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  1. What game are you playing? D20, 4.0, Savage Worlds WHFRP2nd ed, M&M? As having tried all of them and my eclectic play I went with Fantasy grounds. Battlegrounds while capable of hi res map.. the chat interface needs work. You need to have a token on the board to communicate etc..If you are using in conjunction with a voice app. has possibilities. Screen Monkey is ok.. Its like Aim with a map attached to it, Its HTML based you arnt really limited to any game system. but the again it doesnt do anything for you.. You pretty much have to know the rules. For the money I went with Fantasy grounds 2. It automates a lot of the rolls provided you can find a ruleset for the game you are wanting to play Only the DM needs a registered version. but if you rotate around..It could be a problem. Maps and tokens are not high res and the table top can get crowded at times.. but it handles combat really well Open RPG and Maptool Open RPG isnt being developed any more so its kind of at a stand still you can do a lot with it and you can find games all the time. Maptools looks sharp but is java based and prepare to do a lot of coding to automate some of the process.
  2. well I am diving back into 40K and WFB.. Seems there are actually some players around here. and its been so long since i played and active game without driving and hour I just can resist... I am going Orks in 40k The ork stompa is just too hard to resist... and Ogres in fantasy...
  3. Its not really role playing.... Its really just a bunch of connected encounters... It is fun. More a computer game on paper than a paper game..
  4. Thanks Bryan,,, I knew you would come through with some stuff..
  5. Thanks all. I went with 03340: Cassie, Female Gnome Wizard, 02974: Elquin, High Elf Adventurer, 03204: Battleguard Golem, Still haven't made up my mind on the sword mage.. I also picked up 02592: Gnarr, Gnoll Champion For my Gnoll Cleric. It was a tough call.. I really liked 14520: Kainus, Lupine Captain I wasn't sure I could fit him on a one inch base.
  6. Ok.. The boys and i have been playing lots of LFR the past month or so... I'd like to paint them some minis for Christmas.. Need help choosing... the four characters I have decided to paint. a female halfling wizard. a male warforged fighter a Male halfelf warlock a female Fire Genesai Swordmage. What are y'alls recommendations
  7. Well to keep the thread going in a positive way.. I appreciate everything I have read.. I think we all want more.. More games more scenarios, more stuff in general. but since most of us here are just players Lets brain storm a little and there are some things we can do: we can play more. we need to get more people playing. That's the pulse I think. So what do we need to do to get more people playing? More tournements? Different Tournement formats? Different scenarios? Do we need a different way to play as well? Would a plot point campaign work in Warlord? An Idea I had while playing some LFR. Could you do something like create a warband (Good neutral evil) for say 150 points. and then team up with other players of the same faction In a scenario against a GM to accomplish some common goal. this is really a cross over idea.. taking some roleplaying elements and using the miniature rules. I have participated in the Battle interactive Living Arcanis has run.. and there is always an excitement to work together to a common goal. They go slow because of the rules but here the rules are quick and easy. Sure the games wouldn't last as long, but potentially you could play different scenarios.. in one setting. just trying to think positive.. and outside the box
  8. Along those lines... a reformat of the data cards should be in order.. as it takes a small forest to print those things out.. clearly there is a lot of wasted space
  9. well if you go back to the 80's it really took that long for 40 k to get in.. I seem to recall some very cheesy adverts in Dragon mags and had never even seen the game played.. but I do remember those adverts even today 20+ years later. I don't think it takes seven years.. but it does take some time.. but people have to be playing... would you agree.. Confrontation... beautiful miniatures.. game meh.. but just as it was finding its stride.. Company has to file Ch 11 and then decides to go another direction... PP warmachine and clones. Good miniatures. one upping the fantasy genre I agree but nothing really ground breaking, Rules are simple but sort of a one trick pony If you know whats on the field you know whats going to happen.. pretty much. .. Rules less than meh.... but they hype it like nobodys business.. The put out thier No quarter mag. They spend a lot of time playing the game.. and making sure others play the game.. Lots of fluff.. Two damn huge source books covering the d20 rules.. and lots and lots of fluff. every faction is interesting to at least some degree.. I have to admit I dislike building armies for Warlord and Cav... thats just me personally..I know some people really like to do it. If I pick a faction.. then it is just like every other player who picks that faction. sure i can trick it up slightly, but there is nothing that says.. Hey this is mine.. yes I know elves are shooty gits and undead tend to swarm you. But its the warlords.. that bug me. this warlord is this... etc.. etc.. and because he is there this is how your army works.. It drives me crazy.. in Cav.. There is not enough diversity between the units... and the point values seem skewed. There are factions that use doctrines that totally out class other doctrines.. choosing a doctrine means you fight like this or that..I know what some are going to say well that is what makes warlord warlord or cav cav.. Where is the mechanism in game to make these my own? when rogue trader came out.. (that should tell you the last time I played 40 K) I bought miniature to make my own faction of space marines (the Lakers complete with cheer leaders) i played against Orks with rastafarian tendacies. etc... i couldnt tell you the rules but those games were memerable because while yes they were orks.. people were allowed to put thier hand print on them. I know (I think) that GW has gotten away from that.. but thats one of many mistakes they have made. As far as RotD.. I have to admit I am luke warm about the game.. I do play PeGs Wierd War.. so i will be buying the miniatures, but only to play that game...
  10. these two sentences cover why Cav and Warlord never have taken off. Advertising helps.. but if you can't find a player to play against the game is doomed. Ok the really sad part is that Warlord and Cav are superior games to thier competitors. Cost to get in the game, rules, play time, balance and lets not forget the miniatures.. All superior in my mind. Very few players are just going to happen upon either of these games...The only way they are going to have to be introduced by an established group consistantly playing Warlord he occasional game is nice.. but if you want to attract new people to the game.. it has to be played somewhere. you can'teven go to Reaper HQ and consistantly expect to find a game.. Even just a pick up game, without making some sort of prior arrangements. I have chalked this all up to the fact that Reaper is just a miniatures company.. and a damn good one.. I have always felt like they felt like they couldnt ever release something second rate.. and while they could always retool or scrap a miniature or even a line of miniatures.. that there is already too much invested in those games, they couldnt put anything else into it and recover thier investment so they didn't All the clamour for a book wont do anything to boost stock in the game. It will have a few hard core pick it up and even fewer passerby's pick it up but an actual return on investment not really going to happen.. Successful releases for Roeplaying games are now numbered less than 10000 copies... so you can't rely on a book release to increase sales. If you are waiting on a book, you may have a very long wait. Lets look at how the other more successful miniature games are doing it..(They are more successful and they have lesser rules and miniatures) Thier plan is simple.. Run events.. and make sure those events are up and going. Call it what you want but a gmae that is publically backed by the manufacturer generates hype. People come to Reaper con to get games because they know the manufacturer is behind it. Run Warlord and or Cav and offer prizes.. a limited run figure or something. Let people know ninety days in advance, so they can plan on being at the event.. Hype it a little.. post a reminder about it weekly. Make sure that all particpants get that warm fuzzy feeling.. Even the new players.. After all who wins and who loses doesnt really matter.. If one more game is played then we all win. For Reaper to pull this off they have to lay on one more person... (Out sourcing does not work) Mil-net while nice.. says something different that actually having Reaper stand behind thier product. This person would be responsible for the following.. A monthly online newsletter: Contents: Where and when the next sessions of games are being played. Pumping releases for the next quarter. A minor painting article. A report of a replay of a recent event. (Make it the winning game at an event, or a couple of people well known within Reaper and Let that generate more interest) Include a FAQ section over last quarters releases. Keeping track of events and results good.. but making it seem like it is important to the manufacturer even better.. You just have to be consistant and set expectations..
  11. Anyone seen or played this? I see FFG is advertising it.. Which is good.. 54 mm prepaints...um I am not sure... I will say I have always been a fan of mutant chronicles. The old board games were fun to play. The roleplaying game was good.. Dont know if i would put it in the great category. I am anticipating something new from Cog games. but it may be several years before we see anything from them. would love to revive my imperial Trencher demolitions guy. Warzone I never played and have never even seen played. I know its defunct now, but people I know who played it said it was a shame it stopped being played.. the attributed it to competition... with a lesser game.. What are your thoughts? if you have played it I would be interested to know how it went
  12. Where do they go to the bath room and thus the frozen Lavatory legend is born
  13. My observations are: Can deal more melee damage than defnders he lacks the soak of the other defender classes. In fact he would be fourth on the list of defenders as far as dealing with soak. Yes a high con zerker has lots of healing surges but when does he have time to use them. He's only good while he is standing and has a target. Not a defender and has no battlefield control.. While most enemies are in trouble if they are within reach ..everyone else is relativly safe. Defenders dealing damage is third on the list of importance. first battlefield control and secondary soak. A true defender doesnt need to do damage he just needs to be able to take it long enough for a striker to get involved The striker aspect. He does dish out the damage.. but hes more of a gap fighter he's only going to stop one group of individuals.. and only as long as his hitpoints hold up.. he really can't pause to surge. He is a very low thought process fighter.. Great for little kids. (my eight year old, for example loves the barbarian because he is involved).. Bounce from one adversary to another and dish out the damage. As a striker he creates problems for a group.. first he pretty much has to have someone buff him constantly.. because he does deal so much damage adversaries will debilitate him often initially. (he lacks his own defensive capability) Leaving him like an albatross around the parties neck..
  14. Its a small airport.. but getting in and out is easy.. Right turn on Mockingbird Right turn on 35.. head up the road.. Your there
  15. This mod plays well under any set of rules you choose to use.. AS does S2- White Plume mountain. and S4 Lost caverns of Tjoscanth. S3 Barrier peaks is a bit of a stretch. The rules dont matter in these games. AS its not what makes the game great.. Its the story that makes it great..an yes S1 is a death fest.. but what do you expect you are entering an intelligent creatures lair.
  16. I think you can think Mad Max beyond Thunderdome for that term... What an awful part of and awful movie
  17. Lets not go the CN route. Contrary to popular belief there is enough Chuck Norris to go around... On the pro paints. I am liking them but my airbrush isnt. I havent gotten them formulated for thinning yet. which is strange because the old ones I could almost shoot straight Crunch have you tried them yet,
  18. Don't know what you are talking about... These look good... and anyone would be proud to have them.. Doubly so you because you have the talent.. to genertate these.. Wonderful painting very creative with the Jakal...
  19. Did anyone pick any of these up? and did they play the game? If so what are your observations..
  20. You think it is cruel 4 pages in... Keep reading... This is one of the best and most exciting modules in my opinion.. All the s series modules I would call good but this one really stands out..
  21. I think I would like to see Gas pump Sophie...
  22. Besides I think you answered your own question.... If you want a hodge podge of ho hum creatures.. sure you can get by with a WOTC release. However if you want a figure to represent class and dignity on a game table do yourself a favor look over the catalog. I am almost positive you can find a suitable representative. Besides imagine the pride you get when you whip out said character an monster and your players or DM goes COOOOOLLLL!!!!! Where did you get that? and the pride you will feel when you can say he's all yours. Painted exactly how you wanted...
  23. Excellent an across the pond group of players..Having spent some in Central Europe I found the play style there totally different, and what is important to North American players not at all the same. Let me ask your experiences with the game? What factions is your group playing? Play field dimensions? Type of games you are playing I.E. 1-1 games just kill them all types or with objectives? Point values? Besides a rulebook? what additions would you like to see? I'll be honest, I only use the rule book now for fluff in my RPG games.. The rules are not so complex. that require constant consulting the rule book. I am a really casual player. I am going to agree with you the miniatures are beautiful.. and the proxy rules make som ereally interesting appearing armies appear.
  24. I have seen them and they are beautiful... As I am not made out of money... I had to take a pass. I think they would be very good for "Sundered Skies" Campaign but again the price is way too expensive for me.. and I do work for a living.
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