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  1. Right now she's serving in my Mordheim Dark Elf warband as their sorceress (sans the TV antenna on her back, I filled in green stuff in the socket to make it look like hair). I take it your name, 7thunders, is in reference to the L5R world setting. Are you another Clan War fan?
  2. The pity is that the Mage Knight Metals weren't too bad. BUt they obviously didn't sell well and they discontinued them. There are hints that Iron Wind Metals may start selling them again though, that would be great. I'm playing a Dark Elf warband (unofficial but approved by the guy running our campaign) in Mordheim right now and the warband is mostly composes of Reaper minis, Mage Knight Metals, an old Crucible fig, and a GW fig. The Reaper minis are both Dark Haven and Warlord. The neat thing is that all together the figs look pretty good, even with the diversity of companies.
  3. Shiver me timbers! I love a good undead pirate crew and now while I wait for Reaper to crank out more of them I'll have to get started on building a proper ghost ship!
  4. Clan War is defintely one of the best Fantasy battle games out there! The miniatures are very good on the whole, and the oriental flavor of the game was expressed in the game mechanics well. It's a shame AEG ditched on it, just when it was starting to get a real following. I guess the Warlord CCG was a better cash cow for them. Who knows? There are a lot of great Yahoo! groups for Clan War that are still somewhat active. Probably the best way to revive the game is to get on those groups and start communicating and playing games. I hope Reaper considers releasing some of the late and hard to get releases like the Wasp skirmishers, first! That would probably give them their best sales as there are a number of Clan War players who REALLY want to finish up their armies!
  5. OK, new spotting of gaming/miniatures on TV. In addition to a 6th season episode where Warrens gang was playing D&D when they first decided to become super villains there was a gaming moment on the last episode of Buffy. (possible mini spoilers ahead) Since they cannot get to sleep the night before the final assault on the Hellmouth some of the group decides to play D&D to pass the time. Andrew is the DM and is wearing a "little red riding hood" cloak trying to look ominous. Giles, Xander, and Amanda are playing, Giles obviously new to the game complains about being a wounded dwarf with no mystical talents. They do have some sort of map on the table and apparently some minis, but I couldn't tell what the minis are. Perhaps someone with a larger screen TV can tell.
  6. From what people have posted and what I've read on an episode guide I'm guessing that the That 70's SHow in question is Season 3 Episode 14 Radio Daze. For those interested in tracking it down on Kazaa to watch it, the usual nomenclature for seasons and episodes would probably be one of the following: 3x13 S3E14 314 3.14 Do a search for "70s show" or "70's show" to see which is most commonly used.
  7. For any metal minis with relatively heavy pieces I use pinning and 2 part epoxy glue. I have found that epoxy glue holds metal to metal together the best. I've never had an epoxied piece break off after handling. I only use superglue for small metal pieces or for gluing metal to plastic. I've seen lots of superglued (I use Zap-a-Gap) pieces break off from regular handling. On the upside it's quick and easy to just superglue them again. Since I game with my minis it's important to me that the glue holds as well as possible. If you're using your minis strictly for display you just want to be sure the bond will hold up to gravity.
  8. For Oriental Adventures you can have a Egg Fu Warrior who is adept with two-Wok fighting style... And don't forget that classic... Barbarrian with two handed griddle.
  9. Nice pics Catlion. I like your Syphrilia Succubus fig. Very well painted! I'm working on a Mordheim Undead warband too, vampire by GW (converted weapons), Necro not chosen yet, zombies by GW, Dregs (1 Mage Knight Metal Grave Robber, 2 Crucible Boogeymen), Dire Wolf (GW), 2 ghouls (Reaper) I'm probably going to pick my necromancer from Reaper. I may wait for that Evil Cleric that's in the greens to come out... that would make a great necro...
  10. Halfling wielding a frying pan ala Samwise in Balin's Tomb. Sweet!
  11. "Don't pee in our pool and we won't swim in your toilet" "_ool. What's missing in this word? Let's keep it that way." Signs seen at public swimming pools
  12. For gluing any two metal pieces together, especially if they have some weight to them I use Zpoxy 2 part epoxy. For gluing plastic to metal I use Zap a Gap. For plastic to plastic I use Testors PLastic Cement in the glass bottle with applicator brush.
  13. I had the Goldmoon from the blisters, I chopped her off from the waist up and put her on the body of a GW Wood Elf Warhawk Rider. She's now a level 2 Wood Elf Mage mounted on a Warhawk. I think I've got a Tasselhoff in the blister lying around here somewhere waiting to get painted one year...
  14. Last winter some dolt posted an on-line petition suggesting that the name "The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers" was intentionally offensive to the memory of 9/11... There were about 3600 signatures, of which about 2000 are sarcastic... below is the original petition, and just a smattering of some of the replies: To: Peter Jackson and New Line Cinema Those of us who have seen The Lord of the Rings: The Fellow- ship of the Ring know what an amazing director Peter Jackson is. When I learned that there apparently was to be a sequel, I was overjoyed. However, Peter Jackson has decided to tastelessly name the sequel "The Two Towers". The title is clearly meant to refer to the attacks on the World Trade Center. In this post- September 11 world, it is unforgiveable that this should be allowed to happen. The idea is both offensive and morally repugnant. Hopefully, when Peter Jackson and New Line Cinema see the number of signatures on this petition, the title will be changed to something a little more sensitive. Sincerely, The Undersigned (Sample Signatures) 1076. Sigmund Wonder Oh thank you so much for this. Those shameless moneymongers care for nothing but themselves. Could you please start a petition to stop those fascist police from using 911 as their phone number too? That is also something that bothers me. 1102. Paul they have no sensitivity, i wont even let my twin kids stand next to each other out of respect for 9/11 1183. Lionel Hutz I myself am a big Elvis fan, and if they name the third film after the book title "Return of the King" I will start my own petition.... 1172. Joseph Minkock How about changing it to: "Frodo's Hilarious Journey"? 1225. Hamm Hurabi I demand that the number two no longer be used! 1346. burt convy's nipples Yes, this exploitative Tolkien fellow should develop TV programs for Fox. I say change the next movie to *honor* the event: something like "Frodo, the Littlest Fireman." 1443. olly I'll sign anything. 1434. William Shatner I think Jackson's choice of title is shocking and offensive. Two new buildings were recently constructed in my home town, but we managed to have them demolished and the offenders removed from society. 1422. Ajax Cortina While you're at it, let's ban the number 11. Everytime I see it, I cry. 1405. Pass I believe Twins should be banned from entering Tower Records stores. 1387. Ashton Kushner I think it should be renamed "Dude, where's my Precious?"
  15. Beastmen are fun to paint, aren't they??? I feel that way after painting 4 of them, I hope I feel the same way after I paint the next 65 for my army... hehehe... I'm assembling a beastman warband for Mordheim, I went with a leader and shaman and 3 gors, 2 ungor with spears and a chaos hound. That gives me 8 and I'm going to hire a halfling scout to make my number 9 so I don't have to make leadership tests until I lose 3. I plan on using the halfling scout's shooting and the hound rush to deal with enemy ranged fire while I advance my bellowing herd into the fray. Once they're in I should be pretty solid. The trick is getting them stuck in as soon as possible. One of the other players is apparently going with a skaven sling fest... that will be tricky to deal with... I thought about Middenheimers, and I'll probably put a Middenheimer army together out of mostly Reaper minis. They have lots of good norse figs. I just need to find some good Norse bowmen. Also a shield maiden with spear would be nice.
  16. It's pretty nifty that you can build a 500 point warband from just two blisters... There's only one problem... Once you've lost 25% of your warband (with 4 models that means 1 fig...) you have to start making morale tests every turn to keep from running away... With a leadership of 8 you have to roll 8 or less on two dice, but if the one fig you lose is your leader... then your next best hero leadership is 7. Of course they all have at least 2 wounds so that makes you more resilient than most... but still... It would be best if Reaper were to release more Beastman models, and a beastman mystic/shaman fig... and some satyrs... That way you could hold off on the minotaur initially, bulk up your numbers with another beastman or two, a shaman, and satyrs (ungor) so you have 8 or 9 models. 9 is better as you have to lose 3 models before you start making leadership tests. Reaper does make some models that are perfect for Mordheim. I'm planning to use the forthcoming Witch Hunters that are currently in The Greens in a Witch Hunter Warband once they come out.
  17. I think that most gamers who start young (and quite a few who start gaming as adults...) wind up creating total munchkin characters. And often end up playing in munchkin campaigns. There are a lot of young gamers who hang out at our new FLGS (ages 11-15) and play Mage Knight and CCGs. Some of them are just starting to try RPG's and discovering how much fun they can be. Every now and then I'll be talking to one of them and they'll start to regale me with stories of their uber characters who have slain gods and dragons, can fly, have more powerful (or other worldly/futuristic) weapons and armor than everyone else. Their party are gods among men conquering and destroying at will with little or no repercussions or rationale. It reminds me of our RPGs when I was that age. And part of me wants to roll my eyes and groan in shame. But part of me remembers how much fun we had playing back then. Sure we were munchkins. Sure we annoyed the more "mature" players. Sure it was stupid and senseless, but it was fun. And over the years most of us have matured in our roleplaying styles. Some of us actually role-play while roleplaying. We've gone from conquerers of worlds to downtrodden underdogs who come up against the odds and don't always win, and sometimes perish. We've gone from marauders and pillagers to investigators and problem-solvers. We've gone from +5 bastard swords to a matched rapier and main gauche with elaborate silver guards and pommels wrapped in red satin with roses etched throughout- stylish but non-magical. And though our playing styles have changed over the years, we still love the game. It's just that what we're looking for out of the game has changed. So I sit there, with feigned interest as these kids go on and on about their epic world-altering deeds. And I see their eyes light up as they tell their war-stories. And instead of shame or disgust I instead feel just a bit of the unbridled energy that I had when I was their age. Before work. Before bills. Before mortgages. Before being a parent. Ten years from now these guys will be looking over their old character sheets and they'll be overcome with embarrassed amusement. But hopefully they'll also remember, the unbridled enthusiasm that they had when the first discovered roleplaying.
  18. I went to the store last night, and was in there for only about 5 minutes. When I came out there was a motorcycle cop writing a parking ticket. So I went up to him and said, "Come on, buddy, how about giving a guy a break?" He ignored me and continued writing the ticket. So I called him a pencil-necked jerk. He glared at me and started writing another ticket for my having worn tires! So I called him a horse's behind. He finished the second ticket and put it on the windshield with the first. Then he started writing a 3rd ticket! This went back and forth for about 10 minutes, ticket after ticket. Finally I decided it was a losing battle so I just shut up and watched him write his final ticket, smirk at me and pull off into traffic. Then I went around the corner, got into my car and went home.
  19. You can always use my Everquest characters names: Asheel, Dark elf cleric (male) Lepidus, Dark Elf Enchantress (female) Wulfgyr, Barbarian Shaman (male) Vyvyan, Ogre Warrior (male) (inspired by the Young Ones, not original) Darkmouse Yllwark- a name that I've used for any variety of thief/assassin/scout characters over the years. They were always sneaky characters of some sort and they always had some degree of psychological abberation (from slightly delusional to borderline psychosis). My favorite incarnation was as a fighter/thief who wielded two daggers and wore a comedy or drama mask according to his mood.
  20. Here's a couple ideas: Elves: Aelwynn Luniel Faelwir Dwarves: Gackard Dagfur Krogar Oriental: Mokurai Shinai Kinuko Halfling: Berrod Errod Maewyn Bekkah Halfling Last Names: Fennelroot Rivermirth Names (general): Eddigor Ziltherion Korrick Murdain Jerund Dorfinn
  21. HeroClix is fun, and I'll be picking up Crimson Skies Clix when it comes out. My friends and I playtested that and it's a lot of fun. But neither game will ever replace painting minis as a hobby of mine. Nope. Pre-painted quick skirmish level games have their niche, but so do skirmish to large scale miniatures wargaming with minis you get to paint. But unless it's really amazingly revolutionary, I don't think I'll be picking up Chainmail Clix. Once bitten twice shy. I am looking forward to Warlord though... very curious what that will be like... (and if Reaper is looking for any playtesters for Warlord, please contact me.)
  22. "Once while walking through the mall a guy came up to me and said 'Hey, how's it going?'. So I grabbed his arm and twisted it up behind his back and said 'Now who's asking the questions?'" --Jack Handey
  23. I used to feel that way too, but after one too many sessions (both as player and GM) when one or more players says, "Oh... well I didn't think they were over there" or "I wasn't that far away!" or "I wasn't that close!" I began to see the wisdom of minis in roleplaying. Now we use minis for all of our confrontational scenes. plus it's another excuse to buy lead. "But honey, I have to buy these figs... my character died last week and I need to make a new character, I figure I'll paint these up and whichever one I like best I'll base my character on..."
  24. Actually GW's figs weapons aren't as bad as many of the other companies out there now. Confrontation and Celtos figs have ridiculously large weapons. A couple of Reaper's early Warlord line went that way too. The base of Ellandria's sword is as wide as her head. But fortunately more recent releases have more proportionate weapons. Still a bit disproportionate, but much like the GW figs, so not too outlandish.
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