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  1. I thought Reaper was amazing at Gen Con. I was there working for another company but the paint and take area was constantly packed and full of energy. I saw a little boy trot away carrying his mini like it was made of gold, literally holding it with both hands running down the isle of the mini hall with the biggest smile on his face to show it off to mom and dad. Great job Reaper family!!!
  2. Thanks, I will try the blue wash this weekend. The hair is actually brown and orange...but i need to put in some more highlights. It is only the 2 coats right now. Lots of work to do. Thanks for the suggestions. Larry
  3. OK. Here goes. There are so many things wrong with this. After taking the up close photos, which are not the best themsleves, I can see so many more errors than I originally thought I had. However I am going to post these, because I know it is the only way I can get feedback and pointers. I am concentrating on the suit, the grey and white costume is painted, that is not primer nor is the head or gloves (the base is primer). I am going for kind of a dirty Captain Spaulding look. My next step in this process is to sit in my room at GenCon with a magnifying glass and lamp and something strong to drink and work out some of the rough edges. I look forward to your feedback and don't be afraid to hurt my feelings. You are a great bunch and I know your pointers are to help me, and I need all the help I can get. Thanks, Larry
  4. I received my paints today...I am excited and scared to death, because now I have to use them. Fingers Crossed. Thanks again everyone who participated in this thread.
  5. It is not that I am upset with the Store or the Owner...I know he is not sitting on them making me wait. He says it is a distributor issue so I believe him. If a steak house is out of Prime Rib I have to take them at their word. Same thing to me. The main reason I asked the question, was to find out if Reaper possibly had some issues on their end, which would be fine. I was looking for either a "Yes, we are shipping out new paints on Date X", or the reply they gave which was "Nope no problem on our end." Now what I am going to do next is go back to my game store, show him this thread and let him see that the problem is not with Reaper, which is what the distributor has led him to believe. I am at his shop every week running games and buying miniatures, it is not like I just went to a random store gave them cash and said order me paints. Thank you everyone who replied to this thread.
  6. Thanks for the replies, they are exactly what I was looking for. Larry
  7. Hi all, I am having a little problem getting MSPs and was wondering if there was a known distribution problem. After returning from Reaper Con I sold some stuff on e-bay and used that $$$ to buy the big MSP set (the first 108 colors). It has been about 7 weeks now (since I ordered) and every week I ask the store if they came in yet they tell me their distributor can't get any Reaper Paints in. Now I have a couple basic paints that I picked up while I was in denton so I am not 100% without, but it is starting to get a little more than annoying. I don't blame the store, and I want to make sure that there is not a problem on the Reaper end. I do not know the distributor (not my business) but if there is nothing on the Reaper end preventing sets going out, I can show him this thread and he can press the issue with his distributor. Thanks for listening to me whine, Larry
  8. I would like to start out by saying Thank You Reaper for hosting a great event. So much Talent in one area...WOW. The weekend was more than I could have hoped for. I learned so much and can't wait till I get home this evening so I can start practicing. I want to thank everyone who took the time to teach the classes and answer our questions. The forums are great and have awesome information, but reading about details and actually watching Jennifer draw a tattoo are two totally different things. The biggest thing I think I got out of the con was to be patient, practice, and use good tools. Larry
  9. I so wanted to do more...I wanted to have some things ready for ReaperCon. So I could be critiqued. What has kept me from painting has been school. I am taking a VBA class for work and it is taking a lot more of my time than I really wanted it to. I finished my final last night...I have been working on finishing my homework today and everything is due tomorrow. Monday thru Thursday I will be doing honey-dos around the house (as this class has also kept me from doing anything around the house either) and then the Con is this coming weekend. I am looking forward to this con very much. I am also looking forward to a summer of painting. My plan (and we all know how plans go) is to take the time I was putting into school work and put that same time into painting. Take care everyone.
  10. I bought a tripod this weekend and will try to get some better pictures. The blue is bugging me too...it is basically a coat of blue with a light blue slapped on top...now I have to blend the 2 together...which is probably totally wrong...after reading and reading and self mutalation for not reading sooner I see I should layer from dark to light and not try to blend dark and light together after the fact. The HC ring was laying there and it was easier than trying to make something...god I am so lazy. Thanks for the feedback and like i said i will try and get new pics soon as well as some others. Larry
  11. I chose this figure because it has a lot of flesh and cloth to work with and thought it would be a good starting point for me to get into painting with. It is a mostly nude figure so WARNING DANGER and any other word that might keep out the too young to see audience. The progress photos are more than one page long in my link so if you want to see from the start to the present you will have to go back a page. This something I really want to become good at one day. I appreciate your feedback. I have not started the hair and I know my next step is to blend the highlight and dark recesses together on the cloth. This is one of the figures I am going to bring to Reapercon for critique there as well. http://360.yahoo.com/blog-2rVI6Ew9erRYG7g1...n&ver=7,0,0,437
  12. This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks everyone! I will leave the U-Haul at home and just bring some basics.
  13. I have a questions about things to bring. My primary reason for coming is for the painting. I have signed up for six classes: Hair & Fur - Fri. 12 to 2 PM Skintones - Fri. 10 to 12 AM Faces & Eyes - Sat. 12 to 2 PM Non-Metallic Metal - Sun. 12 to 2 PM Details - Sun. 3 to 5 PM Weathering Effects - Sun. 10 to 12 AM I have some brushes and figure I can purchase some there if I need a specific one. I have a little paint (it is RP) but I plan on stocking up on some more while I am there. Now for my question. I am washing, prepping and priming some figures...I am trying to get enough examples to play with for the classes I have signed up for. What would be a good qty of figures to bring for what I am signed up for? What else should I bring along? I have some of the green railroad grass stuf and some railroad stones. I want to make the most out of this trip and would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks in advance, Larry
  14. This is all kind of new to me. I know how to prime a figure...I know how to put paint on a figure...but my skill stops there. So one day I was looking at a catalog at the local shop that has minis and I see this ReaperCon. How cool is that, a con where I can go and possible learn how to paint a miniature half way decent. I bought a ticket right away. I will be attending, and I hope I do not embarass myself too much. But I am really looking forward to this. I want to paint miniatures well. Please be gentle with me ;). Larry
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