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  1. Mine arrived tonight, only a little later than I expected (our UPS guy usually comes through around 7). Quick impressions after opening the box and sorting through the stuff I got Most impressive figure in the box - Narthrax. Razor sharp details, fits together perfectly, and is balanced nicely; this figure won't sag or bend after assembled. (honorable mention - Hellknight Order of the Scourge. This figure translated to Bones brilliantly) Most disappointing - the crates. They didn't come out even remotely close to square. I would go so far as to call them unusable. Oddly, the barrels are just fine. Best idea - ankheg. If you've ever assembled one of the metal ones, you'll appreciate the Bones version that much more. Worst idea - cavalry that stand on 2 legs. I'm not sure the centaurs will ever stand correctly on 2 legs, even after boiling and repositioning. Love the idea of Bones cavalry, but they should probably stick to either a) models that stand on 3 or more legs, or if not, b) models that have much thicker ankles/legs (like Thorvald, for instance). Since I skipped a lot of the add-ons this time around (including all 3 of the expansion packs), YMMV. ~v
  2. Right now, I'm leaning towards having Khanjira commissioned first. It would make a great dungeon crawl boss for cons. However, I can (and usually do) change my mind about half a dozen times about what I'm actually sending off for painting by the time the package goes. Considering that I don't have the new figures in my hands just quite yet (I'm expecting a 6:30-7pm delivery time tonight), the chances that I will change my mind are highly probable. ~v
  3. More often than not, this is a matter of shipping hubs. I have a painter that I work with in Temple, TX. I've also worked with someone near Reaper. Although Temple is closer, the painter near Reaper would always get packages faster, because mail between Houston and Temple always routes through Austin or Dallas first, adding an extra day to the delivery time. Shipping logistics are fun! ~v
  4. Wow, looks like my package is out for delivery already. Gotta love that kind of service. ~v
  5. I know of at least two people that have had competition figures damaged by/during airline transportation. I've personally been stopped while traveling to/from Origins with metal miniatures, but have never had any issues with damage. I carried my figs in a carry-on bag, and was able to request that TSA be careful when handling them. As soon as they saw what they were, they cleared me pretty quickly. ~v
  6. You guys crack me up. Also, I got my confirmation tonight. Guess I should start updating the miniature collection database now.... ~v
  7. Yeah, she might bring stuff with her again this year. It can be an incredibly motivating environment when everyone around you is engaged in working on their hobby. I always get great miniature assembly work done when I'm at RCon or RAC, and sometimes I even *gasp* paint! ~v
  8. Yeah, Kris, I'm cracking up here reading the thread. ~v
  9. Nearly every "blistered" dragon from the DHL line (i.e. not the boxed dragons) will fit on a 50mm base (or close to it). Try this search on the Reaper site: http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/Dark%20Heaven%20Legends%20dragon It's going to return some dragonman hits, as well as the larger blistered dragons (usually, these will lack the little "Bryangles" on the side of the pic). The ones that are more horse-sized (pretty much any of the dragons that have "young" as part of their name) should have Bryangles, indicating their general size. ~v
  10. My SO is not on the forums (though she has a forum ID), and doesn't really game, but she does come to RCon, specifically to socialize with this great group of people. As Kevin said, it doesn't take long to get "adopted" into the group; we're a friendly bunch, and we welcome new people with open arms. IMO, you have to be trying pretty hard to *not* have a good time at a ReaperCon. ~v
  11. Um, if it is the one I'm thinking it is, your knitting project is... different than what they are working on. I'm looking forward to seeing it! ~v
  12. Also, I seem to recall in the pre-con discussions last year that it was said that, at the very least, if you attended the banquets, you would be permitted to purchase additional sets of the items in the swag bag (i.e. all of the paints and the two LE resin figures). I think they probably decided that tracking who had attended and who hadn't would be too much of a hassle, and just made them available for sale in the on-site store. ~v
  13. As one of said Texans, I can confirm that you can literally start the day in Texas, spend an entire day driving at the speed limit (in a single direction), and still be in Texas at the end of the day. And while I don't consider Denton to be a horrible drive from Houston (4.75 hours, give or take, depending on where you leave from, and how bad traffic is through Houston and Dallas), my Bones ship to me for free. There's no need to blow $40 worth of gas (and a day) to go get them. Later this week is plenty fast enough, especially considering that - while maybe not quite as large as Kris' collection - my collection will not even tick up 1/2 of one percent with the arrival of the new Bones. I've got plenty of stuff to keep me busy until they get here. It's fun to watch the rest of you spaz out though... ~v
  14. Just to clarify, there really is no such thing as "pure pewter"; pewter is a mix of tin and several various other metals. Since that mix (metals and percentages) can vary wildly based on who made it, Reaper may or may not accept the metal from your friend in trade. You will probably need to see someone higher up the food chain than whomever is working the melt trade in station to get your metal approved (usually, that means Dave or Ed). ~v
  15. Looks like the page (and the itineraries) are now fixed. ~v
  16. As I recall from previous years, classes haven't started until after Noon on Thursday. You never know, though. That could change this year. ~v
  17. It's also a demonstration of how placement can affect the amount an item goes for. The low bid was the first one, and one of the very first auction items (if not the first). The high bid fell right in the middle of the series (and probably the middle of the auction), after some of the bigger ticket items had been dusted off. The second lowest bid for a phone case was the last one, at 250. I find the whole auction process/experience incredibly fascinating. ~v
  18. Last year, the low Skull Ridge iPhone case went for 125... the high went for 950! ~v
  19. Ok, yeah, with less than 1K, your options were a bit more limited. And believe me, I had much the same experience my first year in the auction, and this was back before there were 400+ attendees showing up. Even if there are 100 items in the auction, that means a lot of people are going home with nothing from it. Some groups have just chosen to handle that reality a little different; rather than keep my RB and have a serious chance of going home with nothing, I can combine with others to assure that somebody gets something, and probably a good something, at that. As long as everyone is willing to wait their turn, eventually everyone from a group like that gets something cool to take home. EDIT: Also, I don't think most pooling happens from families. There is some of that, but the group that pools with me are just a bunch of friends. We try to use our pool to fulfill as many wishes as possible for as many people as possible each year, and we're always open to anyone that wants to throw in with us. As for carry-over, I think there have been some things that have prevented it in the past. The issued currency has changed from year to year, so your RB printed for the 2007 con said ReaperCon 2007 on them, and so on. This helped prevent auction fraud, from someone going home with their Reaperbucks, copying the design, and making as much as they wanted for next year. Now that they've gone to the poker chip style, it seems like slightly less of an issue, but there is still the possibility for abuse. By making sure they collect all the RB at the end of the auction, they can account for the fact that they have a full set (and no extras). Otherwise, I think carry-over would be interesting. In the long run, however, it could leave first time attendees feeling much the same way, as long-time, regular RCon veterans could amass ridiculous amounts of RB. At least under the current system, there's a little bit more of an effective virtual cap on how much can be achieved through pooling. ~v
  20. QFT. In fact, this is true of all fresh fish; if it smells like fish, it's probably past its prime. Good fresh fish should smell like the ocean. For what it is worth, one of the common misconceptions about "sushi" is that sushi is fish. Sushi actually refers to the rice (and the way it is prepared). What most people think of as sushi is actually called nigiri sushi (a piece of *something* - fish, veggie, or whatever - placed on top of a ball of rice). Rolls are called maki - again, regardless of what they contain - and extra-large rolls are called futomaki. When the roll is instead made into a cone, is it called a hand roll, or temaki. Just raw fish is called sashimi. There are a handful of other styles, but the previous ones are what most people associate as "sushi". FE is correct; there are a number of sushi ingredients that are always prepared as cooked, including eel (fresh and saltwater varieties), crab (all varieties), crawfish, and octopus. Shrimp are also usually served cooked, unless you get Ama Ebi (sweet shrimp), where the tails are served raw, but the thorax is battered and flash fried and served with it. Even with the other ingredients that might normally be served raw, there are a number of maki items where it will either be a) baked to finish it, or b) battered in tempura and deep fried. Again, if you are interested in coming out to dinner, but aren't sure whether or not you'll like sushi, we'll be glad to guide you through a progression of items to challenge your palette and preconceived notions, and hopefully have you eating raw items by the end (and liking it!). EDIT: Although this is a bit early to say for certain, the Saturday sushi group will most likely be returning to Bonsai for dinner again this year. They remain one of the best bang-for-the-buck sushi places near the con site, and we've had good meals each of the 3 times we've dined there. I really enjoyed J Sushi a couple years ago, but I don't think they are worth the drive when Bonsai is so close. Also, we like the Heart Attack at Bonsai. I plan to scout one or two of the other nearby sushi places early in the con, in case there is a hidden gem among them. ~v
  21. The group that goes Saturday always goes to a place with plenty of non-sushi options, to cover those folks who want to come along just for the social aspect. Be aware, however, that we might try talking you into trying *something* sushi-like. That really depends on why you don't like it; if you don't like fish at all, there's not much I can do about that. If you've had bad experiences with sushi in the past, or are just weirded out by eating raw fish, sometimes we can help guide you to some more friendly options, if you are game to try. As for dinner in general, there are also always people going out, on every night of the con, for various kinds of food. If sushi on Saturday doesn't suit you, there are other gatherings at other places on other nights that might. The banquets are a great, convenient option if you'd rather not leave the site. ~v
  22. I know this seems like a good idea, in theory, but from my experience in previous auctions, it probably won't help nearly as much as you might think. In the couple of auctions where Kris has brought out some of the "big guns" early, all that happened was that they went for less than was probably expected. This just left the groups that had already pooled their resources with more to burn on later items in the auction, knowing they'd already secured what they'd wanted. By holding off things like a full paint set or a DYOM until later in the auction, it forces those groups to play conservative with their pool, keeping them from dominating the lower items. I'd be interested to know how many Reaperbucks you had last year; I track the results of the auction closely from year to year, and there were a surprising number of items that could be won last year with a modest number of Reaperbucks. There's a post around somewhere on the forum where I break down some of those numbers from last year; I'll see if I can find it. EDIT: Found them. Here and here. ~v
  23. I'm coming up from Houston on Wednesday, though I have no idea what time yet, other than that I will be there in time for the M&G at the factory. If I'm not carpooling already with someone else from the Houston area, I'll be glad to pick people up from the airport on my way through town. ~v
  24. There is an outdoor fireplace at the con site; informal social gatherings were held there almost nightly during the con. The swimming pool is on the opposite side of the lobby from the area with the fireplace. I didn't hit the pool last year, but in the past there have been informal gatherings at the pool/hot tub of the con hotel as well. ~v
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