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  1. Right now she's serving in my Mordheim Dark Elf warband as their sorceress (sans the TV antenna on her back, I filled in green stuff in the socket to make it look like hair). I take it your name, 7thunders, is in reference to the L5R world setting. Are you another Clan War fan?
  2. The pity is that the Mage Knight Metals weren't too bad. BUt they obviously didn't sell well and they discontinued them. There are hints that Iron Wind Metals may start selling them again though, that would be great. I'm playing a Dark Elf warband (unofficial but approved by the guy running our campaign) in Mordheim right now and the warband is mostly composes of Reaper minis, Mage Knight Metals, an old Crucible fig, and a GW fig. The Reaper minis are both Dark Haven and Warlord. The neat thing is that all together the figs look pretty good, even with the diversity of companies.
  3. Shiver me timbers! I love a good undead pirate crew and now while I wait for Reaper to crank out more of them I'll have to get started on building a proper ghost ship!
  4. Clan War is defintely one of the best Fantasy battle games out there! The miniatures are very good on the whole, and the oriental flavor of the game was expressed in the game mechanics well. It's a shame AEG ditched on it, just when it was starting to get a real following. I guess the Warlord CCG was a better cash cow for them. Who knows? There are a lot of great Yahoo! groups for Clan War that are still somewhat active. Probably the best way to revive the game is to get on those groups and start communicating and playing games. I hope Reaper considers releasing some of the
  5. OK, new spotting of gaming/miniatures on TV. In addition to a 6th season episode where Warrens gang was playing D&D when they first decided to become super villains there was a gaming moment on the last episode of Buffy. (possible mini spoilers ahead) Since they cannot get to sleep the night before the final assault on the Hellmouth some of the group decides to play D&D to pass the time. Andrew is the DM and is wearing a "little red riding hood" cloak trying to look ominous. Giles, Xander, and Amanda are playing, Giles obviously n
  6. From what people have posted and what I've read on an episode guide I'm guessing that the That 70's SHow in question is Season 3 Episode 14 Radio Daze. For those interested in tracking it down on Kazaa to watch it, the usual nomenclature for seasons and episodes would probably be one of the following: 3x13 S3E14 314 3.14 Do a search for "70s show" or "70's show" to see which is most commonly used.
  7. For any metal minis with relatively heavy pieces I use pinning and 2 part epoxy glue. I have found that epoxy glue holds metal to metal together the best. I've never had an epoxied piece break off after handling. I only use superglue for small metal pieces or for gluing metal to plastic. I've seen lots of superglued (I use Zap-a-Gap) pieces break off from regular handling. On the upside it's quick and easy to just superglue them again. Since I game with my minis it's important to me that the glue holds as well as possible. If you're using your minis strictly for display you just
  8. For Oriental Adventures you can have a Egg Fu Warrior who is adept with two-Wok fighting style... And don't forget that classic... Barbarrian with two handed griddle.
  9. Nice pics Catlion. I like your Syphrilia Succubus fig. Very well painted! I'm working on a Mordheim Undead warband too, vampire by GW (converted weapons), Necro not chosen yet, zombies by GW, Dregs (1 Mage Knight Metal Grave Robber, 2 Crucible Boogeymen), Dire Wolf (GW), 2 ghouls (Reaper) I'm probably going to pick my necromancer from Reaper. I may wait for that Evil Cleric that's in the greens to come out... that would make a great necro...
  10. Halfling wielding a frying pan ala Samwise in Balin's Tomb. Sweet!
  11. "Don't pee in our pool and we won't swim in your toilet" "_ool. What's missing in this word? Let's keep it that way." Signs seen at public swimming pools
  12. For gluing any two metal pieces together, especially if they have some weight to them I use Zpoxy 2 part epoxy. For gluing plastic to metal I use Zap a Gap. For plastic to plastic I use Testors PLastic Cement in the glass bottle with applicator brush.
  13. I had the Goldmoon from the blisters, I chopped her off from the waist up and put her on the body of a GW Wood Elf Warhawk Rider. She's now a level 2 Wood Elf Mage mounted on a Warhawk. I think I've got a Tasselhoff in the blister lying around here somewhere waiting to get painted one year...
  14. Last winter some dolt posted an on-line petition suggesting that the name "The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers" was intentionally offensive to the memory of 9/11... There were about 3600 signatures, of which about 2000 are sarcastic... below is the original petition, and just a smattering of some of the replies: To: Peter Jackson and New Line Cinema Those of us who have seen The Lord of the Rings: The Fellow- ship of the Ring know what an amazing director Peter Jackson is. When I learned that there apparently was to be a sequel, I was overjoyed. However, Peter Jackson
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