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  1. Not only was Jolie's character naked the whole time, but Beowulf decides to fight Grendel in the nude to "even the field"
  2. I'd have to disagree with the review. I thought it was one of the worst movies I've ever seen. The actions sequences while visually impresive from a CGI point of view were slow, the voice acting was dull and boring, and the non action visual sequences were just plain boring. The gore factor was over the top, with no value being added to the movie. The in your face nudity and sexual innuendo also served no real plot purpose. My wife and daughter walked out. I stayed with the boys because I thought they wanted to see it, but after the movie they both told me they thought it was stupid. Don't waste your time or money on this one folks.....
  3. This is a great idea..... I'm playing with a group in San Jose, Ca. We meet every other Thursday 6-10pm Currently playing 3.5 We are actually looking for one more player. Must not be hygenically challenged. If anyone is interested let me know
  4. I really like how the sword turned out.
  5. Rode it out here as well. Couple of things fell off of shelves but no minis were harmed in the making of this earthquake
  6. Were playing 3.5 now, and I think our group is another in the wait and see line. It sounds interesting, but does it justify the costs. Plus our DM is not afraid to tweak the rules that don't work so well.....
  7. Howdy all, I'm looking for advice or a walk thru on painting "magic weapons" I've seen some that are are swirly and cool, and some others that are painted to look like fire or ice. Now that I am actively trying to find some examples I'm not having any luck. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. For me the screen is the same as reading a book. I don't get the headaches or eye strain I normally get from staring at the computer monitor for long periods of time. From that aspect alone it was worth the purchase price. The e-connect store is simple to use (if a bit slow). Overall I think we'll get alot of use out if it. The only issue for me is I like to read alot of lesser known books that they don't have in the store. The store has a way to request books not in inventory, but I haven't tried it yet
  9. You can actually adjust the size of the text on the screen, making it bigger or smaller to suit your preference. Also the books are actually downloaded to the hard drive of your computer before they go into the e-reader so if you lose the device your out $249 (price at costco) but not any of the books....
  10. I know there are alot of bookworms here, so I would just like to recommend This Nifty little gadget that I bought for my wife. It is way cool and very easy to use. My wife is now able to walk around with currently eight books (but can hold up to 80) in her purse. If you are an avid reader it is well worth the money, and the book selection is huge!!!
  11. Yeah, me too!!! I'm hoping to have more time to paint soon. I seem to really go in spurts. Right now I am working on Bertrand the monk for one of the guys in my DnD group. I just ordered a weapons pack to convert the staff to a spear, so I'm on hold till that arrives. I also bought some GW orcs, though I'm not really impressed with the quality.......I'll try putting those guys together this week. Thanks for all the nice comments. I'll try to post some other pics. I have my airsoft gun display on another wall, and then there is a storage rack with camping supplies along the back wall. I orginally did not want it in "MY" room, but I've learned that you have to go along to get along......
  12. Ok here is a link to the pics of my Hobby room. I am computer stupid and couldn't figure out how to post the pics into the forum......If anyone would like to educate me I would be delighted!!!! New Hobby room
  13. Basements are so cool!!! I wish I had one, but here in Cali houses haven't had basements since the 20's. Pics are still forthcoming. Got home last night had to cook dinner for the kids, and help with homework. Daddy duties first. I'll try tp post them tonight....
  14. You know why all French rifles come with slings? So they can put their hands up to surrender and not drop them!!!
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