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  1. Any Reaper events or staff at Akon 18 this weekend?
  2. Also to add to your list of "sins" - CC has also traditional included extremely short range weapon's fire. In it's original abstractions back in CAV1 grenades, pistols, and things of that sort got rolled into CC as well. I don't know if anyone's noticed, but Shredder weapons add significantly to a CAV or vehicle's Avenger value. For example, every vehicle carrying a MG comes with Avenger/3. Not exactly every model though. Notice the Armored Mortar teams, and mortar teams also have avenger, but the rifle teams do not. Things that make you go hmm... Did Avenger mean something else in the past?
  3. I have the plastics that came with the kit and some Van Saar.. I am not doing anything with...Make me an offer.. I am both cheap and easy.... Also the Dark Age miniatures would probably have lots of good subs
  4. CC should be designed to cover a multitude of sins. To include. Cav to Cav combat. just because you haven't seen an ADON Martial arts Cav yet... Think about it Cav to Vehicle combat. Think Godzilla Cav to Infantry combat. Think Godzilla In particular the scene where they are all running away from Godzilla speaking in japanese Vehicle overrun attacks against infantry... Infantry hand-to-hand combat Infantry close combat with a vehicle or Cav I think I now see part of the problem: Infantry CCV are way to high and not inline with thier price. Not only that the rules cater to their weakness mobility. They can ride-dismount-and attack all the same turn... Infantry should be the victim in nearly every encounter with anything other than other infantry. Unless a vehicle is immobilized or fighting in close quarters where a unit has an unseen approach the infantry is the victim. Since you don't have a mechanic for a vehicle overrun you have to tone down infantry. CCV = 1 for rifle team CCV = 2 for Armored rifle team CCV=0 for any infantry/Firesupport Also riding needs to cost an action for infantry. If they areusing someone elses movement, they shouldn't get to use thier own in addition. Vehicles/Cav need to have thier weapon included in the CCV value They do have a range value of 1 to X Vehicles and Cav have another factor in CC: Fear It takes a whole lot of gumption to hold your ground when charged by lotsa steel. The inclusion of satchel charges doesn't make sense Game mechanic wise. You can't add weapons or CCV to vehicles or Cav's The satchel charge range is CCV.. Exactly what range is that? The fact that CC has the possibility of doing more than one or two points of damage per turn also is not inline with the rest of the game mechanics. Just because a unit has to stop when in B2B contact doesn't mean it has lost it's mobility. The CC rules really need to be simplified, follow the normal game mechanic and be finite.
  5. A couple of things: 1) CC covers a multitude of sins:
  6. Isn't that where Experience takes over.. I surmise it's something more like the castlebuilder thing.. your vehicle becomes less responsive and more difficult to steer out of the way6 of danger. Nope, even the most experienced pilot can have their confidence shot. You also have to remember that all the stats are abstract. A single stat could reflex several things. I am learning that they don't really mean what they think they mean. I thought about this in CC Say I am a vehicle or Cav I am in B2B I want to CC. Say my vehicle or Cav has four weapons. Do I add my CCV value and +1 for each weapon? Why, unless I was infantry would I ever want to CC someone I am in B2B contact? I think the answer to this is to take them out in one round?
  7. I saw some at a Local shop... The airplanes are slightly larger... but they look good...
  8. Isn't that where Experience takes over.. I surmise it's something more like the castlebuilder thing.. your vehicle becomes less responsive and more difficult to steer out of the way6 of danger.
  9. I created an excel spreadsheet with all the available Adonese models... PM me if you want a copy
  10. I submit that the Adon should be a mech infantry force than an Armor force. The native vehicles are geared towards engaging at longer than normal ranges and Adon vehicles should never be close combatted by any force. Relying on ranged fire to wear down the targets. while using ECM to force the enemy to close. To put it in MMORPG terms.. ADON is the master DOT type foe. You have a couple of pieces to really hit hard, but you shoudl be hitting more often than your opponent does.
  11. I'd consider swapping the Dragoon with the scarab...
  12. If that is the case though.. Shouldn't EXP be static. It is stepped along with the other stats
  13. No problem.. One attack per activation.. I am ok +1 to attack per model.. I am ok.. (Any good Russian will tell you the more the merrier when assaulting) The defender may break base.. causes more problems tha it is worth. a) When is damage assessed? b) We a potentially granting powers to vehicles that is not represented on its card. c) A break out attempt says it is because the vehicles size etc.. but the roll is based up exp? d) there is no target to break out. I realize it is thier first draft..
  14. There have been some good suggestions.. I read the mil-net flyer today but that too is too convoluted in its wording.. I am not criticising It is obviously a very first draft. (CC still heavily weighted in the favor of the attacker.) Attacker .. Defender.. My suggestion is to not redefine these two just for CC. I will post my mark up by Monday. My first suggestion is: infantry CC goes until completion against vehicles and infantry only. Against infantry vs CAV Deals one point of damage and on each critical hit can go another round. Attacker and Defender alternate between rounds. ie. An infantry unit CC a vehicle. Round 1: infantry unit Assaults Vehicle (defender) Steps of damage assessed Round 2: Vehicle CC against Infantry: Steps of Damage assessed As this is infantry against a vehicle The infantry has the option to keep the assault up or stop. If this had been against a CAV CC is over unless the infantry scored a critical. Infantry are subject to run and gun penalties when Dismounting into BTB contact as follows. A) The transport loses 2 movement inches B) The CC infantry suffer a -1 situational penalty against the target they are assaulting. Infantry dismounting from vehicles do not apply any charge bonus. Infantry units can buy 1 satchel charge upgrade per stand of non Fire-support infantry. When a stand uses a Satchel charge 1 upgrade is removed from the unit.
  15. Never was a man o war fan. I could see the writing on the wall.. 18 month cycle and out. ad it didn't play all that well..For my money... that ship game that comes in the little packages.. plays pretty good.. "We are the pirates.. who don't do anything!...."
  16. No tournement? or no events at all? Before I drive from Rockwall. Just trying to plan out my wet weekend.
  17. No problem with that.. I have a pile that needs ironing... Yuck... I do like hearing what they players liked best
  18. I see that Cav had a nice run down of the scenarios and builds but I haven't seen one for Warlords. Nor did I see any comments on the scenarios. So indulge me, as a new player. What was your Army list. Favorite Scenario Least Favorite scenario. Best moment in the tournament. Also if this is somewhere else in the discussion group, please point it out to me.
  19. Actually this genre has been around... I like Rattrap productions "Pulp Heroes" It's more in the doom trooper (SCi fi tv show vein not the Mutant chronicles world) Anyway there is a sample session at fictional realities. Here I believe its the first write up in that online rag. Will hold judgement until I see a little more. I would like to see super soldiers.. Ala Captain America, Red Star, Superman. To be included... It has solo potential, Very strange for a miniature game.
  20. Very nice... Hard to believe you didn't place.
  21. Does it wear out your mold faster? Also where do you get it? Easy of use? Is it toxic? LOL I have kiddoes around all of them old enough.... You'd think... Set up time etc....
  22. The whole lt thing isn't really a problem as I see it. The main issues I have are: a) the mechanics are little wonky I mean if you are rolling you want to roll nearest the target numner which is niether high nor low. and your opponent is rolling at a totally different target number.. Blah blah.. I still can't do it without thinking about it.. b) the gameplay caters to the shooter.. Everything can shoot, and only needs los in most cases to do so.. This tends to be a little too lethal.. c) lotsa stealth elements...I call it the predator syndrome... you can have opponents standing right behind you and not see them.. It is a skirmish game.. not in the classic sense....don't get caught in the open..
  23. I think this is Hirst arts molds Can you tell me which molds you use? and what medium you are using? Plaster of paris comes out ok for me.. but is too brittle to transport..
  24. I have the rules and have played them with the boys... The benefits of being a Dad It doesn't play too badly... Games tend to be quick, and better with more terrain. It's hard to find mini's and opponents.
  25. Well in the Dallas area you run into a couple of problems.. RCon, Memorial Day, Akon, and then Summer. Makes for a busy month of May.. To those of you who have problems with the weather in May, Try June, July, or August on for size.. May is a teacup in a tempest comparedly speaking. If you were going to move it you'd almost have to move it up. Then you have Easter with which to contend, and really no better schedule wise for those in school or working. You might look at March, Spring break, Mardi Gras, and the fact that those visiting from the Northern burbs of Texas are just now coming out of Winter Hibernation. Ok Lets go the other direction Fall.. September-December.. we are Football centric down here. School starts back so no real relief there. May looks real good all the time. Trouble with Texans.. God was having trouble with all the Texans in Heaven. they won't wear thier robes or Halos The mosey around all day with cutoffs and hats. So he told St. Peter to give the Devil a call.. and see what he does with all the Texans down there. <St. Peter> Ring Ring Ring... <Devil> Hello.... <St. Peter> The Boss want's to know what you do with all the Texans down there <Devil> WHAT !?!?!, Hang on a sec... [Long pause can here someone walking away from the phone] Yeah, I am sorry what was the question? <St. Peter> God wanted to know what you do with all the Texans down there.. <Devil> What? Your kidding!! obviously not paying attention to the phone conversation...One sec Pete....[again a long pause and some shuffling going on] <Devil> I can't talk now. Those Texans have put out the Fire.... and are now trying to install air conditioning..
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