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  1. I like the idea of the Dwarfs being more soldiers and craftsmen, than berserkers or magicians, just as long it doesn’t turn out as a power-gamer mechanism A few dwarf battleragers, rangers, spelljockeys or some such gives the army colour, but the overall theme ought in my mind reflect that Dwarfs field structured and disciplined soldiers (with plenty of bearriders ).
  2. Dwarves on bears, dwarves on bears on dwarves........(wait a minute ) and female dwarves who aren't bald in the face This thread has taken a decidedly silly turn, Excellent.
  3. An enthusiastic Hoody-Hoo seems appropriate, a dwarf warlord who carries armour and no pets. His stats are so good that he can be taken as a cheap combat character with little or no spells and still be good or equipped with a plethora of spells and serve as spell-jockey as well. It seems the dwarf community is still in chock over finally having an top of the market warlord, the clergy makes up for weak secular rulers. Maybe we’re getting some ancestors as well.
  4. Uppity pointy ears, a lack of bearriders and Werner Klocke hasn't as of yet designed any of the next generation dwarves. Challenging a dwarf to grumble is like challenging a fish to swim. Grumble, drink alcohol and smack orcs around, it’s what we do.
  5. Descent is a great game if you’re looking for that good ol’ hacking feeling. The scenarios in the box set are all-nighters, but you can make your own crawls with the dungeon generators FFG has linked on their web page. The game works best with ”serious” minded hack-n-slashers who can pull their finger out and pick up rules fairly quickly, but it grinds to a horribly slow pace if people are absentminded yackers. If I have to endure another game of Descent involving me explaining each and every round FOR 4 HOURS “Yes you roll a dice of the appropriate colour for each dice of that colour you have on your weapon….” And after he rolled: “And add the number of bonus black dice your character gets from that type of attack, just like the last twenty times you made that attack” I will not answer for what follows.
  6. In my experience against Darkspawn (both games ), archers without warriors are a light snack for the spawn. Just a few warriors along with Gargram do wonders to protect your piercers.
  7. A 25% rule could be an awful thing for the mercenaries as a faction because of several reasons. 1/ rules that impede or price increases to balance their use, as already discussed in this thread 2/ the mercs have already been split into several factions and which, even with an army book, could risk having being very limited in choice because of their involvement with of other factions. 3/ the stats of merc troopers, characters, etc. could end up being rather unexciting to avoid making them no-brainer choices like some mercs in warmachine. Even though I have no intention of playing them myself, I hope that the mercs will get every bit as interesting and contain as much character as any other army. To balance their use in other armies, the mercs could risk ending up a bland underpowered pseudo-faction in itself which no-one wants. But as Qwyksilver said, let’s not panic the reaper folks work hard on making every faction viable* and are willing to change things if the need changing. *At least when their armybook comes out
  8. Sweet, have some cool-aid and some cookies. It's over on the table under the poster for political change in Aizen Krahl "New Warlords Now". Well, the 1.2 upgrade helped the dwarf warriors a lot. Although it saddens me to think the dwarfs have gone soft and ditched their ale mugs for shields in battle.
  9. That would certainly depend if whether or not that mercenary was fighting under a charter and has anything resembling a brain in the head. Staying and fighting could mean death for the mercenary certainly. However having deserters could spell disaster for the mercenary company, being known to hire out deserters doesn’t exactly help when negotiating payment. If the mercenary managed to run away he would be branded as a deserter and hunted by his previous company, his previous employer and most lords would in fact be inclined to kill him to avoid having a desperate combat-trained outlaw running around.
  10. I don’t know why everyone think mercenaries are all unreliable cowards, many generals have decided that professional soldiers might be a better option than some peasant dragged off his land during harvest. Throughout history there have been plenty of examples of mercenary corps that where very well respected and (probably more importantly) feared by the contemporaries. The Swiss mercenary companies in the renaissance and the Greek hired soldiers in Persia during Alexander the Greats invasion are just two examples of mercenary companies praised for their sense of duty. They are however under contract which is something that could be used to add to the game instead of removing character of the armies. Instead of only adding to fill tactical gaps, every mercenary could be under a contract with a specific term(protect this character, defend that hill, let no-one pass this bridge etc.), it would be easier if all are under the same contract, there could however be made room for several contracts with various mercs in the same army, by making some official contract terms. They will fight fiercely to uphold the contract, but would be rigid if they enemy managed to work around the terms of the contract (like crossing by swimming the river instead of taking the bridge).
  11. Got to side with Qwyksilver on this, listening to what other people say is an elvish thing. I’m not growing pointy ears just to listening to nay-sayers who can’t see the brilliance in my cat-shaving scheme. Anyone want to buy fake beards for their miniature army, wide selection in the 28 – 32 mm section?
  12. "And upon that glorious day the reaper folks trod forward and said; Let there be bearriders adepts. And there was much rejoicing." - UnholyHamster bearrider prophet Even if the bearriders get the most awful stats since the original devourer, I'm still going to field an entire unit of them due to sheer niftiness.
  13. In generel no, but some armies however still get a raw deal compared to rest. If only Thorgram's bird was optional equipment, Reaper could stop a lot of mutterings into innocent ale tankards.
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