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  1. Vince I had my Army, Mr First loser.. I just passed as the others locals did.. besides me being a victim at the table no great loss... Even If I had played it would have meant someone else would have had to take a seat. The argument being made was not whether I played it was rather Everyone should have the opportunity to play, and three rounds guaranteed is pie in the sky. Without having more table space, or adjusting the format. Believe it or not the majority of the problem is not the administrators but the players. I think they had five pre-regs the day before the tourny.. Thats 44 of you who registered in the last 18 hours. Instead of turning people away they tried to make as much space as possible. So Kudos Reaper staff. I am quite sure they will be turning people away next tournement so register early...Ultimately you run tournements based upon what you have room for.. At RC it should be multi day probably..but then not everyone can get there on a Saturday
  2. Bill your take on three rounds or else works normally but what about tourneys of more than 20 participants. What if you have less than 10 tables. hello reaper con...(actually they had twelve tables) but you could have had 4 more tables for sure in participants. Your guarneteed three games does not work in this case. (I got no games in at Reaper Con) and I pre regged.. It is far more important to get all the participants in than it is to guarantee three rounds.. obviously the situation dictates different organizations.
  3. Let me chime in on my opinion.. Clearly the words below are my own.. but it is how I feel about painted or unpainted armies. Let me start out by saying I am not a painter.. I am an adult or have nearly been one the past 20 years..so time is not my own. I marvel at the items displayed at events. even the ones at the Asylum not to mention Reaper con. That being said the game rules mention nothing about painting. However I believe because the game isnt solitaire. That you owe your opponent something besides just a good game. Proxy or not to proxy is not my point. If you as the opponent put some time and effort into your game and your army. You make the game way more enjoyable for the people you play against and the people who stand by and watch you play. Trust me if you were at Reaper Con on Saturday. You could not get away from the Warlord . People that don't currently play also look to see whats was going on. If they see someone putting that much time and effort into a wargame it inspires a little more than interest. To go with primed or bare metal, essentially turns the hobby into chess or monopoly or another dice rolling game. So I would like to see official tourneys be painted again this is purely my opinion
  4. Lol and somehow I won this game and the local tournament With Xeldorian and a caster (D'Khul)as my handler against Orba (with an assassins blade) and Mika, 2 pure melee models! I guesses there's more than one way to play the game.... I can see where Xeldorian.. would have some advantages in in this scenario... but don't believe Lionheart.. or do believe Lionheart and counter those weaknesses..as in all games. play to your strengths and expoloit your enemies weaknesses
  5. Mitheral that's so Elven. Adamantium.. now thats a metal worth of a Dwarf..... LOL Love the paint job on this mini.. Love it. Think its the best Pelt I have seen painted in a while..and his skin tone and beard make him look cold... My only critique would be the base. Of which is beautiful but the "weeds" sticking up distract me.. on both sides of the model..They are dead center on the model.. i think it would look better without them or if they wer moved off to the side either way
  6. Give em hell ARMY!!!!!!!! How many more years to retirement?
  7. I think I would dip these, Thats not saying they are not good pieces.. I think they would be better after the dip... letting the dip provide more definition.. Love to see these on the table top... High points for me on the models.. The hunting beast has that ferel just rolled in some mud look.. I dig that On the other models I like the skin , and the color choices.. as a critique I might highlight the faces a little maybe a little purple on the lips.. but the dip should provide some definition there.. and yes painting can be very relaxing. my fiance
  8. Looking good... I like the figure and your paint job definitely brings out the high points of the figure. I don't see much to critique on this one...
  9. That still didn't answer the question. why not an Asylum Tourney one Saturday a month? I agree Sundays are difficult to do at the hour you would like.. You could still do Sundays but later in the afternoon? 3 ish.. That gives me a chance to get out of Church.. eat with the Family and then drive and get my game on...but then that puts me out of the Asylum at 6:30 7:00 pm and home with there still being light out... Don't make me a Heathen seven days a week...
  10. Post Apocalyptic - Gamma World, Twilight 2000, I put Mutant Chronicles in this category. Car Wars, Deadlands Hell on Earth This is a tough call for me because it really depends on you apocolypse. Dystopian - Shadowrun.. Sci-Fi Horror - Savage Worlds, Deadlands, Rifts, Dimebox.. I think produces one. and Cthulu was not mentioned say it isnt so.... Sci-Fi Mech - Never played a decent roleplay game with Mechs.. It always goes back to the mech... Sc-Fi General - Traveller and Battlelords of the 23rd century.. Although BL has a dice roll for everything and is entirely too deadly...
  11. Depends on application method.. Airbrush I go 80/20 and above 25 lbs through my airbrush..Goes on almost Dry... and with the humidity here thats not such a bad thing paint brush I go 90/10 the 80/20 above tends to streak
  12. How does the metal trade in work.. I have a bunch of cav to um not play..
  13. Is there a sign up for the tourny prior to the convention?
  14. I think most of us are getting side tracked by something unusual and not catching the whole gist. TSR created products with soul. They were as epic as you wanted them to be and well TSR found out not everyone could actually do that and crumbled. and dont get me started on Gygax and the silly cartoon... I find it hard to draw comparisons to S1 Tomb of Horrors and that cartoon. A misguided folly that I believe ultimately did the company in. While the talent is away the mice played and Gygax while really wanting to promote his game.. We got a story about kids and magic items.. Far cry.. from what the game was really about... but if Jar Jar Binks is Lucas' attempt to bring in a new audience this was Gygax's. Problem is while he was away some one cast a disintigrate spell and well he failed his save. Now it is in the hands of a corporate monster who is only driven by $$$. And if thats what Role playing is I'll eat my hat. There are companies out there dishing out a superior product.. green Ronin, The Paizio boys, hell even Paradigm concepts.. and I dont even like those guys... stilll they remain true to the original soul of the game
  15. Great stuff as always.... Very envious of your skill and talent.
  16. Mille Borne is one I was introduced to recently...
  17. A heavily houseruled 4E with lots of homebrewed material (including a Fighter with a custom ranged build that marks enemies with a blunderbuss), in a kitchen-sink setting, and lots of influence from the older editions. I like the gonzo randomness of some of the old tables. I love it when players have the potential to find an intelligent magic bill-hook in a random encounter against a giant sentient centipede and it's pet housecat. I can dig a lot of the silly and bizzarre monsters from the Fiend Folio. I love the Duchampian brilliance of the Invisible Stalker's illustration in the 2nd edition monster manual. I try to incorporate these elements into my 4E games. hmm seems a little too simplified..... ei.e. Even I could get laid in his world.....:0 For example finding stuff on the black market is harder 30+ streetwise... but thats me... Bring on the legendary Temptress... hmm you want my soul... How about I rent it out to you?
  18. Where in the Dallas area can you find kneadatite?
  19. You could with a bucket of water just dip it in as long as you know the radius.. you should get even lines
  20. Aces and eights... is the definitive western RPG in my book... Not a big fan of the alternate history... but lets face it big hats, bad men, horses, fast guns thats what westerns are all about...
  21. Hi Meg, I am a little outside your age range...and recently divorced. LOL but why do you need a website? I have met you.. You have looks, talent, and charm.. a triple threat. why try to force it? My experience is when you are least looking for love.. um Wham!!!
  22. I tend to divide them up into two seperate sets. Campaign rules and then core rules because I'll just be honest Sci-Fi just about covers everything.. from 50's serials to the epic and space opera. So as far as rule sets.. You really can't go wrong with Savage Worlds.. 10 bucks and it can and does cover a lot of material simplistically Firefly would be a close second and the latest traveller would be my top three choices.. As far as campaign... I love Battlelords of the 23rd century.. It can be anything.. The gameplay rules are terrible but the fluff is pretty good.. Mutant chronicles is pretty good if you want a pretty human centric campiagn with a good good v evil theme Firefly.. While not my cup of tea (Loved the TV series and movie) campaign wise..is decent
  23. Fighter does not so the same thing any longer. He is about enemy control - he moves the enemy around, and forces attacks to come at him. He is not a tank so much as a wall - immovable and can suck up damage without dying. He gets into the enemy, and prevents the enemy from getting to the caster. Sure, he can deal a very good amount of damage, too. Warlock - single target spells, above average damage. Wizard - Area of Effect spells, less damage in general. Yes, the Warlock has some AOE, and the Wizard has some single target stuff, but in general, they are more effective in theor roles. I have a Wizard, multiclassed into Warlock, though. He has great AOE, and access to a single Walrock power that targets a single enemy for better damage than any wizard spell of the same caliber. But, I can only use it once per encounter. And a Warlord is a leader. OK combat ability, but he excells at helping other people. Some of his abilities are like 'hit the enemy for some basin damage, and then an ally gets an attack on the same enemy' - what he does is coordinate characters out of sequence. Yes, he can hit things on his own, but he is suited to a player who really wants to help out the group - the classic bard role, only more combat oriented. Depends on how you play the fighter I have seen some so damage oriented as to drop some foes. quickly. but they trade some of the tradional abilities in order to get that. With the defenses like they are AC Fort, Ref Will You will get hit. It is a given. and some people choose to use that to thier advantage. Ok I am going to get hit, then what. Warlock and now the sorceror are like glass jawed fighters..if they can stay out of range of things they can bring the hurt. Wizards are the real controllers. Sort of an indiana jones of D&D. they fill the gaps left by the other classes
  24. You are kidding right.. the 1st edition bard was the most useful adventurerer ever. and had high high requirements.
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