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  1. 48 pages; too much to read. I presume the house would also replace old appellations, like Black Lightning? In which case, I'll keep my legacy group as a way to honor the fallen. ~v
  2. Couldn't fall at a much worse time (major project at work & starting 10-day vacation 4 days later), but seeing as I haven't been to Reaperland since early 2014.... this just might have to happen. Otherwise, it's a long, dark year until the next event. We'll see. ~v
  3. I'm game if you are; our biggest obstacle will be scheduling enough time to play in a timely manner. It's going to take 15 games to weed out a winner if we work from a field of 16, and we rarely get in more than 2 games. That's 8 days of play; even once a month ain't gonna cut it, unless we want to crown our victor in April or May of next year. Still, it would give us a reason to get together and play... ~v
  4. This sounds fun. I wonder if I can get someone local to do something similar with me... It's not like I don't have the figures for it. ~v
  5. No, actually, I'm pretty sure Mike is 100% correct on that point. The faction books were being produced back in the days where Soon became a punchline, in no smaller part because those books kept getting delayed in their release longer and longer. The overhauls of Warlord (the days of the RAGE chronicles) didn't happen until after the faction book plan was abandoned. It's nice to see the game being talked about, even if it is mostly an obituary. ~v
  6. You mean like this? 12 models, nothing on a standard sized base. And it's not just playable; it can win games, and win them ugly in the right hands. Re; lowlylowly's query about SoBH vs. Warlord... there are some similarities in general game play between the two (i.e. the Warlords and big Solos are much like the high-end Leader models), and the lower stat values and fewer damage tracks for rank and file are similar to models with higher Quality scores, but otherwise the game play is quite different, as is the overall feel of the battlefield. Warlord's longer ranges and higher Movement values make playing the game on a larger playing field a necessity, and the game feels like it is operating on a larger scale because of it. On the whole, I think I like the RAGE mechanics better, but I've been having more fun playing ShadowSea and DeepWars lately (both of which run off the SoBH engine). ~v
  7. WolfLord addressed the part regarding Free Actions, so I have nothing to add there other than he is correct. However, regarding the actions a summoned model may take on the round they are summoned: no, Uriel would not be able to conduct a Fight action if the rest of the troop had already done so. Although Uriel remains a solitaire, he acts with the troop he was summoned by for the turn. And although the Summoned SA text does say that summoned models may take any one Action after being placed on the board, that action cannot violate the basic mechanics of the game - it only means that summoned models are not restricted to just movement actions. So, in your given example, not only could Uriel not conduct a Fight action (even if summoned into B2B), he would also be unable to conduct a Spellcast action either (as prior to summoning Uriel, a spell was cast on Duke Gerard). So, while Uriel is permitted to take any one Action, the sequence of events in this activation have left him with little more than a Move or Charge as his choices (in most circumstances). ~v
  8. I flattened my daughter's set about two weeks ago, and it still seems to be holding its shape fine. However, I haven't subjected it to the heat of the garage, nor has it been painted or handled much since then. If you are really concerned about it, I'd put them on a backing, just to be safe. I don't think it is really necessary, however. YMMV. ~v
  9. Shakandara


    Ah yes, there's the dagger to the heart; pics of the swag bag. And yet, I knew better to stay off the forums during the con... ~v
  10. No, that's correct, as far as I remember. ~v
  11. Unfortunately, circumstances far beyond my control have made attending ReaperCon this year impossible. I'm a little sad I won't be able to see all you fine people in a few weeks. It is always one of the highlights of my year. Have a great time! ~v
  12. OMG, she LIVES! Good to see you back and posting/painting again, even if I don't recognize that figure. We need to link up on FB. ~v
  13. I have a M&G ticket available for Wednesday night, and am now unable to attend. PM me if you are interested. ~v
  14. Envirotex Lite is (relatively) easy to get, self-leveling, and does fine on deep pours (I've poured as thick as an inch in one pass, and I'm sure you could go deeper). It does take a fairly long time to set, and tends to "cup" a bit. However, if you come back over the surface with something else to texture it (to look like moving water), then that shouldn't be a problem. I'm sure others will have additional suggestions. ~v
  15. Yeah, I need a bigger game room. Really nice set-up. ~v
  16. I don't think I've seen a ReaperCon where you couldn't walk up and find *something* to play at every slot. Yes, some games will fill up in prereg, and many will fill onsite. I guess the best advice is common sense; if you really want to play a particular game, grab your ticket now. ~v
  17. Google image search "water weird". That's what the mini is supposed to represent. That's probably what is represented on the cover of that book as well. so in a roundabout way, I guess the answer is: sort of. They didn't use that for the concept art, but it is the same creature. ~v
  18. You are awesome, sir. I checked my itinerary, and I see the game ticket now. ~v
  19. Bryan, also FYI, I added a game, completed the "purchase", and it is not appearing on my itinerary. I've even logged out and back in; still nada. I did get the confirmation email for it, so maybe this is another one of the back-end vs. front-end issues. ~v
  20. Mike, Adam, and Tonya: sad to hear that all of you will not be in attendance this year. You will all be missed until the next one. ~v
  21. Bryan, do the games have the same restriction for preregistration as classes (i.e. 2 per day), and if so, do the two count combined or separate? ~v
  22. Yeah, not so much a bribe, as a present. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. ~v
  23. This reminds me; I have something for you, Andy. ~v
  24. I'm not a native, klarg1, so I'm allowed to blaspheme like that. I can just blame it on my damn ignorant Yankee roots. ~v
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