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  1. d8 system? you are going to use all your dice.. and rarely pick up a d20, even the lowly d12. The interesting aspect of the cards is the the jokers are used.. and trigger some special events, as well. Also there is a seperation between characters and troop types.. so you as a character could take action but then a whole troop also takes there action. Its not what I would call overly realistic.. but it does handle complex situations in a uniform manner. An when you have 50 plus models on the board you want uniformity. It sure isnt any more complex than roll d20 add your modifiers and resolve ties. It is different
  2. Out of the box it is fabulous a first rate RPG easy to pick up and follow along. Probably take you about 45minutesto an hour to figure out your first character. Significantly shorter amount of time the second go round. how miniture based is it.. You could play mass battles with it.. and they cover that in the SW explorer edition rules. I guess you could play it solo.. If you wanted to but 1 to two player is all that is really needed Savage worlds explorer edition is the core rules.. I think it is a 10 dollar pdf. My individual comments are this. There is no such thing as an invincible character Even a legendary character can be be taken down by a novice character. Given the right circumstances. Even Conan retreated from the mountain of Doom because they had numbers on thier side. Creating foes on the fly is easy... and a selling point of the game. Converting characters is easy...and best of all there is a lot of room for roleplay. Its not so rule intensive.. as some games
  3. I have to say that was a pretty good scene...
  4. Red Dawn... heh ... "Wolverines" Believe it or not whenever going to the border we had to watch that a couple of times the Soviet mock-ups are prety good.. and play name the vehicle.. This model always reminds me of the FRG now German Leopard (showing my age) with the serrated track guard and the dual level deck.. Love the paint job. Looks ready for combat.. One comment though.. the black and brown look a little thin... still love the look...
  5. A Remake would blow.... basically because people dont act like that anymore.. Back then it was ok to be social and have fun and not worry about offending anyone.. Cause we all didnt wear our hearts on our sleeves. I mean lets face it we were out to be social, but not out to just get a piece of butt. Even if we were we werent overtly trying to let everyone else know we were. Lets face it we were only partially entertained by the movies. The whole thing to the movie was the weird is ok.. and monsters are only monsters if you listen to someone else. Gone are the days when you can revel in being social with someone one else just as weird as you are. So a remake.. bah... never happen and would only be a pale comparison to the original. There is a film out right now destine to become a cult classic.. in Mama Mia, if it doesnt achieve cult status it will at the very least achieve "grease" status.
  6. I am no where near an officianto... but I am running SW in Taltos using of all things Goodman games DCC series.. I didnt do any thing real different to the setting or the Armies.. I don't follow the good vs evil policy.. I tend to take the view like this .. Darth Vader is only evil if you are apart of the rebellion. If you are apart of the empire then hes a really good guy. That being said. I didnt allow players to choose from the Evil factions. Generally speaking. There is a war of expansionism going on currently. The forces of "good/neutrals" have started to try to enlarge thier territories and claim the natural resources there. First moving against the Generally speaking the humans and Overlords have been moving against the weaker neutral territories. the other races fear not getting thier share of pie so to speak have either trumped up reasons to go to war or are fighting a war to hol on to what they have. The effects of this "war" Are the employment is easy but prices are high lawlessness is up. and so is the cult population Darkspawn and Necropolis faction types are seemingly up... (really it is just because there is no one to check thier devious plans) and defenses are reduced. It adds an air of tension between already natural enemies. We have had some good roleplaying in that the party has had individuals sacrifice for the good of the party and in some cases sacrifice the good of the party to promote thier factions abilty to wage war. Anything is in the realm of possibility. I have been working on trying to play games using battlegrounds virtual table top... http://www.battlegroundsgames.com/ I am no programmer so it is a slow process.
  7. I guess you'll have second thoughts about getting wood with my daughter...
  8. Lookin good.. There... Like the infantry and the paint schema. The infantry even look like they are all looking the same way... Last picture looks like a recruiting poster... Excellent work...
  9. Congrats..... Oi almost ten pounds.... Whats in the water up there...
  10. I think I know the answer to that... Hes at least half gamer and at least half painter... Looks good. there are cheaper and smaller options at IKEA Bergsbo Width: 46 7/8 " Depth: 15 3/4 " Height: 79 1/2 " Max load/shelf: 73 lb Max load/glass shelf: 24 lb ASPVIK Width: 19 5/8 " Depth: 19 5/8 " Height: 68 7/8 " Width: 50 cm Depth: 50 cm Height: 175 cm And My personal favorite Biby at $80 Width: 15 3/4 " Depth: 13 3/8 " Height: 68 7/8 " Max load/shelf: 15 lb has a lockable glass door important when you have kiddoes.
  11. As I re-read Anvils post.. I see that. I dont why i was making it more complex I was seeing it as the player making an army, and then giving them a title and say 55th fusiliers or somethin and then having that individual unit represent on the map..
  12. Actually, I like this idea You can even use the current system to decide the General in question over the quater. There by inspiring the non campaign events as well However you have the problem(s) of Limiting players to one faction over a period of time. Introducing new players into the campaign Representing Taltos in graphical fashion Keeping track of locations Determining the type of scenario. Etc... complex is not the issue but what are you limited to by communication etc..
  13. It seems to me. That the infrastructure needs to be worked on first and then the campaign. You would need to figure out the questions of what gets submitted, How, when and where. That will be what is possible. That kind of information will decide what kind of campaign you have. I disagreee with Wildbill about the internet though.. Everyone even if through a public library should have at least some access to the internet. And while he may not have players now the global campaign would inspire others to play. I mean the campaign itself isnt what really is important its really important to introduce new payers to the game. Even if the say cool... where do i get that.
  14. I am game.. and since its half the distance to any of the other places for me.. Can we get another weekly Cav thing going maybe alternate weeks cav and warlord
  15. Ithis one I really Like... To be honest The flames didnt catch my eye.. but the bird looks like a bird.. Excellent painting .. I am jealous.
  16. I think he looks good... Menacing muted purple and teal.. Good highlights.. especially on the face... and the sign of an up and commer hidesight.... I like this
  17. Ok, one definite. Possible three others. Depending upon football and band practices. Oh and Jason you might actually get hand delivery on a mini from the mini exchange.. Sorry about that...
  18. Ok I like Savage Worlds, True 20, and WHFRP. But the real decision issed upon what do others want to play. And can I get a game. I like the global campaigns in games. So that if I am travelling I can pick up a game or two and sort of continue my character. I think if you really want to promote your game system you need this. I never thought D&D 3+ was all that great of a system. I sure dont see 4ed as being any better. but one thing you can't deny about those games is you can always find a game of it. being played online or at a convention. Its just too easy to pop into a game for a few hours and play. Then if I am playing then at least a few others are also playing. There maybe some "house" rules I need to pick up on but I can play in any campaign. I think Savage Worlds is the natural progression of D20 into mini rules, Its quick its fast and it lends itself to lots of roleplay True 20 as someone mentioned is a conglomerate of the d20 rules. I think it lends itself to the scenematic game, but truth be told combat is extremely how should I say final. and I dont like holding things in reserve to have on hand "just in case" WHFRP Its Game workshop.. ok its Black industries, but GW behind the scenes. The campaign world is awful but the game mechanics are good.
  19. A characters stats are more than values used in some equation to derive how many skill points you get or what feats you qualify for. Yes, that's a mechanical function for them, but they are more. They help define a characters persona, physical appearance, and capabilities beyond Feat X or Skill Y. It in fact does mean a low INT character isn't very cunning, a low STR character is puny, a low DEX character is a klutz, and so forth. I agree it does define a character looks and personality but I believe in this case you are looking at the wrong skill to justify the answer you want. Intelligence (Int) Intelligence determines how well your character learns and reasons. It’s also important for any character who wants to have a wide assortment of skills. Wisdom (Wis) Wisdom describes a character’s willpower, common sense, perception, and intuition. While Intelligence represents one’s ability to analyze information, Wisdom represents being in tune with and aware of one’s surroundings. If you want your character to have acute senses, put a high score in Wisdom. Every creature has a Wisdom score. It also doesnt take into account the skill selection (and feat selection) of a particular character. Someone with lots of climb skill or rope use skill would naturally gravitate towards that method of escape as they are more comfortable with that . Lets not go into the base attribute for some of the skills. Diplomacy. for instance in my mind should be wisdom based. Based upon the description of Diplomacy and The definition of wisdom. but thats neither here nor there. they are the rules. I think that if the GM breaks down into this kind of situation,Not only is he not happy but none of the players are happy as well. It just creates a lot of hurt feelings around the table. I would look for other ways to give the player his come uppance. I mean as GM you know a characters strengths and weaknesses.. play with them that way. but resist the urge to say your character wouldnt do that. Say instead ok.. Nothing says he cant be jumping from the frying pan into the fire.
  20. I am going to go against Joe in this one. Ok first a GM's role is not to play the players characters he is there to adjudicate the rules and tell the story. you pole vaulted over that when you said a character wouldnt have thought of that. Maybe the character had a moment of clarity. Maybe because his life was threatened he was singular in thought from saving his own skin. There are a million multiples. the point is to play and have fun. remember the attribute scores each have there own bonus attached to them, and it is suposed to make them balanced. in this case the loss of skill points. I am not exactly sure how you are supposed to adjudicate intelligence looking at the definition of the attribute. but telling someone they wouldnt have thought of that. hmmm.. suspect to me.
  21. Deguello

    Vor 2.0

    Coolness.. i have a bunch.. and i do mean a bunch of the original models... given to me.. to paint... though I have never played the game
  22. Well purely as an outsider who was at reapercon and who saw both the Cav tournement and the Warlord Tournement and loves pushing miniatures but did not participate. Also I tend to be a little bit of a pessimist, so take this in the spirit intended. I wont name names except one. The spirit of the tournement seemed to be winning. I saw very few players just playing to play. The one person who seemed to be the exception to the rule was Tim. He was there in what I would consider the true essance of the game to play. Winning and or losing he was there to have fun first and go from there. Maybe Reaper should consider a sportsmanship award. This is not a booby prize or broken arrow given to the last place person in the tournement, but someone who exhibts a love of the game despite the outcome. I know its hard to award something like that, Maybe the top three finishers and the overseers in the tourny should only be allowed to vote. During the Cav tourny I over heard player x talking to player Y about player z. Stating that player x would just walk away from a table instead of playing player z because there was no enjoyment in the game. I dont know if you realize how bad this train of thought is. I, as an outsider, have an interest in the game (I am sure not much of a painter) but if people are going to walk away from an offered game because of a player . It causes me to question how fun the game really is. I didnt see anyone I really knew.. But if this guy is saying that guy is a jerk why would I want to get involved in that. So Boo's go out to all three Player x, y, and z in my book. you arnt promoting the game. I overheard several people say they didnt participate in the tournement because.... and fill in the blank. Shame on you. Its different if someone asks you why you arnt participating. It is a whole different story to advertise. You are announcing very loud and clearly you find some fault in the game as it is setup. Please just be quiet, ok you arnt participating. No biggie. No one and I mean no one was standing around watching the games. Folks that is a harbringer of doom. Either people didnt feel comfortable standing around watching or there wasnt enough room or the people playing were so serious as to not want to invite people to watch. I brought my camera nad wanted to take pictures of some of the contests. To be honest I didnt feel invited to do that. Suggestions for next reaper con. Tourny length .... too long and using too many resources. More Demo games. i only saw one of three tables being run at the front of the store. Running all three maybe crowded and noisy but there were people milling around wanting to play.. Not everyone paints.. LOL Events... The tournys are nice but where are the memories being made. Its awful hard to be social with someone you are trying to compete against. Why not try a Grand battle. A BL vs players event and sure stack the deck on the BL slightly for the BL. Its not all competition. Isnt it about the game? Now I realize these are suggesions from an outsider. I have no idea of the resources available. time people any of that. I just know people are most happy playing not winning. I witnessed a group of players..not a community of friends enjoying a game.
  23. Uh no.... Its first about the money... and everything else is a distant after thought. Its not even about how good it is... It is all about the money.... Games workshoop is the ONLY game company that doesnt love its gamers.
  24. If you are talking second edition WHFRP. Its excellent. but a lot of work to convert to whatever campaign you want. I never really like the campaign Fantasy world. I'll just be honest.. d20 regardless of what edition you play is good because you can always find players. Fairly straight forward.. It has moved more to a miniatures rules set.. than a role playing game. Savage Worlds my choice, is sort of a mix between the two. and easy for me to convert..
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