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  1. Gone for a long time, but I am back!

  2. I agree with all of the above, I think a nice 3 ring binder with addition easy to add by the buyer just printing off his own is a great idea. Will it fly???? I think Reaper needs to look at this and see how they want to proceed. I love this game and want to see it prosper but it is hard with the current support... that being said I have hope! The sad part is I have run a few demos over the last year '07 and those that play love the game! it is fast easy to play and a relatively small investment of cash! I have run a few demos in the last 2 months and have not submitted reports cause the people that showed up were the same ones that have been doing the demos in '07! So I know the game is fun cause why would they keep coming back! And 2 of them are die hard WHFB players! Again I have hope! :-) Giddoen Giddoen
  3. True but when your shop is dedicated to WH40k and WHFB you dont need to carry other lines! When Reaper had the box sets the owner had them all and a few copies of the rulebook and the factions then it all went south! Why take shelf space for a game that is not being supported in his (game store owner) eyes! Most shops have only so much space and need to sell what sells for them to stay in biz! Giddoen
  4. Ugh why does Glendale AZ. seem so far away from you guys....cause it IS!!!!! ARGH! I so want to be there to watch the Dwarves kicks some weak beer swilling ninnies! :) Giddoen
  5. Bluethunder....LOL me too the shiney the better! Giddoen
  6. Unlike certain gaming companies the entire range of figures are valid and are only expanding. So if it is worry about what will go away with the RC08 then assure them no worries. Unfortunately there is no release date on a new book since the RC07/08 are updates to the book and are free for download. So ask him to sell a book or two. See thats the problem, there is no new rule book and retailers want something on the shelf. If you can sell 30 - 50 $ worth of mini and then another 20 - 30 in rule books then he is happy. I have run plenty of demos and I can tell you from experience that people want a hard copy of a up to date rule book when they buy the minis. Now I am not saying that is how it is at all game stores but that is how it is at my store! Does not help that the owner will not keep the stock up but I cant blame him when other games have new rulesbook out and are fully supported! Dont get me wrong I love my Warlords and CAV but at least in my area the game is dying, not because of the lack of mini's its the lack of a hardcopy rulebook. People dont want to buy a out dated rulebook and then have to go home and print out 55 pages of Beta rules then print the army cards. It sucks but that is the facts which is why the reaper rack at our local store is picked clean and collecting dust on the figs that are still there. while other games get picked up. I am just hoping we see a solid rule book in stores before the end of this year. It will make my day when I can buy the solid core rules all in one book! But till then I have several copies of the rules with me and continue to run demos. Giddoen
  7. Ok so I see the new beta rules updates..awesome! Do we have a possible date for a hardcopy version of the new rules that retailers can put ont he shelves? My FLGS does not want to update the line till he can give a solid date on a new rule book? Giddoen
  8. Jason as one BL to another...YOU ROCK~!!!! I do demo's in the Phoenix AZ area and I can't wait for those files! I am turning allot of people on to Warlords and with AB it makes it very easy to run demo's. Keep up the great work. Giddoen
  9. Speaking of Dragon Turtle....when will there be a model for this awesome beast!!!! My Reptus army needs him!!!!! Giddoen
  10. Any status? I am looking forward to these... Giddoen
  11. Man you hit right on the head! I enjoyed the rulebook so much when it came out that I bought a Reptus faction, played a few games and really enjoyed it so much that I became a Black Lightning demo person! It is by far one of the best and quick, fun, and easy to pick up games on the market! I just taught a boyfriend/girlfriend team Thursday night and they darn near bought the store out of the reaper mini's! ps the girlfriend won! Giddoen
  12. Ahhh now that makes sense! so if my leader has 4-12/2 out of those 4-12 any of them can be adepts? is this correct? Giddoen
  13. It is late and I am tired, but can someone clear this up for me? I thought if you ran a pure faction say all Dwarfs then any Adept mini could be taken as a grunt? is this correct? Giddoen
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