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  1. She's French....she wants his legs. Fozzie Bear or Yogi Berra?
  2. Yes...Ghostbusters 1 and 2. Is Vigo realy that magnificant?
  3. I woke up at 4 am...sorry. When was the last time you sat on Santa's lap?
  4. Maybe it's easier to spell or pronounce than his last name. If you could pick any last name to be your own, what would it be?
  5. Necrodancer....I mean Necromancy. This way you can help your friends dig up a date.... Was that comment a bit too off
  6. Seventeen. An that counts the one hobby x-acto, the rest are regular types of sharp pointies. Is that too many?
  7. The Department of Mind-control And Renewing Very Evangelical Literature Am I even close?
  8. That information is classified for national security reasons. Strangest governmental agency acronym?
  9. Lock Shields carries over from the Default to the Onyx Legion. Do Your Duty carries over to the Followers list. Those are the only carry-overs. I got into O'Lords back when Warriors were still grunts and they became Adepts a few months later and I put them on hold...now that the book is out and I have my copy, I realize that 16 O'Lord warriors isn't enough...
  10. Walking around outside in a t-shirt and shorts. (Hey, I live in SW Texas, it's usually warm enough for this during the winter...) Spearmint or peppermint?
  11. Christmas at Ground Zero by Weird Al Yankovic. Does that really count as a Christmas Carol?
  12. Only if I can be Triangle Man. What's the percentage of minis you own that are painted?
  13. Yes, they mess with temporal mechanics way too much. Should a temporal mechanic earn more than an car mechanic?
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