), and still field about 35-36 models.


    I'm still trying to get a good grasp on initiative cards; they are one per troop type (regardless of which"Troop" you may have them deployed in on the battlefield), and more is better, yes? So if I'm figuring this correctly, I'd have 10-11 initiative cards with this force...



  15. I gave my Reaper Con list a test run tonight and it proved to be a tough cookie. I have to agree that taking lots of troops will be a much bigger advantage than taking uber-strong models. In a 1500 point game I will use no fewer than 8 troops (3 of which are solos) and no fewer than 40 models.


    I've been toying with the idea of something similar to this, but I've ended up with 4 solos. I've gotta figure that you are running extremely light on spells and other equipment, as I found myself with only the barest handful of upgrades. Are you using a totem of battle with all those grunts? I can't seem to decide if it is worth the bang-for-the-buck... giving up ~5-6 grunts for a +1 MAV across the force is awfully tempting, especially fielding 35-40 models. Of course, those extra 5-6 grunts could mean the ability to surround an opposing commander and wipe him out with superior numbers.


    Ugh. I hate tactical games. :wacko:



  16. I have some dhl Lizardman Tyrants for captains. They fit pretty well with the normal reptus, and they fit especially well in my army, since I use a majority of less expensive DHL proxies.


    While I certainly understand this, I am slightly more constrained - rather by official tournament rules than monetary concerns. I'm planning on playing the tournament at ReaperCon, which means I can't proxy anything that has an "official" model for it, unless it's release is less than 90 days from the con (which we are well inside of now). Chai-Uut is the only Reptus that I think currently qualifies for this exception. If I had my way, I'd field proxies for the nagendra, Ssathuss, Ssudai, and Uru (sorry Jason, love most of your work, but the snake-boys I cannot bring myself to like). Chai-Uut I at least have some leeway with, but I'm not sure I'm really happy with any choices out there right now. Currently, I'm considering the following:


    Nai-Khanon (as I rarely field him in most battles),

    converting an Audt to add different weapons,

    DH Snakeman champion (#2935), or

    finding a fig from another company entirely


    I was hoping someone else had a better idea.... ;)



  17. Cheater! You're supposed to paint them yourself. Some good stuff in the galleries.


    Heh. I realized about 5 or so years ago that although my understanding of painting techniques and theory was improving, my physical painting skills were declining (hazards of getting older). I knew what I wanted to do, but could not execute it. So, I decided my time was better spent writing materials for my game (visit the "Shakandara" section of my site to see where my efforts have gone), and I'd leave the painting to the professionals. Everyone is happy this way (except my bank account). ;)



  18. ok you last three:






    Make sure to post up some of those paintjobs you talk about.


    There are some pics of my green boys (and girl) over in the Gallery section of the Warlord pages at reapergames.com. I'm awaiting my blue and orange group (like the guy that represents my avatar here - he's a WiP pic that the artist sent to me) to return home. With any luck, the first half of the force will be finished next week, then I can send off the second half. I should have all in-hand for ReaperCon.




    P.S. If you are just curious, and want to see lots of painted minis, you can find a good portion of my collection of all things (Reaper and not) here:



    Then follow the links to "Reality Bytes" and then to "Minis". I'm behind on adding stuff to Elaine's gallery; she's completed 2 dozen minis for me that I still need to post to her section, including my Warlord Onyx Golem. She's also working on my River Troll, and a Griffon for a friend. Those should be in shortly. :)

  19. Well, then share what part of our large territory do you hail from?


    I'm in Houston... ID for reports is the same as here on the message boards. And I'll be at ReaperCon. :)


    Right now, I'm just trying to get as many games under my belt as possible; I'm a tabletop RPG'er, not a wargamer. Miniatures combat rules are foreign to me, so I definitely feel like I'm struggling with the rules a bit as we play. I played a demo game at the Asylum when I was up to visit it my first time about a year ago (using the dwarves that were painted by skavenbabe, who does a lot of commission work for me) and had a good time. Decided that I'd actually get involved and get my army together. Finally started having some serious intent about playing about two months ago, and picked up the rulebook. Since then, I've held a minor edge over the wargamers tha I've been playing against only because I'm >< that much more familiar with the rules than them. Keeps me a half step ahead when it comes to special abilities and gear effects, which is making up for my lack of experience in the tactical aspect of wargames.


    I'll fully expect that edge to evaporate over the next month or so leading up to ReaperCon, and I think that is a good thing. It'll better prepare me for the tournament there, so that maybe I'll have some chance at avoiding a first-round quick exit. Even if I do, I hope to play pick-up games whenever the opportunity presents itself, as I've only committed myself to two of the sculpting master classes, and none of the painting classes.


    Hope to see lots of other Reptus there!



  20. The Reptus not only sold me as a faction, but also got me to play Warlord to begin with. I was content to collect the figures I liked from the whole Warlord line and use them as appropriate for my tabletop RPG, but the Reptus figures kept turning up again and again in my collection. The more I bought of them, the more I liked them. When I finally realized that I could easily field a 1000+ point force with just the stuff I owned and had painted, I decided to give Warlord a try. Now I'm hooked.


    So, Reptus are a no brainer for me, and of them, the no-brainer favorite sculpt is Ra'am. He is such a bad-butt on so many levels as a figure. I could care less what his stats are; I'd field him even if he sucked. Leave him at the back of the deployment area and not engage so that he could be the last figure standing even if I lost... ;)



  21. Anyone know who the other active Reptus in the Khazareen are. Stubbdog posts a few wins each month, but I haven't figured out who else is kicking butt with me in my own prov?


    Well, one of them would be me. I've posted 2 more victories for the Reptus in the past two weeks for our province, and as soon as another member turns on their bloody profile, I can report a 3rd victory.


    Crusaders taste good...



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