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  1. I wouldn't count it... unless you had a towel as well. ~v
  2. Heh. I was going to ask you directly before I posted that. Guess I should have done so. Well then, consider the need met. Thanks, Randy. ~v
  3. Anyone coming in early (i.e. Wednesday night) that wants another body to defray the cost at the HGI for one night? I plan to be there Wednesday evening, but the rest of my room doesn't arrive until Thursday and Friday. I hate to book a room for just myself for that first night. ~v
  4. I'm gonna have to dig out my old con shirt... "Do NOT tell me about your character. Shut up and play!" ~v
  5. I'll say that I'm jealous, but only because of the quantity of dragons that you've managed to get assembled and *painted*. You've got quite a nice collection going there, with a lot of cool sculpts, both old and new(er). ~v
  6. Thus why I asked Not everyone has friends like I do at the convention… With friends like us, who needs enemies, eh? Personally, I think it would be awesome if the raffle items were not a case of "you must be present to win", but I'm not so sure it's very practical. It does require a little forethought (so that any absentee winners can be easily notified), and some shipping logistics to work out. Based on that, I can see where, for the sake of convenience, the raffle might require folks to be present to win. It's the end of the show; sometimes the last thing you want to do is further complicate packing up with having to worry about tracking one more group of things that need to be shipped later. ~v
  7. Oh, like one of us wouldn't send it to you? Well, depending on what you'd won.... ~v
  8. I think Mike was playing devil's advocate for people that might not have that option. ~v
  9. Truth. I remember this dragon; it was a blue Diabolus, wasn't it? Then there was the Kally painted by Martin that went for cheap a couple years ago... ~v
  10. Check out my post about last year's auction here. You did not need to have a lot to win something. However, as fanguard indicated, if you want something big/special, pooling with a group is going to give you a better chance to get it. ~v
  11. When you don't respond to any of those people anyway, what's the big deal, Cash? ~v
  12. These are my favorite times of the con. Catching up with folks over breakfast. Coming down to the lobby late at night and hanging out with the people furiously trying to finish contest entries. After-hours games of Cards Against Humanity in someone's room. Hard Cider and S'mores out by the fire while talking about nothing to do with the hobby. Sure, you can do most of that stuff even if you are staying somewhere else, but it is certainly a bit more accessible and... immersive, if you stay at the con hotel. ~v
  13. Yes. Defensive Shots and Defensive Strikes are two completely separate parts of combat. ~v
  14. I either say this myself, or quote someone who does, every year, to make sure people understand just how serious we are about this. DO NOT OVER-BOOK YOURSELF. In case that wasn't clear... DO NOT OVER-BOOK YOURSELF. You will spend the next 361 days regretting not pacing yourself (as well as missing out on all the other cool stuff going on at the con), until you have the opportunity to do it right the next time around. While I know that many of you are spending plenty to attend this event (flights, car rental, hotels, meals, the classes themselves), Kris is 100% serious about burn-out from the classes. If you try to cram something into every event slot, you WILL overload your poor brain, and you'll not only waste your time spent in those additional classes, you'll also waste your money. This is one of those situations where you need to accept that sometimes, Quality is way more important than Quantity. Taking 4 or 5 classes that you are really able to process will be so much more valuable to you than a dozen that pass as a blur. And if you ignore this, all the veterans reserve the right to shake you out of your zombie-like stupor on Sunday and say, "we told you so." ~v
  15. In the past, the small-size classes that Mike is talking about were $20/seat. IIRC, the seminars were $5 (or less), and the panels were free. Some games had a cost associated with them, but the majority were free with your badge. I'd anticipate that the class cost won't change much, if at all. The seminars and panels were a new-ish thing the last couple years, so there's really not enough historical data to judge whether or not they will have the same pricing structure. I'm sure we'll all find out fairly soon when the full convention info is available on the ReaperCon site. ~v
  16. Relax. We haven't bid on a paint set in years. Of course, maybe that just means we're due? ~v
  17. Mmmm paint set.......... Grrrrrrrr paint set!!!! *shakes fist* we can do it!!! Unless someone else is interested... ~v
  18. Nice job on The Khanon. He's a model I don't often use in my builds, but he's a cool figure, and you've done him well. I like your concept for the lizard castes. ~v
  19. I think it was $7+/oz. to purchase, and it was $4/oz. if you used your melt as store credit. The second number I am 100% certain of. ~v
  20. As always, sir, you are the man. ~v
  21. Although these could easily be as hard to find as scattered posts across the forums. A centralized system to manage this might help the problem. So, with that in mind... Bryan/Cher: I don't ever recall having seen this in the past, but might it be possible to get some sort of a "LFG" cork board or something posted near the registration table? This could cover everything from meals to pick-up games to after-hours shenanigans. I'm guessing it might need to come with some sort of disclaimer that all content is fan-sponsored, and that Reaper is in no way involved, etc. ~v
  22. Pro Tip: ReaperCon isn't just about the official events. Just sayin'. ~v
  23. Sounds like you just volunteered to start organizing a sushi group on another night. ~v
  24. Correct. If I did not make this abundantly clear in my last post, please heed Bryan's. If you come to sushi with us, you *will* miss both the banquet that night, as well as ALL the awards stuff (painting, gaming, etc). I realize that is a deal-breaker for some. Indeed, there is something in particular about that night, and Randy touches on it partly in his reply. There are some people (like my fiance) that don't come up to the con until late Friday night (too late for dinner, in fact), and many people begin their return home trips Sunday afternoon/early evening. This leaves Saturday night as the one and only time that the majority of the group that started this little tradition are available to have dinner together. I hate that it means that some people, especially Reaper staff like Bryan and Shannon, can't join us (sorry Bryan - when it's between Terri and you, I choose Terri. I'd expect no less from you with regard to Shannon ). Then again, during ReaperCon is always a difficult time to try to hang out socially with the Reaper staff, as they are all working so hard to make sure that all of us are having such a great time. I do not advocate buying a ticket to the banquet (for the swag) and then not going. But if you are going to do so, please listen to Kris, and give your meal ticket away to someone that wants to be there. There are (or at least, were last year) a limited number of seats available. Give your ticket to someone that wants to be there, so that the seat gets filled, and the food gets eaten. ~v
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