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  1. YEah that going too light thing is a good idea.. Cause I always seem to never be quite light enough...
  2. That a fun idea.... good way to measure yourself
  3. yeah... I needed to put more dark lining around her bukles in the back... but flacked out.. I thnk I was tired.. but this was the first mini I have used the dark lining technique with. Were I literally paint a line around the 'objects'. Normally I would of just washed it..... but i think actually lining it is a better technique but challenging... Soo easy too messs up! Yeah I always end up wanting more hightlight.. but on her I ended up using alot of white hightlight since her color are so light.... I wanted to keep her light and bright... I also thnk the dull coat seems to dull the white colors alot... agree i probably need it a little darker in the fold of her dress in the back...
  4. Hi. It's me again... I just finnnished this girl today! Please tell me what you think... I did it kinda fast ... and while I was doing it I thought I was doing it kinda crappy. but I really like how she came out! :) Please give me any tips you can!
  5. Hello, I have seen some bases with pretty little flowers on it. Were do I get these? I went tomicheals and they didnt have anything! I would really like to know!
  6. Hmm. I live in portland or.. SOo i hope to find one in washington or oregon. Ill have to look it up.
  7. OK i added some bigger pictures and stuff and her Minion. NOTe the little mushrooms... I thought they were cute... :)
  8. Wow beautiful! ANd I really like the leaves idea! I will ahve to try that out!
  9. I like everything about that mini! Looks great!. but The two tone hair thows me off a little.
  10. Hi, I was just checking out the mini exchange thing and it seems really cool! I would like to sign up for one. When is the next one? I see the winter exchange thread was closed. I would like to paint a female fantasy charecter... Well let me know what 's up.
  11. For some reason they never list WERE in the world Reapoercon is held? I am assuming TX since they are located there. Whan $& were is the next Reapercon? And are there any other Miniature and RPG cons you guys know of?
  12. Wow ones going for 36$! Yikes... Too much $$
  13. Dude, I gotta check those out! Well .. Off to the hoobie shop. $$$ :p
  14. I am finnishing her minion right now and once I get him mounted I will put them up together and try to retake some better pictures more close up and stuff. :) As for the colors I was actually thinking of a World of warcraft Warlock. I had a lvl 60 warlock girl and her fav minion was the little demon guy which the skulpts minion kinda looks like. So I really like this sculpt alot. :_)
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