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  1. 12 hours ago, Pezler the Polychromatic said:

    Our FLGS got into GW a little while ago and the owner's husband isn't happy that Orks haven't gotten a codex yet, he feels their hands are tied compared to the other factions. I have counseled patience, I don't think GW is done making announcements at Adepticon yet.


    Hmm I didn't realize GW had made any Adepticon announcements.   All of them came before Adepticon even opened.  

    More likely the announcements were made in an attempt to steal some of FFG's thunder in the Star Wars Legion release. 

    I am not here to troll your post, or take sides.  I am not sure Legion will have the same impact X-wing did on market share.  but i do believe it got GW's attention. 

    As a result GW has become more user friendly.    so win win..    IMOO Legion is a good game.  Has a fluff that is as deep or deeper than 40k and it has brand recognition.

    And a price point that is way under GW model.   and more along the line of Reaper bones....between $3.00 and $3.35 per troop.  Will the painting keep some away?  sure..  It's an interesting time for table top miniatures.   


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  2. ITS missions in my experience really handcuffs all flavors of the Combined army.. unidron forward observers are cheap and their WP is really low..  Then combine that with the fact you have to take a hacker to take a unidron. 

    Bing your points just shot up. 


    My problem in ITS missions with combined is the fact that you are paying for things that are not used in ITS.  Lets look at line troopers..  Across the galaxy all factions are within one point of some other faction attributes.  Morats are the same as well except they have Morat special skill which is fairly good but not actually of any practicality in ITS missions.. and then you look at how much you are paying for that. and that will leave you scratching your head.   Combined army in my mind really isn't geared towards accomplishing ITS missions.  it is geared towards killing troopers..and that's ok...Have lost lots of ITS games and been nearly the only left on the board. 


    Love Doctor Wurm..


    It does have some extremely cruel.  What I'd call gotcha models.

    Speculo Killer

    Ko dali

    The Avatar


     but you are paying a premium price for those..

  3. It does read and the rules are organized in a clunky fashion.. I blame most of this on the fact that English is a very distant second language for the writers.


    I have played more than a few games I like it.

    I cannot say the same for ITS missions.  but then I play Combined Army and specialists troops are at a premium.

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  4. There are two seperate issues.  Here is how I would decide.


    I think the most important factor in your decision.

    What's my local meta group playing and how often?


    That's the real tell.. Can you get a game when you want or almost when you want?


    As far as games that match the miniature sets you already have.

    Kings of War is probably your best bet.  I am not a Kings of War miniature fan.. I am a Reaper miniature fan, and the rules do not preclude you use Kings of War miniatures.


    It is a mass battle system and requires some rank and file troopers. and there are a number of bases required per unit however you can do a diorama. and as long as you have over 50% of the models on the base they are happy at tournaments. and while you are working on miniatures as long as you have the unit size base you can pretty much play a game.

    Its quick, Its easy.  and while sometimes you have to roll a lot of dice. (One of my arguments against the game) its fun to play. 

    My list of things that that make this something you might want to pursue.

    1) You can probably use the fantasy miniatures you already have.

    2) You can freely use Reaper miniatures in this game, and I would say you are a fan if you are on their boards.

    3) Base rules are free.  and fairly balanced.

    4) Avg Games play in about 60-90 minutes.

    5) It is a semi tactical game that is not about power but positioning.


    Another Rule set I'll tell you about is 9th age.  Its an independent rules set built out of the ashes of what was warhammer fantasy.

    If you like Warhammer fantasy.  (I did not)  You might want to look at this game.  Its not done by a miniatures company to sell miniatures.

    Its being done by fans of the old Warhammer fantasy.  You should be able to use any fantasy miniatures you like.  But word of caution it will take a lot of miniatures rank and file.  Warhammer fantasy was imoo never a great game.  And was designed as a platform to push miniature sales for its parent company.   Still it is a decent game, and since it is being done by fans any models should be allowed.


    I am not a fan of Warmachine or 40 K.  These games are designed with miniature sales in mind.  Not everything is viable in these games.  Its almost seems as if they are design as a way to push miniatures and allow for players to seek out the best possible rule twists.  All games tend to be the same here.. Good matchup vs bad matchup with very little else to add to their game.  They both have huge followings though and if your area has a meta it is likely going to be one of these two.  With the edge going to 40K for number of players.  Neither game is very balanced.  Not all miniatures have practical application on the battlefield.  And certain faction struggle while other factions have an easier time. If you are interested in either of these two definitely get some demo games before purchasing models.


    Bolt action is a pretty good 28 MM WW2 game (I am not a fan of their miniatures or prices) but it is a decent game and if you have the right division between allied and axis players is fun to play.   Another WW2 game on a different scale is Flames of War.  Its a better game than bolt action and shares some of the same principles with 40k.  It is a game.  You will run into players trying to turn it into some sort of tactical battle recreation.  Its definitely not that.  I am not a fan of the price of their models.  But there are a gluttony of miniatures available in this scale. So finding a price point to buy at is usually pretty easy to find.


    The last game I am going to talk about in any kind of depth is Infinity.  Its a skirmish (near/far future setting)  Things I like about this game:

    Low model count <20 models

    All models on the table have a purpose and a counter.

    Several factions to choose from (and while they have their strengths and weaknesses) The game is fairly balanced.

    This is the game where if you see a group of models you like in a particular faction its probably worth the purchase.

    This is the only game where I buy miniatures strictly because I like the model.  If I don't like the model.. I don't buy them.

    Free ruleset


    Things that were an issue for me in game

    Require lots of terrain

    Small but growing meta

    Rules are translated into English from Spanish and sometimes that's an issue

    ITS missions require lots of specialists, Which really is an adjustment from the rules.

    Miniatures tend to be pricy, Difficult to assemple and on a slightly smaller scale than other 28mm miniatures.


    Malifaux. (I haven't played)  I like some of the models and The card turning mechanic is fairly unique.  But I haven't played so I am going to leave this a question mark


    Board games with a miniature component I'd recommend.


    Super dungeon explorer (if you like Chibi)

    Arcane quest is fun as well (if you like Chibi)


    There are others but I am drawing a blank.



    Ok after all I have said above.

    The most important thing is to find out what your meta is playing.

    Game can be really cool; Models could be really cool.  but if no one is playing the game, you probably wont be either.

    If you don't like who you are playing you probably wont play either.  So keep that in mind.

    The above is the most important 90% of the decision.

    After that its just deciding which game you want to play.  Good luck

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  5. Wow.. The queen of pink and teal... Where is the Pink? And before that statement gets me in trouble...


    Glad you are doing well in Seattle..


    Can't wait to see what you do next

  6. yes Meg the are the same miniature on the playfield. One is just human form and the other is were form


    for the record on the were form that weirds me out a little too.. but no more than the fact that the clothing optional mini is from the great white north... BRRRRR


  7. all of these rock.. I just said no purple or teal...


    I didn't know what to expect on the handmaidens, something foxy or foxish and I think you they capture the essance. I like the whites on the wereform..and then the hair matching from one to the other...


    All I can say is I am blown away...These are excellent pieces and my Warlord game is going to have to improve to make me worthy to put these on the table...

  8. Vince I had my Army, Mr First loser.. I just passed as the others locals did.. besides me being a victim at the table no great loss...

    Even If I had played it would have meant someone else would have had to take a seat. The argument being made was not whether I played it was rather Everyone should have the opportunity to play, and three rounds guaranteed is pie in the sky. Without having more table space, or adjusting the format. Believe it or not the majority of the problem is not the administrators but the players. I think they had five pre-regs the day before the tourny.. Thats 44 of you who registered in the last 18 hours. Instead of turning people away they tried to make as much space as possible. So Kudos Reaper staff. I am quite sure they will be turning people away next tournement so register early...Ultimately you run tournements based upon what you have room for.. At RC it should be multi day probably..but then not everyone can get there on a Saturday

  9. Bill your take on three rounds or else works normally but what about tourneys of more than 20 participants. What if you have less than 10 tables.


    hello reaper con...(actually they had twelve tables) but you could have had 4 more tables for sure in participants. Your guarneteed three games does not work in this case. (I got no games in at Reaper Con) and I pre regged.. It is far more important to get all the participants in than it is to guarantee three rounds.. obviously the situation dictates different organizations.

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