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  1. The your coverage is good and smooth but you need to work on the finer details IMHO. The eyes are one example that could use some real focus one. Now I am not saying you don't have promise because you do. What I would suggest is to get some good magnification. Even a hand held one would be better to see the finer lines. The blue should done first. Let it dry. I would then do brown line the rim around the eyes. Let it dry. I would then SLOWLY sweep my brush under the eye leaving a thin line of brown liner. This is not easy task so you may have to do this a few times.
  2. I wonder who this could be? You want him to win but no name given....hmmmm. I like dargrin'n entry myself. Because it's not typical of one thinks about when entering a contest. The free hand is well done. If we are going to stand behind our choices I would stand behind him. Although not really that closely, this is after all a contest you know.
  3. Looks cool, But what is the carving on the door? CLoser, yes closer.
  4. Very good conversion work. very cool.
  5. Any chance of getting a closer shot of the gun?
  6. I like the colors you chosen as well. I would really suggest highlighting them up and reposting. Really cool though.
  7. Very nice. I really like the skin tones. I would suggest hitting up the sword hilt and hair with some highlights.
  8. These are really really good. The only thing that I see as a minor flaw is that the color on the green cloak is that is does not look like there is much to the mid tone. It has an almost lighted look to it.
  9. Nice paint job. Very well done. I just have one question, How does this thing eat?
  10. I had to say that I totally did a spit take when I saw this. Coke up the nose is not a good feeling.
  11. I like the top one allot. NMM is well don as well as the skin tones. The basework is bit confusing though. I can't tell if this a river bed or what. It is still way better then what I can do however.
  12. I like the cat. There is a dusty sandstone look to it. The urn also looks good. The Withches Coven could use some highlights on the top and sides with a light gray. I would also suggest that you might want to put on some soup splatter as well. The Undertakers Hireling came out good. The shadowing in the folds of the orange coat on the back needs a mid tone. Blend that in and I think that you have a nice fig there.
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