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  1. Reaper Bryan everyone... Give him a hand... Next Governor of Texas... Four paragraphs of brilliant information..but never once broached the quest...:) So Bryan... Worth the 100 smackers or not?
  2. Out East of Dallas... Lots of lightning, and wind but not much in the way of rain.. only about 30 minutes worth some really heavy.. but not much else
  3. I am going to agree with those above.. Its not worth the coin.. In fact if you can pick it up somewhere for 30 bucks or less then it is worth it.. It has some neat features that allow you to insert it into your campaign.. but it is uninspired in my opinion and just seemed to be a repository of different plot lines per level ala Dungeons of doom the old TI-99 game. If you are looking at dropping that kind of coin... goodman Games DCC #51 castle Whiterock is worth what you can find it for on the internet.. the Gazetteer I could have done without.. but the other four mods in it are good.. If you like that classic AD&D style. Also if you can Find Judges Guild City State of the Invincible overlord. Thats a good one to invest in.. If you cant find adventure there.. you are dead already. i am old school though... so milage may very...
  4. I'm up for Starmada and Full Thrust. Maybe A Sky Full of Ships too. i am game for an introduction to any of those games
  5. Sorry I have been slow to get mine out the door... Divorce is not a pleasant thing.... I am hoping to unpack them this week and repack them for delivery.. I am sorry... I don't have an excuse... Russell
  6. I am still waiting for the part where you get harassed... Sure you have some questionable supervisers, but who in thier career doesn't... Do the job you are hired to do... Do it to the best of your ability... and do it within whatever guidelines your company sets.. (Safety, SOP, etc..) Seems to me you are bringing most of it on yourself because it is obvious it displeases you. They hired and promoted you for a reason... Be confident of that fact..and your abilities.. and sweep your detractors to the side..when you encounter them. Don't worry about dropping th ball.. cause you are going to.. but even in a failure you can impress people by how you handle the situation. That's my advice...
  7. Well most importantly... Which game plays better and who is playing locally? Dallas Area
  8. Depending upon your windows os... You can clear your %temp% prefetch and run sfc/purgecache To get rid of some of the harder to find problems
  9. Great now in Warlord, I am going to get @#[email protected]# kicked by Fairies too...
  10. Just wondering if anyone had posted the results of owl con.. I am interested in it all. Who won the Dungeon crawls Who won the miniature painting? who won the warlord tourny? What kind of turnout etc... As in most case more is better
  11. I am going to give this a try... I have lots of armies to pain and what can it hurt.. It will either work or it won't In which case I'll have one more table quality group to field.
  12. Sigh.. I guess I am going to hold out for the release of mutant chronicles, and just avoid all GW products.. Although I love what Black Industries did with WHFRPG. If they arn't going to support it why bother.
  13. That's a good point because I know I have doing that wrong. 1" above cockpit barely clears a scorpion. Does pop up have the prerequsite that the target is denied los to the popup shooter?
  14. Pat and I just discussed the fact that determining the LOS Corridor is not the same thing as measuring. The Ground Level LOS rule is gray on models that have no base and the Eye Level LOS rule is gray on what exactly constitutes a model's "upper area". We'll look at clairifications for both. In the meantime, I'll simply say that in our gaming group, on models like the Scorp and Spider, we include the entire model as part of the upper area and count any area under the model as its base. That's how we have been doing it too... I realize it is a trade off.. The spider leg area covers a mech height head to foot nearly exactly.. I does only have half the thickness.. So you can put it behind walls that other cavs would stick out over.. The scorpion by far is the hardest to hide.. But that stupid arial the Recluse has aint exactly easy either..
  15. Yeah but to effectively use pop up you need to block LOS. Which is quite hard given that the legs are as wide as a cav is tall. and that's the problem with LOS only buildings (obstacles), other Cavs , Completely block LOS
  16. What Adon needs is an engineering unit that can create craters for the spiders, scorpions and recluses to hide in and make use of the popup ability, in open terrain.
  17. regardless of whether it is a Battletech concept or not..( I wouldn't know never played Battletech, although I did read the Michael Stackpole novels) DV is Static.. a set number of points.. Yes there is probably an upper limit you can assign a particular unit. And just follow along with me, DV is the ability to resist being hit. Whether that be due to electronics, armor, size, shape, and movement. I don't think there is any debate on that. but This make DV a static representation. Regardless of the number of damage tracks it has. That is something else entirely. I believe you said how a unit degrades also plays a role (this is something entirely seperate). If you have 15 armor whether you have it spread over two tracks or eight tracks. DV is dealing with percentage chance of getting hit (Damage Avoidance) DT is dealing with survivability (and utility [Defensive/Offensive] whle surviving) So if we take the Ogre and Ogre OEM as examples OEM 63 DV points ADON 71 DV points Translates into a 13% overall damage avoidance value regardless of the number of tracks. or the Ogre oem 63 DV points Ogre OEM only enjoys damage avoidance of 5% and the dragoon 60 DV points. DT value has to computed against a base line for all horizontal (data card) categories (Movement with a movement type modifier, Repair, EXP, CCV,TC, DV and Firepower Output [firepower with a range mod]) DV influences DT but DT is a completely seperate value. It is important to note that the computation is not a per DT. Now DT value is a little more difficult to calculate. But essentially to compute that you have to have a base line mean value. of all values across board for that DT the value +/- the average value for that DT Influence the value of that indivdual DT. So DV influences DT but DT does not influence DV
  18. I called it bogus, because the call (or the reason a player didn't play more Adon was because of lack of DV) To which he responded with one unit and a faction doctrine. That's very slim reasoning. No doubt all faction docrines are designed around the theory of adding value to a model or group of models. If it doesn't what is the point? I am saying you cant add value to a model based up the potential faction doctrine. Specifically, I am saying you can't add extra costs to a unit because of a potential faction. Maybe, I was a little hard on Chrome. So I apologize. I don't undersand how DV could ever generate 4 different opinions ... To me It is the only static Value on the card. Regardless of how you degrade.. It is always the number of pips you have. Seems very simple to me to just ADD the points up.. You have what you have. A dictator has 58 Armor points an emperor has 71 points . Strictly speaking Dictators has +58points of armor and an Emperor has +71. You can't really adjust armor in any other way. The dictator has six damage track and the emperor has eight this is completely seperate entity. It deserves entirely different consideration as it effects your ability to sustain fire and redistribute fire. Effecting both your offensive and defensive stance. But DV is pretty much static. Actually they don't have the same abilities as all other units. (More into that on a later post) Faction abilities Adon is the only faction ability that steals offensive power to make up for a difficency in defensive power. It is limited to defeating one type of tactic. Where as the other factions don't try to defeat any tactics it is just an ability tacked on. (Please don't respond to this till I get my facts in order, then I'll let every one blast away)
  19. Thanks Pat I didn't/don't expect any values to change. But that answer chrome gave was bogus. You can't add value to a model based up potential docterine benefits. Also 12 inches is a significant increase As I compute that's 3 range factors on average. However. So as I compute Values that Adon on average +3 in range 12 inches is not significant on the standard 4' x 4' or 4'x6' Playfield. Where the max range is 68" (4x4) and 87" (4x6) (Not acheivable from most set up rules) and the max potential starting ranges are 54" (4x4) and 76" (4x6) and a realistic value of 49" (4x4) and 70" (4x6) this being said it takes units beween 2 and 3 turns to close the gap to thier optimal weapon ranges. I realize two or three turns is nearly half the game with a ranged advantage. but 12" only offers only potentially one turn advantage to the adonese. (Adonese are firing at optimal range and thier opponent is firing at ione range increment less) The exception being the slower moving vehicles. (Cav/Attacks) All others can close the gap in one round, and this only takes into account the Adonese being in a fully defensive posture. If the objective is middle of the board or beyond.. Range quickly goes south against Adonese forces. Range beyond 36" is always in the Adonese favor, below 36" is always in the favor of the Adonese opponent. the new rules are a godsend, but nothing has been done to address these short comings. I still believe Costs should be revamped. I am sorry I still believe that. I am not under the expectation they will be I also believe setups (Especially tournement setups) should be more varied. Even playing across the diagonel of the table would help the adonese. Even if not all the time. the adonese beside being armor deficient. Have a number of abitlities that cost them an action. These powers are not only over priced, but because they cost an action, limit the firepower (Move shoot and communicate)of the adonese group.
  20. Jason, this is not a Adonese question. But what is that color you painted on your models.. Burnt orange? You're not a Texas Fan are you?
  21. It's called 2x ECM Bubble and the only 4 TC Model in the game. They are the electronics faction, afterall. I am trying to understand this rationale. So help me out. The bubble is bigger than anyothers but it doesn't provide any greater protection. Doesn't that mean it is only more effective if I have more models under the bubble? Also I have to sacrifice an action to turn the bubble on. It's not a freebie like armor is. How much is one extra action worth? Just you saying that makes me think, It is over valued. also they are not just an electronics faction. As I recall there are two Factions. and while I can play Adonese.. I am not required to take that faction. More armor please. I also understand that you are saying Adon is a lighter more mobile force. (Not neccesarily cheaper) I would tend to agree with that. but it doesn't play out like that in game.
  22. How many actually realize Toilken Hobbit and Rings Trilogy, as well as Narnia, have some basis in World War I. As they both were in the service together. So this should be a good movie, I hope
  23. I picked up a falcon and a couple of Warlords... How well do these integrate into an ADon army? I think the falcon is more of the ranged thing... Like adon... but I haven't played them yet
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