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  1. I think Razig needs tough tough as a special ability is the desire in which the model has to keep fighting despite their current wounds, and in my opinion Razig is basically sustained by his hate, so it makes sense that he would have tough. something that might be done would be to change the hate sustains me FA. personally, i thought it was really cool in that the warlord of the faction had a unique special ability all to himself, though the whole sacrifice thing was a little complex and unweildy - i think something simpler would be better. something like an un-coup-able tough would be good, like the crypt legion special ability, so that not even someone slitting his throat would stop him, one time out of five. Giving him a higher base tough would be good, something like four or five, which is doable, but there is still a chance to kill him. also, maybe a bigger focus on the weather might give the army more of a pirate/ocean feel. I dont think that "flyer's and burrower's are allways on ground level" is such a good FA . . . . its much to restrictive as it completely negates these abilities. I do like the innate spell idea, but maybe make it something unique, like the woodland lists tree summining, say create small pockets of storms or fog. for example change in the wind- as a standard action, any leader model may place a CD sized patch of fog anywhere within 12". this fog blocks line of sight and provides a +2 DV bonus to all models inside the patch. this ability may be used a total of three times per game. or maybe make it a patch of strong wind, were all non-blowthrough shooting is ineffective. although if the CD sized token is annoying to bring around, maybe make it a 3" or 5" AOE centered on the caster . . . . maybe an innate spell like abillity. or just add it as a spell thats Razig only, though I have no idea how many points it would be worth.
  2. first off --> gratz to Paul As for my intention, I will still be coming up on wednesdays, as I cannot make fridays, unless if hell freezes over (I'm a delivery driver for I Fratelli Pizza, EVERYONE works on fridays) though if it does, ill make an appearence. also, I have some daylight hours off during the weekends, so if anyone wants to try to get in a game then, I can be open (read: sometime before dinner)
  3. hmmmmm if i were an evil isiri slaver/torturer, i would keep a group of fast spiders/something fast to run down and paralyze captives. spiders, or some sort of fast demon or underground creature to catch running captives. them beatles thngs might be cool, if they were like, evil beetles.
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