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  1. Well, we sorted it out ahead of time last year, and many people chose the banquet. However, we still had somewhere around 2 dozen people go out for sushi on Saturday night anyway. We had a similar conversation regarding this last year, so I will say again what was said then: There is a group of us that have gone out for sushi on Saturday night the last 4 years or so. It is an open invitation to anyone that wants to come. If you come find me at any point prior to lunch on Saturday (which is when I usually call the restaurant to give them a final head-count for our reservation) and give me your name and a contact number where you can be reached, I will make sure that you know when and where we are going, and if at all possible, make sure that you have a ride to the restaurant if you need it. Due to the schedules of our core group, Saturday evening is the only time that all of us can attend. Also, none of us are particularly attached to the awards ceremony that night, no matter how nice the swag bag may be, and it's not like you need to be present to win. All that being said, this is NOT an official Reaper event. There are no event tickets, no swag bag, no ribbon (well, maybe a ribbon - that's up to CBP), etc. What there is, is plenty of socializing with good friends (and new ones!) over good food. If you've never tried sushi but always wanted to, have had a bad experience and want to give it another shot, or just want to expand your sushi horizons beyond the confines of the maki (rolls) you always get, we'll be glad to have you along for the ride. However, if you plan to attend the banquets and still want to have a sushi night, I encourage all those folks to band together and make it happen on another night! Just go do it! And if it is a night that I don't have something else planned, I'll come too, if invited. ~v
  2. I'll save my "I told you so" for when I see you Wednesday evening. ~v
  3. If you introduce yourself to me, I will not only learn your name, but will successfully associate it with your forum handle, and I'll usually remember *both* the following year. Yes, that goes for you too, Loim/Michael. ~v
  4. Where are you? Maybe we can be of assistance in locating a supplier near you. ~v
  5. There's probably a building/cement supply place somewhere near you that carries Hydrostone/Drystone/whatever. At the very worst, you could probably get decent results with a container of Hydrocal from your local Hobby Lobby/Michael's/train supply shop. If you are stuck with that option, just use that container only for casting that mold, and use your other plaster for everything else. ~v
  6. This is exactly how I get the majority of my casting done. If I can run one pass of 10-12 molds once a day in the evening when I get home from work, by the end of the week, I've got 50-60 castings done, and it hardly impacts my days. With custom and duplicate molds of certain things, that means I can be ready to work on multiple projects in just a couple weeks. If I try to devote a Saturday to it, I get less castings done than in a week, and feel like I've blown a whole day. ~v
  7. Ronald is right; 2"x2" are great for flexibility and repurposed use, but larger are much more convenient for setup. I use 12"x12" for my 4'x8' dungeon crawl, and the size and customization of each piece means it only goes together right one way. I think you'll find your 6"x6" sections much more flexible. Any particular reason for making the big 1.5"x1.5" corners blocks? Seems like they are chewing up a considerably amount of real estate on tiles of this size. If you do 4 of them on a tile, they consume 9 square inches of 36 square inches of the tile, a whopping loss of 1/4 of your tile. While you are working on these, do a lot of dry builds, and photograph them. Don't commit to glue until you have to; by having pics of you ideas, you can build and rebuild, making tweaks along the way, and then use the photographs to rebuild the tiles you want exactly the way you want them. Like you, I made some test pieces when I was first starting on my crawl. I was able to salvage one of them, but the other two were ultimately useless to me when I settled on my final build, because I thought I knew what I was doing. Good luck! ~v
  8. Square does make a difference vs. round, and the game has been designed with that in mind. While you can certainly put your minis on whatever base you desire for friendly play, they would not be strictly legal for tournament play. It is also possible that your opponent might take issue with it even during friendly play, if they are fully aware of the impact that the difference can make. Finally, you may find it difficult to place some miniatures (depending on what faction you are playing, and whether or not you are proxying models) on a round base of the same size as a square (i.e. 25mm round vs. 25mm square). That being said, you can always use poster tack or something similar to stick the correct shape base to the bottom of your round-based models. This allows you to keep your aesthetics for when it doesn't matter, and be legit when it does. ~v
  9. Inorite? I want to play some DeepWars and/or ShadowSea. Sadly, it seems that in my area, if I don't make the effort to organize it, no one does. ~v
  10. To my knowledge, there have been no resources (official or volunteer) dedicated to Warlord in some time. The core folks that were involved in driving things forward in the past have moved on to other things. ~v
  11. No-longer pre-shipping excitement... " From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: Monday, December 01, 2014 2:16 PM To: Vincent Hendricks Subject: Bones Kickstarter on its way! (#18039) Hi there! We're shipping out your Kickstarter stuff! You're getting: Your shipment was postmarked on 12-01-2014 and is being shipped USPS." ~v
  12. Yeah, got a response back from Kit while I was at lunch that it should be back up, but didn't have a chance to check until just now. All is well again. :) ~v
  13. No, DIS checks for firing into melee only apply to the Shoot action, not the Spellcast action. The only way your model would be required to make a DIS check would be if they were included in the AoE of a spell that required such (as opposed to a single target spell targeting an enemy model, or an AoE spell that only includes enemy models within its area). ~v
  14. Yeah, even the studio version of him Martin did is on a 40mm square. Caine's a big dude. ~v
  15. Probably not; my forum involvement lately has been pretty light. If you can link, that would be great. Otherwise, I will search for it when I have a spare few. ~v
  16. While that is correct, Kally would have been big anyway. In fact, Kally and Nethyrmaul were the first large dragons of any kind that Reaper released in a long time prior to that. They'd just gotten too expensive to produce in metal to justify adding new ones. There was also some discussion as to whether or not Kally would even have been possible if done in metal. I think you can at least draw a little information from the fact that they went back to the well in Bones 2 for two more new large dragons, plus two additional new large figures (Mashaaf and Khanjira). That tells me that they are at least profitable enough to make as part of a KS run. Does that mean that Reaper will be willing to float other large model projects out there in Bones without KS backing? If they think it is a smart decision to do so (say, maybe, for a 5-headed dragon that many people seem to want?), then they just might. If they deem it too risky, I wouldn't hold my breath. I'd also not hold my breath for any sales figures; it's not normally information they share. Bryan will occasionally give us a "it's doing better than some, but not as well as others", or a "it has exceeded/failed to meet our expectations." Just sayin'. ~v
  17. I'd forgotten about this for a little bit, and I'm not sure why it popped into me head now, but I really liked the quick sketches that Izzy did on some of the pre-release Bones item packages from '13. They seemed like great "filler" items in the auction; they were unique (appealing to the collector), yet had a low enough price-point to be attainable for those that didn't pool their ReaperBucks. Also, if there are special items that are done for the banquets again, a set or two of those as auction items would also be nice, as it allows those that couldn't/didn't attend to still get a set. ~v
  18. Sadly, I too am a confirmed scratch now. I hope everyone has a great time! ~v
  19. I'm running into the same issue. October has not played out like it was supposed to. I'm still checking around to see if anyone from the area might be going up for just the day on Saturday, but if not, then I am probably a scratch for the first time in... well, as long as I can remember. ~v
  20. /sigh I ordered a bunch of the newer stuff this time around, so it didn't seem worth it to have Eric ship me just the handful of figs that were ready now. You guys are making me regret that... ~v
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