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  1. The two hotels that have ReaperCon rates have free shuttles to/from hotel to the Con. So unless you are renting a car (or walking) that's an added cost. The venue is more than 3 miles away from the hotels along a busy interstate highway, malls, and frontage road, so I would not suggest walking at all. You will want to drive or take a shuttle. I am local and know the area well and I would not walk it even for exercise.
  2. We are surely going to miss the ReaperCon experience as we have been doing this in some way since year three. It is great to see ReaperCon continue to grow and that is the important thing. Hopefully I will still be able to attend and see everyone this year. Thank you to Reaper for including Sonic into it's family over the years. Thank you to all of you for doing the same and making it a pleasure to be at ReaperCon every year. So long and thanks for all the burgers!
  3. I can't possibly agree more. I just hope PAX East isn't the week before. Easter is on March 31st 2013 so there is a two week break before ReaperCon 2013.
  4. I was worried for a second so I had to go to the school web site and pull up next year's caendar. Good news! Spring Break around DFW is the second week in March so no potential conflicts. For a moment there I thought it might mean an end of Sonic at Reaper or at least a change if I could not be there. The April time frame is probably better for us and for visitors as the weather should be beautiful (or at least as beautiful as it gets in Texas).
  5. And I just stared at her in bewilderment as we both panned our gaze over the crowd.
  6. So it looks like zucchini, onions, and mushrooms are popular off of the grill. I will look into those as well as maybe some eggplant or something else to grill up. I will also look at our mini-grill so the meet does not touch the veggies. Since Reaper is not technically a food prep place, we try to cook most of everything at the drive-in and then just heat and serve at the convention. I think heating of veggies should be fine. I will also try and have some of the sweet potatoes tots available as well. I still prefer the normal tots. Also, in case anyone is worried we are all ServSafe certified through the NRA (that's Restaurant, not Rifle) and all of our equipment is NSF certified as well. We want to serve only the highest quality, safe food that we can at the convention. Thanks, Sonic Mike PS Feel free to keep the ideas coming. We cannot promise everyone will be happy, but we will try!
  7. No worries at all! I never took any offense, I just want to make it so ReaperCon attracts as many folks as possible and they can spend as much time learning, painting, talking, gaming, and having a good time at the Con rather than driving for sustenance. By the way, I once met a vegetarian who claimed he was a vegetarian not because of his love for animals but because he hated vegetables and wanted to see them suffer more (he was a gamer of course!). Thanks for all the kind words about Sonic but thanks most of all to Reaper for another fun year. See you guys around soon! PS Todd I will work on getting you some Sweet Habanero Sauce.
  8. Normally I would not like to hear "crap in a hat" and Sonic Drive-in in the same breath but I understand where the good (term used liberaly) doctor was going with that. Like Reaper, we aim to please!!
  9. Well, SonicMike is SonicMike for a reason. If her were SubwayMike it'd be a different story. Not trying to bag on your veganism, I'm cool with it. But catering isn't something to easily manage and Mike is a lead head and fan. You can even ask for the Reaper Discount to get 10% off at the Sonic down the street. Been there, used it. Blue, I had no idea that there was fan involvement within the arrangement. If that's the case then leave it as it is and I will plan for it next year accordingly. Just tell SoonicMike to keep those tater tots warm! Lue. Lue, I will do our best to have more "Vegan friendly" items next year, but I will admit that I am not sure exactly what that means. I know Sean had a few burritos sans carne and we had salads available. I love tofu but I do not think I could make much with it. I did have an idea to bring my rice cooker and have steamed rice available as an alternate choice. Anyway, before next year, I would love to hear suggestions and we will see what we can get done. Thanks to Ed, Dave, Matt, Bryan, Ron, Anne, and all the Reaper folks who are too many to name individually for another great ReaperCon. Thanks to each and every one of you for making it a fun convention to attend for myself and the folks that came to help work it with me. Reaper is like a great big family, albeit dsyfunctional one, and I always enjoy seeing all of you guys. Thanks, Sonic Mike (aka Mike Clark)
  10. While I can't speak for all Sonics and all Sonic operators, I can tell you that I think my locations offer supperior quality and service. We rank high in the various corporate means of gauging these things like mystery shops, guest surveys, and complaint logs. I wish the quality at ReaperCon could be as good as that at my stores, but, while better, that is an almost impossible goal. So we will settle for getting it better and better every year. In fact, after reading some of the other posts about ReaperCon 2009, I was considering ways that next year we could reduce the amount of dead space back in the warehouse that we are not using or underutilizing. The goal would be to shift the eating area slightly and to allow Reaper to get more gaming tables in the warehouse. I would not want ReaperCon to lose its appeal as a convention for true hobbyists, but the addition of more RPG and tabletop games for more top play seems like a great thing. The desire would be for a better use of the exsiting space so Reaper would not have to go "off site" for the convention. I wonder if ReaperCon will ever have something akin to the dreaded "dealer's room" like other conventions have. Let's hope not for now or at least keep the dealer's room to what Reaper has to offer in the Asylum. PS Once again, thanks for the kind words, sorry if your food was not up to your expectations and sorry if your local Sonic also does not meet your expectations. After all, I can't be everywhere. Heh heh...
  11. Sonic Mike


    I'll have to look into that Weasel. We did have a Chipotle sauce at one time, but the best burger we had was the Island Fire Burger that had a "sweet habanero sauce" and it was good!!!!! It was one that started out like, "this isn't hot!" However, by mid-sandwich you were crying. Anyway, that salsa was good so I will look forward to it next year.
  12. Thanks for all of the kind words, but I forgot to mention the new item that was created by Mark E. and promoted by DM Tim. The Reaper Chicken Sandwich!! This is a grilled chicken breast on a whole wheat bun with cheese AND bacon AND chili smothered on top. I am not sure if it is the "Reaper" sandwich because it was created at Reaper or if that is who you should expect to see next once you eat one! Either way, it became an instant hit and was eaten by almost a dozen folks. Let's see who can come up with a new idea next year to top this monstrosity. Thanks, Sonic Mike PS Weasel, yes, I know of the desire for more girls. We had only three there on Saturday to keep labor costs down, but I promise more next year.
  13. I just wanted to take a moment and thank everyone involved with ReaperCon 2009 and the folks at Reaper themselves. I could start with a general thanks to the big guys Ed, Dave, and Matt but I do not want to forget anyone, such as Bryan, Kit, Ron, Kevin, Mark, Darryl, Anne, or anyone else that I will remember as soon as I hit the post button. So let me just say thank you on behalf of Sonic to Reaper for letting us be there and for letting us be a small part of ReaperCon 2009. I also wanted to thank all of the Con-goers for your support and patronage. I like to be there but it needs to be worth my while otherwise I will just register and show up myself as a convention goer. At least that way I could focus on gaming and painting. You folks made it worth my while and I do not just mean monetarily. The kindness and the community feel at Reaper makes it different from other conventions. As long as you keep coming we will try and be there (so far Sonic has been at ReaperCons 2006, 2007, 2008, & 2009 and an artist's convention in 2005). I wanted to apologize if your food was not fresh or good tasting. We really try to keep it just like the quality you expect but that is hard in the warehouse setting that we have and with practical issues with trying to run an actual Sonic Drive-In down the road. I also want to apologize if we ran out of your favorite food item or if we were not able to provide you with what you wanted. I do, however, think that this year was the best regarding the overall quality and freshness of the food available, still I wanted to apologize if you were on the wrong end of this issue. I think we are perfecting the craft a little bit at a time. I think the new equipment helped this year. The next thing I would need to have is some sort of cooling equipment (fridge, etc) to keep things fresher during the down periods. If Reaper asks us back next year, then I promise even more improvements to make the experience even better. We have had the most difficult time of anticipating and balancing different eating schedules and what people wanted to eat. In some years we would have a run on burgers for example, but nobody would really go for the chicken. So at the next meal period I would order up on burgers, but folks would then all want chicken. It seemed like we couldn't win. This year I tried to keep it balanced with more frequent refills. Next year I am considering a "special request" form that could let folks order something in advance and I could make sure that product was brought down just for them. Some of you did that verbally to me this year and we tried to accommodate you. This will not be good for most as some of you do not know what you want in five minutes let alone two hours from now. If there are any more suggestions for food items that you would like to see on the menu (Besides ice cream and slushes as I have heard that one too much and it is nigh unto impossible), please let me know. If there are any complaints about this year, please let me know (I will have Kit and Bryan lock you out the forum). If there were any good parts that you would like to see repeated or expanded upon, please let me know. Thanks again to Reaper and their fans, Sonic Mike
  14. Thats really too bad, that guy works so hard to give us the very best product he can. He's a gamer like us and a board member if I remember correctly. It wasn't him...every time he was around, the food was good. RLMAO!!!! Such is the way of the service industry! Just for the Hell's Kitchen fans out there, Mike is the Gordan Ramsay of the Sonic Industry! What? I'm loads nicer than Gordon Ramsey (at least now I am)... ReaperCon was fun as usual this year and again thank you for your support and I hope to be there next year. Maybe I will get someone else to take care of food and I will just play in the tournaments!!
  15. Thank you Star Drifter and others for your kind words. I have not been on these boards much (I was embarrassed when I saw the last time was August of 2006), so I miss some of the comments from previous years. I found a thread where some of you apparently had some major issues with the food in years past. For that I am sorry, but you do need to realize that we are really doing our best to serve hot and fresh food in the back of a warehouse with almost minimal equipment. Trust me when I say that my standards are higher than almost anyone’s, but in some situations that is difficult to control. I also understand that we are not everyone's favorite. Look around, gamers and hobbyists can be some pretty picky people sometimes (if not all the time). I should know as I too am one. We have tried to vary the menu some what and still be able to keep it fresh AND safe. Still, I know we will not satisfy everyone. I have some ideas for food for future ReaperCons if Ed and Dave want to go that way. I am sorry to say that they do not include shakes unless Reaper wants to purchase a $15,000 shake machine and install the water cooling lines as well. A slush machine is probably not in the cards either. However, a more effective means of heating and keeping food than sterno and hot water is in the plans. The idea is to keep it simple yet make it convenient for the con goers. Thanks again and I hope to see many of you next year! Sonic Mike
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