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  1. The Reptus not only sold me as a faction, but also got me to play Warlord to begin with. I was content to collect the figures I liked from the whole Warlord line and use them as appropriate for my tabletop RPG, but the Reptus figures kept turning up again and again in my collection. The more I bought of them, the more I liked them. When I finally realized that I could easily field a 1000+ point force with just the stuff I owned and had painted, I decided to give Warlord a try. Now I'm hooked. So, Reptus are a no brainer for me, and of them, the no-brainer favorite sculpt is Ra'am. He is such a bad-butt on so many levels as a figure. I could care less what his stats are; I'd field him even if he sucked. Leave him at the back of the deployment area and not engage so that he could be the last figure standing even if I lost... ;) ~v
  2. My tournament Reptus are blue and orange, not green. Tho the group that I have that are for tabletop RPGs look great in green. As for the Reptus being such a great army, it has to be the sculpts. We have the best looking figures of all the armies, period-paragraph. ;) ~v
  3. Well, one of them would be me. I've posted 2 more victories for the Reptus in the past two weeks for our province, and as soon as another member turns on their bloody profile, I can report a 3rd victory. Crusaders taste good... ~v
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