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  1. While using the list builder for darkspawn i noticed mob was not included for the gnomes. It is great otherwise though. thanks for your hard work on the list builder
  2. along with the list of the night at the museam list my son and I came up with a a sub list called Monuments to Sokar see what you guys think, we have yet too try it but looks like it could be fun, Ammat,chosen of sokar(one with croc.head only),reborn,thoth,Ammant Devoures,Anubis Gaurds,Dust Devil,Spinx,Walking Avatar, and finally the mighty Sokar Avatar, in the army changing from nonunigue and adapts are Ammat, the Devoures,Thoth and Walkng Avatar, and changing so you can have a troop of Dust Devils, finally do somethign along the lines of Routhus from darkspawn, if you want to take a warlord make Sokar's Avatar a warlord for 15 pts extra with a 3-10/2 troop, some FA abiltys could be along the lines of keep Sokar is Near after all they are Monuments to him, add a + 3 to there dv to range would add to there deflect they are stone now how could an arrow hurt them, and on terren declared sand they get a +2 to movement and when crosing water there movement is cut by 3/4 , spells under cleric we called it rekindering of the flame for 40pts it does a 2" healing of 2 points of damage, Mage spells would go like this , cyclone 12"range does 2" circle model on the ground gets 1 point of damage and flyers get 2points of damage cost 30pts, we called it buffet think more along the line of a big wall of sand hittign you has 12"range, it does a 4"+2" rectangle of damage any model inside gets 1 pt of damge and also a hold to next actavation cost 60pts, and finally ground shift 18" range can move any model 6" in any direction the caster wishes cost 10pts. so what you think
  3. I was looking under Alliance and I saw RPR 10019 Nar'Kasithe Dragonqueen $49.99. Any Ideas on what it is? Im hoping its some reptus warlord or an a Reptus solo. Sadly it looks to bee a long way off. Any hints from reaper avaiable.
  4. I got a few quesions about Nefsokar. 1) The book states that the Frog swarms are adepts. Does this mean that only one troop can cast them. Ex. I have 2 clerics in 2 different groups and can both clerics cast it or just one cast? 2) Has anybody used the frogs succefully or are the just a waste of points? If so how? 3)Also what is the best way to use Khathan? Whenever I use her i keep her back and take shats from a far. 4)I have been working on an Army list I have room for upgrades or men still. 1500 Desert Wind army Troop 1 Misher-65 4 dervishes-132 2 herdsman-46 243 Troop 2 Tariq-56 2 bandages 30 Fatima-76 2-call of lightnings 120 2 bandages 20 Desert Hordes-25 2 dervishes-66 1 herdsman-23 1 ranger-41 457 Troop 3 Anwar-82 3 mounted Archers-141 223 Troop 4 Khathan-145 Troop 5 Scorpian-144 Troop 6 Dust Devil-116 1328
  5. I think Payanak would be inteligent so i doubt he would have the beast special ability. I know there is many dragons without wings, but i just can't see Payanak being one of them. Dont get me wrong. i do like your sketch. Any thoughts on my chemealan idea?
  6. Yeah, but it was about as close as I could get with what he asked off hand, besides, even the Minions don't have it on their Data Card, they're basically Summoned (Mage) anyways I could see a mass summoning of some imp like critters with Goblin-esque stats fitting in the fluff of Darkspawn. Opps my bad i thought you could summon more than one model at a time. My origional idea was to have a mage summon a group of soldiers at a time onto the field as a surprise attack. Anyways i do like the elite and mass imp summoning ideas though. We already have a few flyers in Dark spawn, so is it safe to guess that we will probably get a flying adept? If we do get one i think it should have closer stats to the Harpy then the Crypt bats. I was thinking of a spell that is like fire ball, but has a chance to hit twice. When you cast it, it acts like a fire ball, but if you hit once you roll again with half the casting power and so you have a chance of hitting twice. Sorta like lighting striking twice. Thoughts?
  7. I'll put money on it being a typo. I thought maybe he was a fallen crusader but ok. I was thinking about new guys for dark spawn and I Think there should be an adept with Summoned(Mage) special ability. Wouldn't it be cool to have a troop be hidden inside a spell caster.
  8. At Paizo.com Sir Theo is under Darkspawn. Do you guys think it is a typo or do you think he will be a new unit for us. If so a leader, an elite or a solo?
  9. I know the flying adepts have all been to expensive in the past but maybe if we were to get a flying adept without ranger it would be more affordable. Maybe it is just me but i have never found ranger useful. I wouldn't mind a unit that has a special abilty that makes it invisble to archery. Chameleon Reptus!!!
  10. I Live in the Dover and i know at least four other players here. The others didn't sign up though. Just didn't want you to think there were only two of players in pa. I do agree we don't have many tourtaments up here.
  11. I Like the Idea of the swift strikers but the Fire breathers seems like they would be worth to many points for only 2 rav. I wouldn't mind seeing a flying reptus adept. It just seems like it would fit the dragon theme.
  12. I thought i read somewhere in the core book that you need a warlord for more than 1501 points.
  13. Thanks for the help. Does anyone know when our faction book will be released and when Rauthuros will come out? Any Idea on spells?
  14. I have played about three games so far (all against Nefsokar) and didn't even come close to a victory. I know Darkspawn is a mage based army but is there any way to combat Nefsokar effectively. I have.... The witch Queen Naisthe 9 Warriors Vysa Javolith 6 archers 5 broken Fodder 3 pain tenders Ashakia Spawn Devourer
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