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  1. I'd be interested in playing, though I know absolute zero about Frostgrave. I can also bring terrain, as vejlin and I will be driving up on Wednesday. If you make requests now, I might even be able to accept custom building/feature requests and have them painted by the con. ~v
  2. Yes, that's why it says "all things"; edible and non-. I've got a couple of pans that make little mini cheesecakes; they are much more convenient for transport to and serving at the con than the full-sized spring form pans I have. ~v
  3. Oh, don't do that on my account. I really don't care for cheesecake much myself (at least, not the kind you consume). I do, however, make a pretty killer one, and bring some to the con from time to time. Not sure if I will or not this year; it is not in the plan at this time, but there's sufficient time to change that. My love for sushi, on the other hand, knows no bounds. And while I wouldn't presume to steal yours, anyone who is willing to go through the effort to bring with them the raw ingredients to make tuna onigiri is okay in my book. ~v
  4. Just one short week until the Viking invasion, and the start of vacation. After 2 1/2 years away from RCon, I'm ready. ~v
  5. Please note that the time for sushi night has been updated. This will now allow those that don't have events until 6pm to attend, and still return to the con site for the awards ceremony. If you have a class or event until 6, I will still be onsite for a short time after those events let out to coordinate rides for those that need it. It's our aim to be able to include as many people as want to come. ~v
  6. Thanks, Bryan. Based on the tracking info, it looks like I'll get the stuff I ordered earlier in the week delivered today, but it would still be cool to see samples of some of the stuff I didn't order. ~v
  7. If we're lucky, maybe she'll bring my resin Nethyrmaul that she painted during one of the Iron Painter rounds to RCon as well. ~v
  8. Thanks! Um, I should know, but who is that???? Maltique. ~v
  9. I drive to and from the con, so space really isn't an issue. Just sayin'. ~v
  10. That would be awesome, Angela! If I remember right, you were one of the originals from the first year we started doing this. We'll have a piece for you if you can't be there. Miss your face! ~v
  11. Inarah's Home for Wayward Superglue & Other Adhesives.
  12. Since I realized that vejlin will be arriving at my place in a little less than 3 weeks, I've officially become excited for RCon this year. Look forward to seeing all of you there. :D ~v
  13. Ok, thanks. I went ahead and pulled the trigger on a sampling of the sets yesterday (starter, feature, and bridge sets). If he brings samples of more of the line with him to RCon, then maybe I'll be influenced to purchase some of the other expansions, post-show. ~v
  14. Zeke, I don't recall us ever taking less than 2 hours when we've been out for sushi like this, so if you aren't planning on staying for awards, we will very likely still be there. if you are staying for the full program, then it probably won't work very well. ~v
  15. Was that maybe the new stuff from the KS? The Tomb of the Dark Sun has (apparently) been around for several years now (like, since 2012 via Dark Art Miniatures). ~v
  16. The Basics: After missing last year due to unexpected circumstances, I'm greatly looking forward to returning to ReaperCon. I'm also looking forward to the tradition sushi night gathering! So, here's the details, for those interested in going: What - Sushi dinner (yes, the restaurant has non-fish items for those that still want to come but don't care for sushi) When - 7:00pm 5:30pm, Saturday, October 22nd, 2016 Where - Masu Sushi & Saki, 721 Hebron Pkwy, #103, Lewisville, TX 75057 I've said this in the past, and I'll say it again here to make it perfectly clear: this is *not* an official ReaperCon event. You will get no Reaperbucks for it, there is no badge ribbon, no guests of honor, etc. It's just a bunch of regular attendees who share a common bond and like to do a little more socializing away from the convention one night of the event over some really good food. Yes, this conflicts with the banquet on Saturday night. If that doesn't work for you, sorry, but it is our traditional night because it is what works for the core group of attendees. If you love sushi, but can't make this night: I highly recommend Masu. For those that came in prior years, it is in the same location as Bonsai was, and still carries largely the same menu - including the beloved Heart Attack. The reviews for Masu are just as stellar as Bonsai's were, so I have no doubt you will enjoy a good meal there. If you are looking for someone to grab lunch with at Masu one day during the con, hit me up. I'll gladly have sushi more than once during the con. ;) Reservations: In the past, I've coordinated the group reservation, which was a big challenging to do while at the con, especially to get a final headcount to make sure they had enough table space for us together. So, I'm trying something a little different this year: I've made a reservation for the people that I can guarantee are coming, and that's it. Anyone that wants to join us will need to call the restaurant on their own at (972) 956-9009, and make their own reservation. However, when you call, please reference my name (Vincent Hendricks) and the "ReaperCon" reservation. This will let them know that you are part of the greater group, so that they can combine the headcount of all our reservations together to set up the proper amount of space for us. Getting there: So while the restaurant is not far from the hotels/convention site, we encourage ride sharing. I encourage you to use this thread to arrange rides prior to the con; once on-site, if you want to go but need a ride, or have a car and can give others a ride, please seek me out so that I can help connect the drivers and riders together as needed. We don't want anyone to miss out because they were left waiting for a ride at the convention site. Waste not, want not: A final thought; if you purchased a VIP ticket, please consider finding someone to give your meal ticket away to for that night. I'm sure there are probably some people that would love to go, but couldn't justify the extra cost. Be a mensch, and let someone else enjoy that meal that has already been bought and paid for. :) See you for sushi! ~v
  17. Bummer; having the chance to fondle the line before purchase stood a good chance of getting me to buy more of the sets at once. Thanks, Cher. With no real reason to wait, I might as well place that order online instead. ~v
  18. Since Secret Weapon is sharing "booth space" with Reaper, any info on whether or not they'll have any of their other terrain projects on site for sale? Specifically, the Tomb of the Dark Sun stuff? I just came across it the other day, and want to add it to my tabletop terrain collection. Sure, I could order it now, and have it way sooner, but it's fun to shop at the con. :) ~v
  19. This is in no way an official response, but there have been no new rulebooks for Warlord since 2010, and there hasn't been a full color one since 2004. The game is all-but-dead from an organized play standpoint, so it seems highly unlikely that there will be a full color rulebook in the future.
  20. After looking at the forecast and conditions this morning, we decided to err on the side of caution, and stayed home. Hope everyone that is going makes it there safely and has a great time! ~v
  21. We will re-evaluate in the morning to see if conditions are going to change our plans. As it stands now, alternate routes look ok, so we are still planning on coming up. ~v
  22. So yeah, I booked a hotel room this past week for RAC. It may not have been the smartest thing, in light of my previous post about timing. I've worked an ungodly number of hours in the last two weeks, and could very well be going on 26 days of work interspersed by only a single day off, by the time that weekend arrives. The problem is, they keep saying, "hey, you have to work this weekend" 2 days before the weekend starts, so the trip up there could get yanked out from under me at the last minute. Assuming that it doesn't, I'm looking forward to some good hobby-time that weekend. ~v
  23. I less-than-three your boat, Pingo. ~v
  24. HI! Long time no see! Hope you are doing well. But yes, the house thing would replace the Black Lightning. So I can see why you wouldn't want to join one. However, hypothetically.. which house would you join if you didn't have to give up your Black Lightning? Thanks, I am doing well... perhaps even "never better" well. Things have just conspired to keep me away from the Reaper, and the forums in general. I'd say I've got a fair bit of each House in me... I have dozens of incomplete projects, often get multiples of something just so I can leave one as is and convert the other(s), nearly everything I do is intended for the tabletop, and I keep a database of all my minis just so I can keep track of everything (especially the rare and unique stuff). If the sorting hat were choosing for me, it could easily put me in any house, but if I remember my HP lore correctly, it also takes into account the desires of the wearer, so better be... Figmentius! But I'm BL 4 LIFE! ~v
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