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  1. I did get something yesterday but, I don't know if it is the mail you refer to, yours was a reply to an email I sent out titled options. † I did cobble together a draft character today and sent it out just before we went to eat lunch with my son at school. †What a kick! I was able to get started on "A Star to Steer By" †title chosen not because I know Great Literature but from Star Trek, shame on me! †:D
  2. PRELUDE CompData: Historical extract 1: †The Great Accord, a conglomeration of thousands of cultures on millions of worlds, asteroids and space station/cities fell into decay 530 BFp (before Federation Acticles of Foundation). During that time of decay, a new warlike civilization of beings known as the Azact appeared on the edge of the Accord. No peace could be made with the Azact, but the Councils of Government in the Accord didn't believe this until too late. The great Naval Fleets of the Accord finally went to war unhampered by controls from the Representative Congress of Worlds. The war shattered the Accord and the Azact Republic as well. That was 450 years ago Historical extract 2: The Federation of Sentient Beings was founded when the Juilo Republic and the Confederation of Thalion Stars joined forces. †This occurred 70 years ago. †And marks the beginning of record keeping for Federation Systems.( Current year is therefore Federation Year 70) †This event was driven by the emergence of Azact Pirates (Privateers by their thoughts). †Azact piracy acted as a catalyst for more systems and groups of systems to join the FSB. :D Ten Humans sit in a special lounge on the City in Space called Zilj Hathine. †This city is the Financial Center of the Harnic Sector of the Federation. †The Sector in which each of your homeworlds can be found. †This city is a remanant of the Accord, the technology here is beyond the familiar, rarely seen and available to few. †It would be wonderful to tour the City. †But, each of you has recieved a very special invitation from a powerful corpororation, personage or organization. †You would not be on Zilj Hathine otherwise. Some of you came in High Style on the Star Liner SOLAR WIND. †Some of you came in ships you are working to pay off. †Some in ships you can almost use as your own. †But, you are here now. †Waiting for a shuttle to Comitia. † :p And we're off. †This section doesn't leave alot of open ends. †We're still building a character or two. †But feel free to describe yourself for the others if you wish.
  3. Hello All, Here are the preliminaries. I am using Traveller 4th Edition, published by Imperium Games. Inc. (1996). Dice resolution for combat/skill and ability tests will use the mechanics of that game. There are numerous versions of Traveller, from the first edition to a recent D20 release. Wandering around the local Game Store I found four versions available. I found a duplicate of mine in the orphan games bin. Any of the versions may be used to generate a character and submit him/her/it for play. I will make adjustments as necessary. Adventure postings will have different parts: FOR THE GM: a. The Computer Information Part which gives definitions from the Federation Encyclopedia, or other data that is pertinent to that segment of the game. A common knowledge type thing. Further research is possible in that section. b. The narrative, to a pause. The pause may require a response from the characters or it may be a break off point for an adventure segment. c. GM Notes will be a section for answering open questions. Information that everyone would have. An example might be the color of someones eyes, the hull numbers on a starship. I will also try to keep you up to date if I will be out of pocket for a day or five. FOR THE PLAYER: a. Open communication, things that your character is doing or saying. Typically things that will affect the flow of the game. Readying a weapon. b. Closed communication, things your character might be thinking of that have simple amswers. Sometimes I will respond by private mail to these, but usually this will be answered in section c above. How you set these elements apart is up to you. I'll probably use smileys or symbols. The forum rules state that the GM will resolve dice rolls and I am prepared to do so. If, there is a question, with regards to modifiers, toughness, et. al. mark it as a closed communication in your post, or private mail me. Also, if there are character questions or actions which need to be private this will be best handled through PM. Welcome to the future!!
  4. The posting begins today!!! Still rounding out some characters so it might just be rules for now. If anyone else wants to jump in let me know.
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